Saturday, June 09, 2018

Elephants in Dirty London

Once upon a time London had terrible air pollution and smog, as you can see in this photo. The air pollution frequently and often killed people. Having visited there twice, it was all good, with a clear sky and no evidence of air pollution, but was there invisible air pollution? Carbon monoxide?

Along with the London air pollution and smog in the past were trams and elephants. I hasten to add, neither caused the air pollution. Well, only a little bit. Trams used electricity made then by burning coal and elephants with a diet of lots of green things, probably fart methane rather a lot. One can only guess about this staged photo.

Won't  the mean tram conductor allow the elephant to board the tram? Where is Wandsworth anyway? Clearly not in Westminster, or I would know it. Oh, south of the Thames. Not really a desirable place for an elephant to visit. Well not for one who lives north of the Thames and wants to maintain its social status. Any clever captions to add? 

Proper post tomorrow, one that has taken some time, but really this one has too. It was pretty well a one liner post that came about because I saw this photo in the public domain and I liked it. I think I made it a bit interesting with some words. I've only been blogging for fourteen years. Who knows how this blogging thingie works. 

Friday, June 08, 2018


We have four printed out A4 sheets of paper with our passwords printed on them which is kept in the filing cabinet, as well a file on the computer from where they have been printed out. A couple of years ago I attempted to to reduce the number of passwords by using the same for similar sites. It was a fail. While I thought I had a good strong password, a few sites asked for capital letters and some others asked for a symbol in the password. My good and strong passwords had neither.

I once put the password file onto a USB stick to take with us when we travelled, but I did not check that it would work on a tablet, and the file was useless as the tablet would not read it. Since then, I've  always taken a paper print out of our passwords when we have travelled. Admittedly many of the passwords are never used but I have learnt to always record a password, along with the log in. Now, most of our passwords are remembered by devices but sometimes things go wrong and your device will forget the password.

While I know you can have a master password for all your passwords, I don't see it as being particularly secure, and setting it up would be very time consuming.

How do you cope with passwords? I hope it is not like Mother's address book, which is somewhat more chaotic than our printed out password sheets.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Note to Little Jo

Dear Little Jo.

It was so nice to see you last weekend. My how you grow. You are going to be taller than both your mums. You had an audition in Toorak Road for a television show. It sounded interesting but I did not really understand it, although I know Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler are very talented, and they have something to do with it.

I know you love your Uncle R very much, and why not. What a wonderful barbeque he cooked for us and your mums. Thanks for bringing the wine and dessert from some posh place in South Yarra.

Who knows if your acting will become a career or just a pastime. You are pretty smart too, so you could really do anything you want.

We clashed for the third time over a simple matter of words. I didn't think about how to elaborate it at the time, but I have now.

Little Jo, say you become a very successful actor. You are performing in London's West End. At the after party on opening night, you give an audience. Where were you born Little Jo? In Australia at a place called Highton. Can you spell that for us? Haitch, I, G, Haitch, T, O, N.

The room goes silent, then whispers can be heard. Did she really say haitch? Oh dear. Well she is from Australia. She came from a humble background, perhaps Irish.

This silly old pompous and ever so correct pedantic uncle simply won't have it and I will do battle with her again over her pronunciation of aitch to save her from herself.

Ok, don't take this too seriously, but I really wish she would not say haitch.

The H Wars.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018


A few weeks ago we took Little Jo to see an exhibition about Alice in Wonderland at ACMI, Federation Square. It is appropriately called, Wonderland. We thought Little Jo would be interested as twice she has been cast in roles in local stage productions.

We entered into a room with many doors, some of them tiny, and gained entrance. It was a real mix of things and was interesting enough. Alice in Wonderland has been made on film many times and excerpts from some of them were being shown on screens. I must say, some of the older versions looked a little scary for young children.

The highlight was attending a tea party, for which we had as short wait. Some of the photos are quite poor, sorry.

Cheshire cat, I believe.

Lantern slides.

Waiting outside for our tea party.

I suppose we were inside at the tea party for a bit over five minutes. Everything you see in the room is plain white.

As I said, plain white, so these subsequent photos show projections onto surfaces.

I forget exactly what was done here but Little Jo decorated something and then a machine took a photo and scanned something.

Here her face popped up on the screen.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Sexy older man

Err, I don't know any.........well maybe one. I've never found the actor bloke George Clooney to be so interesting and I am puzzled as to why so many women like him. I have not heard of any gay guy being in love with him, well not like women seem to.

But wait. Here is one older actor who has my interest at the moment. How good is this new ABC TV show. I was prepared to tune out of the new ABC TV show after a few minutes if I did not like it, but we loved Mystery Road.  Aaron Pedersen was  wearing inappropriately tight shirts but manages to do so and look very sexy at the age of 48. I believe this is an ABC released still, with his co-star Judy Davis.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Monday Mirth

Well, maybe not mirth, which sounds like it might be rofl, but I think the clip is funny. Of course if performed by white peeps, it would be racist, and relying on stereotypes as this does, perhaps it still is.

I adore Sanjeev Bhaskar OBE (hmm, his name is not unlike that of a friend, whose origins are very different to Sanjeev's). Sanjeev first came to my notice in the tv show, The Kumars at No. 42. He is one of the funniest comedians in Britain, can perform serious tv acting with aplomb, is an author along with being Chancellor of the University of Sussex. If it is like here, it is actually the Vice Chancellor who does all the public speaking and the hard work, rather than the chancellor. It seems he can do anything in the performing arts, front of stage and behind the scenes.

He is made up to look older in this clip. A little elephant knowledge will help you get the last line.