Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sad Saturday

The first one is perhaps not as bad as it seems. It looks like Autumn and everything is covered with dead leaves. The jetty seems to have gone.

Hear the noise and laughter at the pool?

Friday, March 16, 2018

I think I can

I  am not sure if this delightful story was recorded when ABC Radio Kindergarten of the Air opened in 1943 or some time before, but I believe it is from about then. The sound effects are brilliant and at the end you can hear the clatter of the wheels of the little engine spinning furiously as the train loses grip.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

F. U.Twitter

Twitter can be very useful. While I don't tweet, and my Twitter skills are minimal, I do did follow about 90 people or organisations. Three were journalists, a few people interested in public transport and a couple of people who I know. The rest just people of interest, but not impelling so.

Twitter used to list tweets in chronological order of them being posted. I don't know how it done now, but it can be impossible to find a specific tweet. Let me explain.

For those I was most interested in, their tweet would become a text message to my phone. Then Twitter extended the length of tweets from 140 characters to 280. Consequently I was rarely seeing the full message when it came as an sms and so had to go to my Twitter account or app to find it if I wanted to read more. Unlike Facebook, there doesn't seem to any way to order tweets chronologically.

Invariably to find it I would have to go to the person's profile who I follow who tweeted by scrolling through the list of 90 I follow and then find the message in the list of their tweets, which I also don't think is in chronological order, but usually I could find it there.

I am sick of this very tiresome business, meant in two ways. I don't want to miss what certain people tweet, so I am not leaving Twitter but I have culled my list of 90 down to 14. By only following 14, I hope to be able to easily find the tweet I am interested in. In fact by only following 14, I might even have time to use Twitter properly, rather than relying on text messages of tweets

I lose, you lose if you were one of 76 I used to follow and Twitter loses. Was it really a good idea of Twitter to make this change?

Hmm. I just noticed Public Transport Users Association occasional spokesperson and long time blogger Daniel Bowen has become famous enough to get a verification tick for his account, meaning it is the real Daniel Bowen and not a fake Daniel Bowen. It might be amusing to read the tweets of a fake Daniel Bowen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cowes Day 3

Well, on Day 3 at Cowes, Mother's bowel problem rectified itself without drama. She made little remark except for it is almost a predictable cycle, but unpredictable enough for her being too afraid to do social things.

R was becoming thoroughly exasperated by hearing about her medical problems. I, like my brothers and sister don't really hear or take notice when she moans on about her medical problems, but clearly it was getting to R as he was getting snappy with me. I quote what R said to a friend on the phone, "She moaned and whinged for the whole three days". Not exactly, but she did moan on enough. R is used to Mother Thursday, where when he arrives to take her out she is about to die. By the time he takes her back home, she is happy as Larry. R said she never got to that happy point for the whole three days. I don't really agree. I had some good chats about old family stuff with Mother. Perhaps not so interesting to R.

Check out time was 10am. Mother was ready by 10:10, breakfast, showered, dressed, made up and packed, a good effort I thought. I must speak to her about getting her travelling luggage into one or two cases or bags.

I woke on the morning of our departure at 5am and I could not go back to sleep. About 5:30 I got up and did internet stuff on my tablet and phone. I showered and dressed and walked to the beach to see sunrise. It was quite nice, but I wasn't alone. Other people were up and about and people were packing up their caravans and campers and departing, clearly on a mission to be be somewhere else at a certain time.

We drove to the spectacular Nobbies. The flat rock in the distance is called Seal Rock. Mother reminded me that Step Father and I once walked out to the large rock at low tide and climbed half way up. I can't remember doing so, but Mother's memories are invariably accurate. I do remember messing about on the rocks at low tide. Now it is all forbidden and you must stay on the many boardwalks.

R inserted $2 into one of the fixed binoculars, but could not see a seal. He was annoyed.

In this photo at full size on the large desktop screen, I can see lots of seals on Seal Rock.

We saw a couple of these birds on the road back from Rhyll the day before. I identified them as geese. I had never seen them before on the island. They were also at The Nobbies. What kind of geese are they, I wondered out loud. Cape Barren Geese, Mother replied. How did she who rarely moves from her lounge room and kitchen know that? Yes, I should have killed some photos, but it hard to decide which ones.

Something disturbed them at one point and there was much honking.

After admiring the view, mention was made of lunch. R said he had an upset stomach and did not want lunch. His stomach had become upset the day before and it was due to Mother stress. He was totally fed up with her. He went off to the Nobbies centre shop to get a gastrolyte drink. I escorted Mother in the same direction. She slowly shuffled along without her walker or any assistance but I was within hands reach. She never takes in the bigger picture of where she walking, and so walks in directions like she is young. She heads for steps when there is a ramp. Always she finds the steepness as opposed to the gentle slopes. She stepped off the smooth path onto a rough gravel area. She made it to the cafe come gift shop.

I soon found R. "Are you so effing useless that you let your mother walk across to here without her walking frame?" "Err, the walking frame is packed under luggage in the car. I would have to unpack the car".  More along the same vein was said. R then disappeared. Mother and I had a look around gift shop, feeling fabrics and soft toy critters, but I was very stressed about R. We left and via a toilet stop, Mother shuffled back to the car, where R was nearby drinking his electrolyte drink while sitting on a seat admiring The Nobbies view. 

We set off to Mother's home but via the Summerland Estate and the Penguin Parade. My young memories is of driving along the same road at night after seeing the Penguin Parade and seeing Fairy Penguins crossing the road as they went to their burrows. 

The road is now closed at night to protect the penguins. The State Government compulsorily acquired all the houses there and demolished them and you would now never know there were any houses there. It has been totally returned to natural vegetation and while in times past the penguins and the Summerland housing estate lived well enough together, it is now all over to the penguins without humans to deal with. I approve and there is a brief summary here.

We stopped off for lunch at Grantville and R was holding it together by not saying much to either Mother or myself. As we left Mother said she will need to stop in Koo Wee Rup for a toilet. I thought, damn that. You are only fifteen minutes from home. I had set the sat nav for to take Mother back home, but then I saw a sign to Koo Wee Rup and I knew we had to go that way, so I swung across the road and exited the major road. Ok, the sat nav was telling me to use the Koo Wee Rup bypass. Instead we are back in Koo Wee Rup, so Mother may as well go to toilet here. 

We dumped Mother at home as quickly as we could and reached home mid afternoon. R hated the weekend away and it took him two days to recover and his physical problems to settle down. I didn't mind the weekend away. Mother loved it and thanked us profusely. 

In summary, this will be the last time we take Mother away anywhere. It is just too hard. She is just too slow. In the cabin it did not matter which way we wanted to go, she was in the way as she crept around. Yep, all too hard.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lucky? Not lucky

Sometimes people can be so unlucky. Some people attract unluckiness in a serious way, but in this case, no harm was done except to someone's pride.

Kingsway is a major Melbourne Road leading from the city to Queens Road and St Kilda Road. I was travelling at a pace but below the speed limit and 100 metres from the lane that gives access to our garage. A car swung from a right hand lane into my extreme left hand lane and hit the brakes. I gave him a very severe parp parp. Or as an Indian friend says, I gave him a good horning.  I noticed a bloke running along the footpath. Clearly the driver had seen his friend and was going to stop and pick him up at a very inappropriate place to stop, but after me parp parping him, he took off like a scalded cat and swung his car into the lane where our garage is, with me right behind him. Just from what I saw, I think he was an Indian overseas student and perhaps he thought this angry Anglo Australia was the type to murder foreigners.

I wasn't actually angry, just slightly annoyed at having to brake hard and a little bemused. In an effort to get rid of me and to pick up his friend, he swung into a garage driveway. Can you guess whose garage driveway? I thought, oh, a neighbour, a resident of our building, as I pulled in behind him, me having already pressed the remote button to open the gate. He did not proceed into the garage and just sat there, with nowhere to go except forward because I was right behind him.

Eventually I reversed a bit to allow him to reverse. Do not stop on a major road to pick up a friend, and certainly not like he did. Do not mess with Andrew when he has had add ten minutes to his daily work travel, including home for lunch, that makes 40 minutes, all because of works associated with the stupid Grand Prix car race, Metro Tunnel, Yarra Trams, utilities work, all leading to there being only one road in and one road out from our garage, instead of many.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Mural

I am not joining Monday Mural as it not going to be Monday focus for long, but do check out Perth Daily Photo and Colourful World, both in Perth, as they often have a Monday Mural.

If you travel on Melbourne trains between South Yarra and Richmond Stations, and unless you eyes are permanently fixed on your phone or you always sit backwards, you cannot have helped but notice this mural.

I will get off the train and take a closer look. Ah, ok, now I get it. What? You don't get it? Well, if you can't appreciate the message in a good mural, bad luck.

In other mural news, remember I posted a photo of this mural, in Queensway, St Kilda. It became so badly graffitied, sadly it has now been painted over white, which was also quickly graffitied. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bad Blogger

Unheard of for me to not post something decent on a Sunday, but nothing is ready.

So, what about this. More money than sense? It would be a bit of fun, I told R. Tech nightmare perhaps, he replied. Setting it up keeps your brain active and may delay alzheimer's , was my retort.

"Ok Google, has the train track collapsed in storms again in Dawlish, England?" "Ok Google, what is the temperature here." "Ok Google, is President Trumpet a madman?" "Ok Google, is Kim Jong Un cute?" Ok Google, am I a hot and a really handsome bloke". "Ok Google, is the world fucked?" Ok Google, play my favourite song this week." Queue Billy Idol, White Wedding.

Has anyone seen The Addams Family 'Thing' for sale on eBay? I think Thing would be more useful. He could present me with a lit Benson and Hedges, a large glass of Tullamore Dew, some heavily salted peanuts and a cute kitten to play with.