Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sad Saturday 5&6 of 10

We will go swimming next Saturday. There is not much to say about these posts, apart from feeling sad at such decay, so I don't expect comments.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Cowes Day 2

As many do, we nicknamed these rabbits Myxo and Calesi. Do some googling, but they are both imported diseases to attempt to control the rabbit population number in Australia. Mother was ready to go out by 11:00.

Mother's best friend forever died in her young forties. Her friend's parents owned this modest holiday house in Rose Avenue. It was about five minutes from the beach. Mother rented the house many times for holidays, some summer and some Easter. It looks worse that I remember. It is a very nice and quiet part of Cowes.

Many hours were spent on Rose Avenue Beach, a five minute walk from the house above.

A cycling school group. They had run out of road.

Mother said there was once an old farmhouse on this block. Solar panels were being added to the newish house.

A memorial seat for Chicko. I just tried to find out who he was to no avail. I did discover that where the children are assembled on bikes is the entrance to the prestigious Scotch College, School Camp.

I have been everywhere on Phillip Island, at least where there is a road but I could not remember Rhyll. It is mainly a fishing village, with only a small beach. You can see the long marked car parking spaces for vehicles and their boat trailers.

The water seemed exceptionally clear. We have nice views towards French Island, where Kylie Minogue once had a property and the mainland coastal place of Coronet Bay.

We drove up a very steep hill, attracted by this splendid looking house, well with splendid views at least. There were a number of quite grand newer houses.

Back to Cowes and the bakery on this intersection for lunch.

This avenue of cypress trees in the main street, Thompson Avenue, were planted in the early to mid 20 century. There was  a plan 1992 to cut them all down to make more car parking space, but local protests prevented that from happening. Golden cypress, I think.

We all walked very slowly down the steep hill to the beach. It had been made very friendly for the less fit, with ramps as well as steps.

I walked back up the hill to get the car and bring to the bottom to collect Mother and R. I had to stop for a photo stop or two.

"Oh, Oh Antonio. Where have you gone."

We stopped at a supermarket to get a couple of things and across the road was a church with some murals. Each panel references Phillip Island.

Feeding pelicans is alive and well at San Remo on the mainland side of the bridge to Phillip Island.

I would guess this is a bridge to Churchill Island from Phillip Island.

The Nobbies, Phillip Island. We visited the next day.

Mother once rented a gorgeous holiday house at Red Rock Beach on the far side of Cowes. R and I visited and stayed a night. It was on stilts. Mother's late friend who also visited said it was in Daffy Do Street. It was actually Daffyd Street. We checked out the house, which has been built in underneath, around the stilts. The beach was quite lovely.

The rocks did not look very red at all, but in certain light, they do.

Meanwhile back at the caravan park, the storm water drain empties into the sea.

It had been a cool and breezy day, about 20 degrees, but I was grateful for that.

We dined that evening at the Cowes RSL and had a terrific meal for a very reasonable price and R won $70 on the pokie machines. Mother and I had a Seniors roast lamb. R, a chicken parmigiana. Just a week night, but the venue was very busy. Mother said she could not possibly eat all of the food served to her and as we discussed doggy bags and take away containers for half her meal, she kept on eating on until there was nothing left to take home....and then had dessert.  

Home and to bed early enough. I knew R was undergoing Mother stress. It really manifested itself the next morning. Funny how Mother stresses R out so much but never her own children. More later.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Celebrating International Women's Day

But I have nothing written! I was going to have a blog day off today.

Right, you can look at a post I wrote back in 2007 about some iconic Victorian women, and it is not too bad. I stand by my selection made 11 years ago. Former State Premier Joan Kirner has since died, as has Rupert Murdoch's mother Dame Elizabeth and I think Jean McLean has too. Oops, she hasn't. "In 2016 Jean received the ” Order of Timor-Leste “ from your President Tour Matan RuakMagda". Szubanski has since come out as a lesbian. 

Or you could read this really good blog post by The State Library of Victoria featuring some high achieving Australian women from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is not too long to skim through and I think at least one of the women will interest you.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Early February

Stale post, but now published.

Aside from a big night out last Saturday night with family, otherwise we have only been out twice for dinner since Christmas. We instigated a dinner Saturday night at our much liked venue, The Dick Whittington Hotel in St Kilda. We really like the Dick.

It was to be us two, Brighton Antique Dealer and Our Hairdresser Friend. It grew to our Brother Friends coming, and BAD asked two of her gay male friends to come along. Madame Mine Host of The Dick greeted us warmly.

It was really a good night, with so much laughter. BAD's two friends, who we thought might be bitchy old bitter queens were nothing like that. They had both been stage performers and really nice and interesting blokes.

I don't know how I do it, but I do manage to make people laugh. The laughter was uproarious when star signs were being discussed, I think that was after how as all of us discussed eating when youngsters of tinned two fruits with ice cream.  The star signs, I'm a crab, confessed one. Yeah crabs here too, said the other, which gained a titter. BAD said she was a Virgo. I clapped my hand over my mouth and made a shrieking exaggerated laugh. Ok, maybe you had to have been there, but boy did people laugh.

One dinner guest said he has seen Carmen where we will see La Boheme in Sydney, and he loved it. BAD said the acoustics for outdoor opera are terrible and she would never consider seeing one, but she has been to outdoor jazz performances.

BAD's daughter is marrying has married her girlfriend this week, with only ten in attendance. The daughter asked her mother to dress well. Hello, BAD always dresses well, except for that time she wore skinny jeans. You know, 80 years old and in skinny jeans.......... Our Hair Dresser Friend and the multiplicity of gay men worked out BAD's outfit for the wedding. All black, with a ton of silver jewellery and some discreet pearls. Gay men's job done.

It really was such a fun evening, but me having worked all day and working the next day, we called it quits a bit after 9.30.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Cowes Day 1

Our week day two day holiday away at Cowes Caravan Park on Phillip Island was ok, just. It was a bright? idea of mine when I had a week off work. Unfortunately I suggested maybe it would nice if Mother came along with us. That meant booking for her her own double bed bedroom.

The morning dawned with a prescient shepherd's warning, and the sky was quite right.

Mother is old, like 83 and now depends on a walking frame when out and about. R ever so kindly lambasted me in advance. Did you not think about how your mother's walking frame will be stowed for our wee holiday? Did I not tell you when we bought the new car three years ago that we needed an SUV? Well, no, I didn't think about needing a larger vehicle for Mother's walking frame when she did not use one. OK, R talks like this when he is feeling stressed.

Formerly when on the odd occasion that I do Mother Thursday, the walking frame sits on the backseat as it won't fit in the boot, and either R or myself is squashed up on one side of the back seat while munching on a walking frame wheel. R has never let me experiment with putting down one of the 40%/60% split backs of the back seat. He rode in discomfort the short distance from Pakenham to  Koo Wee Rup where we had a nice lunch at a bakery. Mother refuses to use a walking stick for short distances, so every time we stop, the walking frame has to come out. Then we had to stop again for a public toilet stop, where she did walk unaided to the toilet.

We journeyed on and arrived at Cowes at about 2:30, shortly after check in time. We last stayed in Cowes in 2007, and amazingly after I checked back on blog posts from back then, it was in the same cabin. I have now added a label, Cowes, to the posts from back then, and also one to to our 2016 road trip when we stayed nearby and visited Cowes for lunch. I took some pretty good photos with an older camera, I think. I don't self praise often, but I think my posts were pretty good.  Little Jo and members of family had visited; Little Jo was about 3 months old.

Looking back at the old Cowes' posts, interesting to see we paid $110 per night plus a fee of $20 for bed sheets and towels. Eleven years later we paid $160 plus $31 for bed sheets and towels. I think this is the only place in the world where we have had to pay extra for sheets for our beds, and towels.

Unbelievably the exact same fabric pattern is on the couch. I have a photo of Hippie Niece nursing Little Jo on the same couch.

Perhaps a little dated, but very clean and comfortable.

Just a couple of hours after we arrived R and I walked down to the beach, the wind changed from being a hot northerly to a cold southerly.

All traces of human activity had been erased from the beach by the wind.

R did have a little paddle, but we felt our legs, arms and faces had received enough dermabrasion for the day and so returned to the cabin.

As evening approached, out came the rabbits, many of them. I didn't get a really good photo. Also a flock of galahs descended to feast on something on the ground that falls from a tree. One of Mother's former neighbours, Mrs Stewart, remembers staying the caravan park when she  was a girl and there were hundreds of koalas to be seen. None there now that we could see.

Mother decided she wanted take away fish and chips for dinner, so we drove to get some and were spoilt for choice by the number of places almost side by side. We chose the green shop. The fish was nice, in a nice batter but the number of chips was ridiculous. Half a field of potatoes in each box.

The cabin quickly cooled down after the change of weather, so the air con cooling went off and a couple of hours later, the air con heating went on. Mother and R watched stupid shows on tv while I watched stupid Youtube clips on my tablet. R and I almost successfully blocked our ears to Mother moaning on about her medical problems and with a dire warning that she has not been to the toilet for three days and she expected things to happen in the morning. I think we all slept quite soundly. 

Monday, March 05, 2018

It's all about the nails

I see my face for a brief time, mostly in the morning when I shave, apply my lipstick, mascara and very thick foundation. I see my body at times in mirrors and I don't like what I see. But what really distresses me about getting physically old is my hands. I see them rather a lot.

Just in case you think I am serious in the first sentence, and some people do take literally what I write, I don't do any of those apart from shave. The worst I do is pluck and trim my eyebrows. I used to slightly darken them with an eyebrow pencil, but I don't even bother with that now.

I do keep my smallest finger nails longer, but not as long as they used to be when our Friend in Japan when visiting said I had claws. Well, you would expect that as being an impractical thing from a woman who prefers women. How do lipstick lesbians manage to please their partners? Lie back and think of England?

Years ago I once had a manicure at one of those places staffed by Asian people who wear face masks while on the job. I didn't like the shaping of my nails and thought I really do a better job myself.

I do pay a lot of attention to my fingernails. I keep them well trimmed, short and well shaped and I don't do a half bad job of it, but to me my hands remind me of a really old rusty bomb of a car with my nails like very expensive personalised number plates. Why am I bothering.

It does puzzle me as to how my 83 year old mother still manages to paint her toenails when I so struggle to even cut mine.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Stupid or inconsiderate

Cars are frequently blocking the route 58 tram down below from turning left into Toorak Road by stopping well past the stop line and the 'stop here on red arrow' sign. Remember the car using the bike lane as a car lane?

There is no other word for these drivers featured below. They are either very stupid or nastily inconsiderate. Let's begin here with the right way to treat pedestrians. That is, not block where they cross with your vehicle. Good drivers leave the pedestrian crossing path clear when there is congested traffic, just like these most excellent drivers did.

But they are few and far between. There is absolutely no reason for drivers to block the pedestrian crossing path, aside from them thinking they are far more important than the pedestrians. Blocking the crossing gives them no time advantage at all. All photos are of stationary vehicles and pedestrians crossing legally on the green walk sign.