Sunday, September 09, 2018

Another South Yarra Stroll

I went out for a half hour walk, well 45 minutes because I kept stopping to take photos.

Walking east along Toorak Road, buildings one side, Fawkner Park the other side. Pretty marvellous old pile.

Wouldn't afternoon tea be so nice in that little open tower, or as somewhere to read a book and doze off in the sunshine.

A quality block of flats, probably built in the 1950s. Interesting windows and very nice ironwork.

Once The Albany Hotel, accommodation only,

with this adjoining annex and it is probably a  good thing that it was covered in ivy. It was not the most attractive place. It was demolished. In this case, unlike the town in Western Australia, it is pronounced Orbany, and not Albanny.

This new apartment building to the right replaced the above. The old building is getting a new roof and I hope a great restoration.

The 58 tram used to swing right from Toorak Road into Park Street, but it was disconnected for the construction Metro Tunnel and is unlikely to to be reinstated.

Note that the tracks come to abrupt halt.

As does the overhead electric wire to power the tram.

I turned into Park Street. Oh, protest signs against Metro Rail.

The Domain Road tram was axed and many St Kilda Road trees were felled, although not as many as was first thought.

It is a little early for this potted white magnolia.

There used to be a white magnolia in each of four gardens side by side. Sadly three were removed when houses were renovated.

The houses above and this gutted house are a little unusual in Melbourne as they are three storey, with the the lowest level below ground level.

Looks like a new building under construction. I am fairly sure the new building is replacing the demolished pair on the far left.

New and quite respectful to its older neighbours. A worse result would have been an attempt to copy the style.

I do remember when some very rough types lived in this place. I think it was a boarding house. You could so easily pick them on the tram. More than once I have said to myself, yep, Park Street boarding house for sure, and being correct. It has been in this state for quite a few years now.

Many of the houses are quite small, but not as small as they initially seem if you note the rear extension behind the front of the house.

Around the corner into Domain Road. We can see the top couple of storeys from home. It is a very expensive block of apartments. Instead of attaching metal numerals to the stone work to perhaps later fall off, the numbers are carved into the stone. I like it.

But it seems the residents here don't like Metro Rail either.

A few years ago this quite ok block of flats with a partly glass enclosed spiral staircase was demolished. I expect it was a rental block and would not have been too expensive to live there.

Demolished to build this. Lots of character, hey.

I turned into Domain Street to be confronted by this. While we can see it from home, I had no idea it looked like this at ground level. The taxpayer subsidised Melbourne Grammar School for boys has built this fantastic new building. The donations parents and others made to the general building fund are tax deductible too. Why would the poshest school in Melbourne need taxpayer funds.

Seamstress Mrs Ya Chan works seven days a week sitting at a sewing machine, for a very meagre reward and pays her tax to subside expensive private schools, to which she can only dream of sending her children. Her children will more likely be in a run down state school with paint peeling from the walls and an asphalt play area partly covered with demountable classrooms. Can any reasonable person tell me this is right?

The lovely Melbourne Grammar playing fields with some pretty nice old buildings.

Around in Bromby Street a house is getting a large extension.

The dear little St Thomas Aquinas Church.

A second storey being added to an existing house.

Now at the corner of St Kilda Road. There is no entry and exit between St Kilda Road and Bromby Street, unless you are staff at Melbourne Grammar and have your own little driveway to turn into Bromby Street from the underground carpark. You don't have to mix with commoners on St Kilda Road and have such a great convenience. Just another outrage for the privileged in our society! It is not like a teacher in a posh private religious school is anything wonderful. My sister is a teacher at a posh private religious school. She is not a believer and is only there by the grace of god. (I amused myself with my last sentence as it came from my fingers, not my brain)

Some planting has happened at one of the Highrise's sister buildings. Please don't step on me. Cute, even if the strappy plants aren't.


  1. I don't mind strutting through South Yarra, with your help!

    Have yourself a good week, Andrew. :)

    1. Thank you Lee. You too enjoy your week.

  2. I walked past Melbourne Grammar the other day and saw the new building. Looks very doubt designed by a flashy architect.

    1. Ad Rad, it really is the real architect designed deal.

  3. A lovely wander. Thank you. Fawkner Park does look wonderful, and a drink and a book in that tower sound very enticing.
    On the subject of tax deductions I am NOT a reasonable person. I see no reason why the Mrs Ya Chans should support the privileged. And the privileged do their very best not to support her.

    1. EC, I must take some photos in Fawkner Park. It is at its best in the spring when the leaves are fresh on the trees.

  4. The St Thomas Aquinas church looks very Spanish, did you go inside? It would be interesting to see if the interior is as attractive as the exterior. Some lovely houses there too.

    1. Cro, I will one day brave up and enter and hope to not cause thunder and lightning. I have walked past it many times. While we have quite a few what I call Spanish Mission style buildings in Melbourne, it is the only one I know of in this area. It is all face of course, the side and the back are just red brick.

  5. The Edwardian era Tilba Hotel (top photo) is very impressive. I don't even like mock gothic normally, but the inside and outside stand out. And so does the view.

    1. Hels, I did not even know it was a hotel. Mock Gothic is it. Perhaps with a bit of Queen Ann and Federation thrown in. It would have nice views over the park.

  6. A very pretty walk today, thanks for taking us along. Very sad though, to know a nice looking red brick apartment block was replaced by a glass and concrete box.
    I really like that little tower which resembles a gazebo and can imagine myself sitting up there in the sun, reading and maybe having a nap. With sunscreen on of course.

    1. River, gazebo was what I was thinking too. Yes, a book, a drink and doze off, but better under a big sunhat.

  7. Thanks for the tour. It is interesting to see all the different architecture. Its interesting how people are extending their city houses. too expensive to buy a new one. The price of Melbourne houses is ridiculous. How can my daughter ever afford one? I agree about taxpayers subsidising big posh private schools.

    1. Diane, if they can afford even a small house in the area I walked, they are already quite rich. If you daughter is still in the same area, that too is very expensive. Their choice is a house in the outer suburbs or an apartment closer to the city. I know which I was choose, but it is harder choice with two young children. At least although renting, they can live in a nice area to bring up their children.

  8. Gosh that was a great walk Andrew, lots of diverse architecture to see here. I'm absolutely sure there will be no lightning, thunderstorms or hail if you step into one of your fab churches to take some pics for us, if I can you can 😉😉