Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Good News

Amid doom and gloom about what we humans do to our planet and the environment we live in, there are some good news stories.

Portugal generated 103% of its power needs last year by using renewable energy. I expect it still generated some power by other means, and sold some power perhaps to Spain. Portugal is not usually at the forefront of much, aside from tourism for good reasons, so well done Portugal for a remarkable achievement.

China is replacing its diesel buses with electric buses at a furious rate.

The numbers are staggering. China had about 99 percent of the 385,000 electric buses on the roads worldwide in 2017, accounting for 17 percent of the country's entire fleet. Every five weeks, Chinese cities add 9,500 of the zero-emissions transporters -- the equivalent of London's entire working fleet, according Bloomberg New Energy Finance. All this is starting to make an observable reduction in fuel demand.

Edgar Tarimo is changing the world one brick at a time. 
The teenage schoolboy from Tanzania just won a top international environment prize with his inspired project making house bricks out of plastic waste. 

And meanwhile in Australia we have.........not done much really but some effort is underway, only being held back by the influence of the fossil fuel industry and those who make money from petroleum, coal and gas. It is quite interesting that what is actually happening in Australia is overtaking the negativity about renewable energy by politicians and vested interests.

Hey, Yarra Trams are powering our public transport vehicles by green power, whatever that means. As far as I know, our trams are still powered by dirty brown coal electricity production in Latrobe Valley. It must be some offset thingie. Boring and meaningless.


  1. Lovely to hear some good news. And a bit shame making at how slowly and reluctantly our government is coming to the party.

  2. Rudd's first Govt were not very renewable-supportive to the point that several big solar manufacturers picked up their bat and ball and shoved off from our shores.
    Wish the idiots would all wake up to the fact Oz could have been a world leader in manufacturing renewables.

  3. Things are looking up in some parts of the world then.

  4. As for renewble renewable resource in this area we're way behind.
    My oldest son leaves in southwest oregon about 30 miles to California and there more in to taking care of enviroment...Coffee is on

  5. I just wish that everything wouldn't come wrapped in horrible plastic. I had to buy some rechargeable batteries for the house 'phone, recently; and trying to get them out from the packaging required serious kit. The packet could almost have been used as a house brick without any processing!

  6. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Good to hear about the changes. It should be successful to protect our planet...

  7. I'll take the pieces of good news any day, and I thank you. Sometimes it just takes awhile, huh? Hugs...RO

  8. Good news about Portugal, which I was unaware Andrew.
    With so much sun and even wind in Australia it's a pity not more is being done regarding renewable energy.

  9. More good news please! I think the daily news should incorporate at least as much good as bad news... Yeh, like that's going to happen 😏

  10. I don't know if we're doing much at all here. The valley is clogged in particulate pollution most of the year, from seed farmers dust and pollen mixed with other pollutants. A recent article states we have some of the worst air in the nation so I don't think we are really doing much in Oregon.