Sunday, October 29, 2017

I know, I know

Yes, it was my last post before holidays but the deck will be pretty well cleared if I just mention we saw this show today, courtesy a birthday gift from Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo. The musical show was clever, funny, vulgar and crude......and great fun.

In an extraordinary photo, Country Mum has posted a photo of what looks to be a pink rainbow. It costs you nothing to add her blog to your reader and some of her photos are stunning, as I pointed out to ABC Radio Riverina which didn't seem to follow up with an interview. 

75% packed, Uber ordered, airport check in done and boarding passes printed. Oh yes, after topping up our Sydney Opal travel cards online, the bank put a stop on my Visa debit card as the Sydney transaction being a fraudulent. A brief phone (for a bank at least) call sorted it out and it should be working again now.

While we are away, Little Jo will go to a selection audition to be in a production of Peter Pan. 15 are needed and 40 will audition. It is a five day gig in January of two performances a day. 

Bye, again.

Sunday Selcections

Joining with River and others for Sunday Selections. Very random this week.

Castrani and Gilbert is an upmarket South Yarra real estate agency. I really like their window panels. The entrance to the often overcrowded South Yarra Station, an old, now disused, Z1 class tram in Toorak Road, could be Melbourne Church of  England Grammar or the selective government school Melbourne Boys' High (I think it is just called Melbourne High School now) and lastly Prahran Market, which is actually in South Yarra.

It is a while since I  have seen the PWMU recipe book come out. It is usually a tablet propped up on the bench.

No, the right place to stop is behind the stop line. You are sitting on the tram tracks and blocking are tram from turning.

I haven't had balloon photos for a while. This was as the balloon descended into nearby Fawkner Park.



This is a very pale rose wine. The colour was quite beautiful. I don't really like rose. Tastes like tepid red wine, or maybe I was once poisoned by Mateus Rose.

Prahran car park. Oddly the car was parked in a free one hour space and then moved to another one hour space. It is Mercedes, expensive, and a business car, so parking would be tax deductible, yet the driver couldn't afford a couple of dollars for parking in a two hour space. Besides, if it is in the same carpark, it can still receive a fine.

The elms have dropped all their hops and are now in green leaf. The hops accumulated like sand. With a strong northerly, the float around in the air like confetti and at times even blow in our balcony door.

I am the last person to know, because I saw this personally at Mother's local supermarket. You are all going to say it has been featured in an ad on tv, aren't you. Still, it is a great idea. Poor form by the childless Indian couple who took fruit.

Good afternoon to you and you are welcome to visit often.

The private school building fund! Tax deductible donations! Look at the massive building programme that has been completed at Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. The school receives huge government subsidies, that is my taxes, but oh what a school for the privileged and elite.

We had the care serviced a few weeks ago. Left in the car when we collected it was the car dealership branded bottle of water and a packet of mints.

First cruise ship of the season arriving in the early morning, the Sun Princess.

I  like seeing the balloons in the half light when the gas is fired up.

Since the intersection has been remade, (a lot more on that down the track) the number of crashes below seems to have reduced, but there is always someone who makes a mistake.

Look, our own Tiki torches! A new high pressure gas line has been laid and they are bleeding the system of air.

A tomato at the local green grocer marked as Heirloom(sic) for $12 kg. I thought I would try one. It was one of the blandest tomatoes I have ever tasted. So disappointing.

I drive a pink Cadillac........line from a song by T Rex, I think.

Azalea at Mother's.

Mother pots up annuals by the dozen twice a year. She is in a panic now that she hasn't planted up her usual red and white striped petunias and they won't be flowering by Christmas.

Off to Sin City, aka Sydney, tomorrow. With my Senior's Card in my wallet, I feel I am too old to notice the scent of sex as we exit the airport. I certainly smelt it the 1990s. One has memories. See you in a week or so.