Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 1......of being home

It will take time to sort out photos and begin posting about holidays. Circumstances found us not doing very much cultural stuff. Sorry Hels and Pants.

I am an ever so sensible and cautious person. Before we left on our holiday, I turned the dishwasher tap off. I never leave washing machine taps on when not at home. Upon our return last night, I turned the dishwasher tap on. This morning a good bit of the carpet was wet as was the kitchen floor and the cupboard. Eventually we worked out that it was the tap spindle that leaked. It stopped leaking. All sorts of scenarios went through our minds. Should we replace the hoses ourselves, as we have done in the past. Should we call the repairman. Should we buy a new dishwasher. Then we worked out that it was the tap spindle that leaked.

Every towel was put into service to mop up the water, just when I really needed to wash nearly four weeks worth of dirty clothing. The washing machine has almost run all day. The dryer is still running as I have run out of clothes horse drying space.

R had a little Australian cash before we left, but he now cannot find it. I think I put the invitation to Firefighting Nephew's wedding into the paper shredder. There were three letters from Mother in the letterbox that took some wading through. Her house has still not been rewired and she is finding it very gloomy as we approach winter. No Mother, I am not calling anyone. You are being stubborn and not moving on, you do the phone calls. We will pay for the rewiring though if she stays. More of the plastic body of our nearly twenty year clothes dryer has fallen off. While most stuff has been put away, on the spare room bed are mounds of paperwork from our trip that has to be sorted.

Hippie Niece's twins are thriving and at home and are looking less black than they did. That is a remark and read nothing more into it. Mother told me one of the twinnies needed a blood test and Hippie Niece took the wrong twin. However their grandfather, Tradie Brother, is saying they are now looking a bit different. They are not identical twins.

So, to more cheerful stuff. Let me tell you about our holiday in brief.

I finished work at about 6pm on Saturday. We stayed up packing etc until about 2am when we then caught a cab to the airport for our 5am flight to Dubai. I have no memory of us being met at Dubai airport by someone, but we were, and taken to the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel. It was a very nice hotel, quite posh, and we had views of Dubai Creek, which I think is a sea inlet and quite wide. Dubai was amazing. It is a created high rise city that functions very well, where there was once only a fishing village. There is no real history to the city and one day of Dubai was enough, and I see no reason to return. Hot guy rating, 5/10

We flew on to Lisbon in Portugal. We caught a cab to our hotel. After Dubai, our hotel room was far from posh but in a very convenient location, near a metro station and where the hop on, hop off buses depart. We quickly grew quite attached to our modest hotel room. Nearly a month later, my memory of Lisbon is a bit hazy but will come back once I sort photos. It is a great city. Hot guy rating, 6/10.

Porto is in Portugal and I do not understand what motivated me to visit Porto, but I am very glad we did. Public transport, cheap wine and great food. We had pre booked a train ticket to get us there and we then caught a cab from the station to our hotel. As I have done before on Eurostar, I chose the train ticket seating on the right side of the train for views and comfort, but we faced backwards. I really must learn pointy end from arse end. Hot guy rating 7/10.

Have you heard of Vueling Airlines? Neither had we. It is a new Spanish el cheapo (hey, isn't that clever of me using Spanish). It transported us to Barcelona, about an hour long flight. It was a quite basic standard, I think using the very same uncomfortable seats that we sat upon when flying from Newcastle to Heathrow some years ago,  but it got us there and our luggage turned up. Taxi to our two bedroom apartment for a four night stay. R's sister and bro in law soon joined us. Barcelona was wonderful. Hola, as locals greeted each other. If you judge a big city by how friendly locals are towards each other, Barcelona must be near the top. I am getting an itch somewhere now. Hot guy rating 9/10.

A few days later we joined our cruise ship, catching a taxi to the port. This is enough for one post.

Ok, a bit more, wifi. Everywhere we stayed had free wifi. Every cafe we stopped at had free wifi. There was always free city wifi, but that was not so good. All of our planes had restricted wifi but for one US dollar, you could have enough wifi for any flight. Charging for public wifi in Australia is nonsense.

Friday, May 19, 2017

I haz returned

Normal transmission will resume shortly. It is now 3am my time and I have not slept for about 40 hours, just dozed a bit on a plane. There are many lessons to be learned from our travels, the first being don't ever be without internet access for planning. A lot more on that later.

It was a terrific holiday and great to see R's sister and bro in law again. We saw amazing things and people. Much of our latter time was without internet access and that was quite 'character building' for me. I can survive without the internet.......just.

As best I could I tried to keep up with what you were posting, but the fine detail was lost. No matter.

Holiday posts will be coming. Special hi to Copper Witch. I read your posts on the plane today, or was that yesterday. Planes with wifi. Who would have thunk that.