Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Selections

Joining in with River and others for Sunday Selections. At the exact time this is published, our pilot should be pulling hard on his joystick as we take off from Melbourne Airport. What were we on when we decided the cheap 5am flight was a good idea? We'll be away for a few weeks. I may be able to drop in a comment on your blog posts, but as usual, I don't blog when I am on holidays.

This is not quite as I remember a Sandman panel van, aka a shagging wagon. As the saying used to go, if the van's a rocking, don't bother knocking.

Mooma celebrates? I don't really know. It is carnival, nighttime fireworks and a street parade among other things. I guessing this was an Italian community entry to the parade. Valero was booming from speakers on the float.

Once known as the gay club Virgin Marys, after protests from the Catholic Church, it became VMs. It is now a straight club with a quite realistic parrot of some breed.

We shall never see this again. The City Square is closed to build Melbourne Metro Rail, an underground train line. I am sure it will not look the same when it is reopened in about five years. It is not a terrific space anyway.

I am sure the City Square resident dog Larry Latrobe will return.

Weekends often see yachts cruising the bay.

I really like the slogan on this ship. Whether it is true or not, who should judge.

Strange evening light a few weeks ago. Maybe it was because of smoke from controlled fire burns.

Well, at 11pm the day before our flight it seems I have some time on my hands. 

Nothing has happened with Mother's wiring as the electrician has gone to Queensland for a holiday. She is quite content with her supplementary lamps. ABI Brother is worried that I won't be able to pay from overseas or see the quotation. Of course I will. 

Which brings me to internet access. My life depends on it. So, I thought this deal from one of our large supermarkets was quite good, a Euro data phone card, 3gb for $50, a significant discount. Available online and in stores. You can see it here. Well, QV in town knew nothing about it, nor did one of the small Woolworths in town. South Melbourne Woolworths knew nothing about it. That is a serious bad, Woolworths. I think all of our accommodation has free wifi and free wifi is wide spread in Europe. I also expect cheap phone cards are available in Europe. On board the ship, I expect the price will be very high for wifi. We shall see. 

Little Jo called to say goodbye, clearly told to by Sister. Of course she spoke to R. Not sure how it happened but after R hung up, well let me just say the stress of the last week for both of us exploded. 

Hat, coat and gloves.....check. I bid you adieu.


  1. BON Voyage HighRiser. all will come good once you are cruising
    mwah mwah

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing many photos when you return.

  3. Bon voyage, return safely and in communion with each other (so to speak).

  4. As I type you're are well on your way...or should be. My wish is for both of you to have a safe and most enjoyable trip. We expect, of course, a million photos or more upon your return! Would you expect anything less of us? No...of course you wouldn't! :)

    Safe trip!

  5. Enjoy your holiday as I'm sure you will.
    Be safe.

  6. Have a great trip, Andrew.

  7. That strange evening light-are you talking about the occasional day when the air seems to have a yellow glow? We get that here a couple of times a year, it usually signals an electric storm on the way, but the storm doesn't always happen. I love those golden air evenings.
    Sorry to hear about the last minute explosion, but at least you set off without the weight of seething anger.
    Funny about that phone card, perhaps they are only available online, even though it says instore. False advertising :(

  8. Crikey Andrew ..... Have the best time ever, aye?? And be safe!! Those things that fly in the sky look awful big and scary to me ... Charlie!!!

  9. Andrew the first and the last photos are my favoutite

  10. "I really like the slogan on this ship. Whether it is true or not, who should judge?"

    ME! that is who! In return for a free veranda-cabin trip to Singapore and back, I will write the ship up in a blog post for me and three guest blog posts in my travel friends' blogs.

  11. Have a safe a pleasant holiday!

  12. Enjoy your holiday!

  13. Just reading this now (1st May) and even while not in residence at the High-rise you made me smile 😀😀 Hope you are both having a brilliant time!

  14. Hope you have a wonderful time.