Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kill a kangaroo

I don't really have any more details than this. I think the sentence should have been for a longer time. I haven't done it yet, but Face Book these two dudes to see their ugliness. What scum.

A man who brutally bashed a kangaroo to death with a crowbar with another man near Bunbury will spend almost a year behind bars.
Craig Jamie House and Vance Geoffrey Jarvis, who represented themselves in court, both pleaded guilty in the Bunbury Magistrates Court on Tuesday to ill-treatment of an animal, according to the ABC.


  1. Less than a year for such a horrific deed??
    That's outrageous. Where's the justice?

  2. You have the violent asses there too I see, who take their violence out on animals.

  3. It's at times like these that I have faith in our trusty (?) criminals. And it's rare that they let me down, so I'm hoping to read very soon that these creatures will have been bashed to a pulp while the prison guards are conveniently busy elsewhere.

  4. Wouldn't mind if someone gave them a smack around the body with a crowbar! I can only think they were high on drugs Andrew, surely no-one could be so cruel in their right minds!

  5. I cannot understand the thinking of some people. Why does anyone contemplate such a horrible act?

  6. Oh...these stories rip my heart out! I can't fathom their thinking. I don't want to. They're the scum of the earth...if not lower!

  7. This seems to be happening more and more. Just last week I saw a video of a guy who kicked a quokka into a wall as his idiot mate laughed and filmed it. What the hell is going on here? Unfortunately, there's always been cruelty to animals but it seems to be more prevalent now.

    1. BY, I chose not to follow up on the quokka headline, but I guessed what it was about. I disagree with you. Such things were much more commonplace in years past. Now people get pilloried for such stupid, nasty and cruel act.