Saturday, October 15, 2016

Still on hols, but not away

Meaning I have so much spare time, that I have not had time to write a post. It has been a busy and achieving day, but not for blogging. Here is a quickie I've dashed off after reading something today.

Autonomous cars may happen in my and your life time, but I doubt driverless cars will. There is a moral aspect to driverless cars which I had not thought about.

Mercedes, as I read, will have their driverless cars protect the occupants of their car at all costs. Sounds good? You would think so.

But if your Mercedes somehow got out of control, as per Princess Diana, and the options were either hitting a solid object, say a big truck or a wall, or a bus stop full of standing school children, it will take the soft option to protect the occupants of the car and mow down the school children.

This may or may not be true, but it does paint that there is a moral aspect to driverless cars.

Friday, October 14, 2016


In blog life people come and go. You get used to it. You become attached but then you become unattached.It can be sad. There are the stayers though, of which I know a few. If you have exchanged emails, it becomes a little more personal. If you add them to your Facebook, you are getting really close.

Jacqueline at Cranky Bar quickly endeared herself to me and I was connected to her via blog, email and Facebook.

With some medical problems, at the young mid fifties age she has had a stroke and her prognosis is not good.

I am really missing her but who knows what medical science can do! Offering prayers to Jacqueline is useless, you Americans. Offer to pay your tax for a functioning and caring society that looks after anyone who is sick. Elect politicians that will provide a caring society in the richest country on earth. Lastly, I hope Jacqueline is comfortable and happy.  The most lovely Jacqueline would agree with my opinions.