Sunday, October 02, 2016

Yarra Walk 3 Pt 3 The End

There seemed to be an apartment building at the top of this monster retaining wall. It could have been built for a factory or similar.

A mixture of graffiti and murals line the wall.

Pipe comes out and under the path.

And drains in to the river here.

So cute. Am I supposed to know anything about this dog? IE, is it a cartoon character or similar?

Battling his way upstream. Going down will be much nicer.

The Johnson Street road bridge.

I have arrived at the Collingwood Children's Farm. The path diverts from the river here.

An interesting old house.

Apple trees? They have nearly finished blooming.


A lyrebird peacock preening in a tree.

In the distance part of the mighty Carlton United Brewery can be seen.

The old Abbotsford Convent.



More convent.

The convent is huge but no longer used as a convent and has a very mixed use.

Across the river, two lads were rambling through the bush and not staring at screens.

I had to look twice, but it art, not an abandoned bike.

The river is much calmer and deeper here.

Collins Bridge for pedestrians.

Buttercups and something similar to snow drops.

The Yarra is cleaner now than it has ever been since white men arrived, but there is still a long way to go.

There was a rough path next to the river but it looked rough and seemed to have many stairs at one end, so  I followed the main path along Yarra Boulevard, which was a steady climb and it was hot in the sun.

Ah civilisation.

I can see the city and that is where I am going.

More grapevines.

And across the river using the Walmer Street Bridge.

The river does look browner than usual. As Gosia said, heavy rain must have made it worse. As Jah Teh reminded us, it is the river that runs upside down with clear water underneath. Believe it or not.

Bye bye Yarra.

That ends my walks from the City to Dights Falls and that ends me for a couple of weeks while we 'take off''.