Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ormond Thai

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a traditional cheapish Australian style Thai restaurant in Melbourne, but Ormond Thai fits the bill perfectly. We dined there this evening and the owner did all the serving and dispatching of the huge amount of take away that was sent out or picked up. While the serving chap, who I would guess was the owner, literally ran, even so our food was a little slow coming out and he when he served us, he was on high speed auto pilot and a little distracted. He did settle down later and became more attentive. Thai New Year apparently, staff away.

Everyone loved their food, including myself and I highly recommend the food at Ormond Thai if you like the old style Australian Thai food. My tom yum was to die for and I'm afraid Chinese and Vietnamese just don't make it the right way.

North Road Ormond has some interesting shops, even a bar with music a few doors along from the restaurant, but it is so dominated by six lanes of traffic plus a dividing strip and a parking lane, that it can never have a proper village atmosphere.

PS I just checked whether it was Thai Ormond or Ormond Thai. Both names seem to be used. Bit of a worry when this popped up. We have dined there twice in the last two years and survived.

Sorry Gosia. It has been a long wait

Are you renovating? Good luck with that. The best laid plans of mice and men........

First problem was when we realised we had bought an inappropriate sink and tap. Retailers Good Guys were fine with that and we selected a different sink and tap. That was our fault.

Second problem. The sink once opened  from the box was damaged, so we had it exchanged, meaning another trip to the store to exchange for a an undamaged one.

Third problem, although the timeline was four weeks, Easter came in between and delayed things.

Fourth problem. The undersink shelf would not longer fit. We cut the shelf to fit better but put the dishwasher inlet hose tap under stress and it leaked. We cut another hole in the shelf for the hose. But although we did not think there would be a problem, once hot water ran through the dishwasher outlet, because the hose was tight against the shelf, it not only leaked by the hose split when it is attached. We were lucky that we could cut away the split part and still had a few millimetres for the worm driver to clamp on to.

On the positive side, tradies were very complimentary about our choice of cook top. High quality, they said. I can't see it myself but it looks nice and works. The stone benchs went in without a problem, as did the sink.

D Day was to be last Monday. The new doors and panels arrived and the new cupboards. Two of the drawers were damaged and we were told they would be fixed and returned later. To our surprise,  no electrician came to install the oven and apparently that wasn't part of the company's job. That was a misunderstanding. We had our own electrician install the oven two days later, and the sparky couldn't believe the weight of the new oven, being very heavy. He can normally lift them on his own but we had to help. The brand of the oven and hot plates is Ilve, made in Italy.

The tolerances were so tight between the oven door and the corner cupboards, I just knew there would be a problem and sure enough, the corner door would not clear the oven door. Fed up was perhaps a bit of an understatement. I was on the balcony, out of the way, when R came out in despair. He asked if I knew Italian screws had slightly different heads to Australian screws? No, I replied. They do, he said, and the electricians drill just slipped off a screw and hit the cupboard door and scratched it. The sparky is such a nice bloke and we have used his company for years, so it was hard to get angry with him. He said, give your kitchen company my phone number and we will work something out.

The lads were due to return Friday with the new drawers. We had spoken to the boss about our problems and he said perhaps the two corner doors will have to be replaced. Well, ok, but if they are not back by first thing Tuesday morning, then the kitchen will not be finished until after our holiday.

R had to be up early this morning for the work to be done. The scratch was touched up, the missing drawers put in and the corner cupboard door planed down. It is finally finished. We aren't getting anything done around here for quite some time. While tradespeople were all very pleasant and co-operative, we have had enough of them.

Here goes some fun with moving pictures around. I thought it would be a disaster and it is and even worse when I preview it, but I am spending no more time on it.



Looks like a laundry trough in our kitchen, I quipped to R. It does have a stainless steel draining board that can be attached, which will only ever get used if the dishwasher breaks down. The new stone bench tops sit over the old black granite tops.

Note the new cupboards under the bar. They are shallow, say two normal sized cans deep, but very useful.

Had I looked at my own photo closely, I would have noticed that the dishwasher hose is split where it is attached to the trap.

A keen eye can perhaps see the scratch made by the electrician. I'll just blame the Italians and their screws. Italian screws are not all they are cracked up to be. I've heard this before. The mark was just touched up and is not visible now, although you can just feel where it was.

Before the new oven was installed, even this tolerance was too small, with a little scraping at times.

But after the new oven was installed, no more scraping on that side, instead we had an uncloseable door on the other side. It had to be close fit to cover over the remaining brown. The yellow staining is from the old oven that has very poor sealing.

Lastly, the fix for the non closing door was to remove this hinge, plane back the door a few millimetres, paint it and put it back and it now cleared the oven door.

Job done, good lads, now bugger orf and and allow us to enjoy our new kitchen.

Friday, April 15, 2016

More of the Naked Vicar Show

When the Naked Vicar Show spinoff tv series Kingswood Country began, Kevin Golsby who played the son was replaced by a more age looking appropriate son. 3:06

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A shocking act by Premier Baird in NSW

One of the highlights of our last visit to Sydney was visiting the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo, just on the outskirts of the city. While it is now a terrific museum, it was once a place where electricity was generated and directed to Sydney's tram system and bridges that needed to rise or rotate. It is a very historic building. Premier Baird has announced that the Powerhouse Museum will be moved to Parramatta, an outer suburb a long way from the city. Not sure that we would have bothered to visit the museum if it was in Parramatta. We once went to Parramatta, but I am not sure why beyond the pleasant cruise up the river.

Powerhouse Museum is very popular and it is hard to understand why NSW Premier Baird would move it away from the city. Baird also wants to bring culture to the western area of Sydney. Why? I am not sure that they will appreciate it. What will happen to the building? Guess. Knocked down and apartments built on the site. Read more about it here. Note, the museum director said last October that it was vital that the museum stayed close to Sydney's CBD. Now it seems she has been 'convinced' that the move to Parramatta is a good idea. Thirty pieces of silver? Powerhouse being located in a river side building in Parramatta with untold wealth available to it?

The payback to developers who donate to political parties just goes on and on and it is a disgrace. This may be a case of quacking ducks not being ducks, but there are for sure as hell some rats involved.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

There is technology to love

Bringing a power board along when travelling may seem excessive but it was worth it.

2 mobile phones
2 tablet computers
1 camera
1 Kindle
1 digital radio

What a mess.

We are fortunate that all bar my digital radio use the same plug and socket for charging, I think called a micro cable/socket. Using this clever device means that you can just unplug the USB plug and use the cable alone to charge from another power source, such as plugging it into your desktop computer, although it takes longer to charge.

Gee, it would be handy if someone made an electric plug that could take more USB cables to charge devices. Ah ha, someone has. Brilliant, so for our forthcoming holiday to Perth next week, the power board can stay home. $35 from the large office supply shop but for all I know they may be in $2 type shops but I am not so keen on small and cheap Chinese electrical products. This no doubt is a small and expensive Chinese electrical product.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A mixed sort of day

I have been a little unwell for a few days. I gave my body a good chance to heal itself (that could be considered as avoiding going to the doctor) but I was not getting better. I decided last night that I would call in to work sick but wait until the morning to see how I felt. I rose at the time to get ready for work, but I felt awful. I called in sick and the doctor has given me tomorrow off too. Antibiotics should be used with caution but they are certainly necessary for me.

And today, well yesterday now, was kitchen finish day with the cupboard doors etc installed and the new oven put in. I considered there would be only a ten per cent chance that our kitchen would be finished today and I was right. Miscommunication meant installation of our new oven did not happen. It was not part of the quote and while R was quite sure, I was not. I wish I could say he was correct. We have called our electrician and he may be able to do it tomorrow. But that mean the bits above and below the oven could not be installed, but! The company has to return anyway as two drawers were damaged.

With some new cupboards to fill, we did enjoy rearranging and essentially we are happy with the work done, but really, we wish it was all over. We are already used to doorless cupboards and it is slightly annoying to have to open cupboard doors. The bin that was attached to the cupboard door under the sink is no more and just sits below the sink. Instead of heading west to get my cereal box from the linen press, I must now head east to find it in the new cupboards.

Anyway, I feel like crap, so I will bid you adieu.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Dear Mal

Dear Mr Turnbull,

May I call you Mal? Mal, you have not been Prime Minister for very long and I do kind of like you, like a serf likes his master.

Nevertheless, it did not take you long to go down in my estimation. Mal, mate, I know you don't really believe in fibre to the node and not fibre to the home. You went along with The Abbott's plan, but you as a smart man did not really believe in it, so why are you persisting with it? The stupid and now quite discredited plan not only does not future proof Australian broadband, it takes it backwards to reliance on copper wires, that are apparently disintegrating as I write. It needs to be a god given right to the rich and the poor of Australia that they have affordable and fast broadband. It is basic social equity.

Your revision of the gay bullying school programme was more than disappointing. That was something that could dramatically change lives, yet you allowed it to be watered down. Kids now are not like the kids we were. They know an awful lot more than we did at their age and they smell rats very easily and quickly.

Mal, you are thinking of calling a double dissolution election over corruption within unions in the building industry, which may well be serious, but meanwhile companies, banks and foreigners rip us off, day after day, week in week out, yearly. Don't be disingenuous and tell me that we have good regulations. It is very clear that we don't, both personally and by not charged tax by your government.  Big business in Australia is seen to be corrupt by your average person and one of the strongest personal beliefs I have, it is all about appearances. That is, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is probably not a goose.

I began this post mid last week and subsequently the Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition  has called for a Royal Commission into Australian banks. I would like to see an all encompassing Royal Commission that drags all money corruption, big business nods and winks, off shore investing to avoid paying legitimate tax and foreign companies operational in Australia avoiding paying tax. I don't blame those who do this. It seems it is all quite allowed and legitimate. I blame our government for lax regulation and laws.

And what on earth was that nonsense about handing back some tax collection to the states? I know you are not stupid, Mal, and I am guessing it was done for a reason that will become clear in time.

So far Mal, I can't see that you have done anything positive for Australia during your brief tenure. Over to you now Mal.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Glittering Sunday Selections

This is a blingy sort of post and the headline perhaps oversells the post as being bigger and better than what it is. I bet River's Sunday Selections is more sensible and interesting though less glitzy.

What is with all this glittery soft furnishings in our large department store? Is it fashionable? Or is about to be fashionable? Looks scratchy to me. I'll pass.

Snoskred was unwell and we haven't seen nor heard from her for a time. I hope things are ok with her and just in case she sees this post, here are some pineapples for her. Apparently pineapples are addictive, as R told me I have looked at pineapples before. I don't remember, but I do blame Snoskred if I have looked at pineapples in the past. I seem to recall she paid about $6 for one. These in sparkling black, gold and silver in a small shop were marked $29 each. Now which is rough end of the pineapple?