Saturday, January 16, 2016

No good will come

Oh god, I sound like a politician when I use the phrase, 'genuine refugees'. Without doubt in my mind, many who fled Syria are not genuine refugees but people looking for a better standard of living in a western country. The same applies to many who want to come to Australia. They want a better life for themselves and their children, and who could blame them.

Germany's Chancellor opened her country's doors to these supposed refugees, and without doubt there are many refugees among the million. I simply cannot imagine how Germany could absorb one million refugees without there being trouble, especially when most are young men and many with poor education. At some point, I thought, this will lead to the downfall of Merkel. While I doubt Merkel is loved by the left in Germany, I think she was respected by most as a decent person. The left conveniently forgets its green credentials when it comes to immigration. The Green left is blind to the destruction of our environment by overpopulation. The Australian Greens, of which I was once a member, would have an open door to anyone in dubious circumstances anywhere in the world.

To much red neck applause, our former PM Howard said, we shall decide who comes to Australia, but wasn't he right about that? We need a firm and consistent immigration policy that does not flood the country with people from certain places where strife may be happening. Immigration is good for our country, but it needs to be carefully managed, not a free for all for the latest country in trouble. We take in refugees, as we always have, in an orderly manner, and as we did in the not so distant past offer temporary refuge to people who's country is in turmoil but could return to normality.

Back to Merkel. In my wildest imaginings, I never thought her German open door policy to all would go so wrong so quickly.

Germany was not successful at integrating its cheap Turkish labour into German society, when they were eventually allowed to stay permanently.  Why would the country be successful now at integrating people from Syria? My guess is that Merkel wanted mass immigration for new cheap labour and to create economic activity. It is not my business to guess about German economics, but after the awful business in Cologne and other towns, that has grown exponentially since my first post, Merkel's open door refugee policy is a chicken coming home to roost far more quickly than even I thought, and this is just the beginning.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bowie the Actor

David Bowie was mostly and deservedly known for his music, but he was quite a good actor too. River mentioned the movie Labyrinth, which I haven't seen. I think there was also The Man Who Fell to Earth.

I very much enjoyed his understated performance in the movie Just a Gigolo. Gosh, that was made in 1978. Like most movies I enjoyed in the late seventies and eighties, I can't remember much about the movie. I can only remember I liked it and of course it starred Marlene Dietrich. While it doesn't feature Bowie singing there are lots of shots of him.

For me though his most memorable performance was in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. This is a clip featuring 'the kiss'. You could skip to 1:10 to see that, but I suggest you watch the whole clip to get some context. It truly is a brilliant performance by Bowie and especially actor Ryƻichi Sakamoto, who also composed the at times chilling music for the movie. Watch Sakamoto's eyes as he is kissed. Just brilliant.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

42 degrees but who is counting

Yes, it reached 42 degrees today, 107F and luckily it was my day off. We went into town early for some brunch in our fave place in Centre Place and then a visit to QV for a couple of things and then home. I sat in the middle of one of our Siemens trams where it is the coolest because that is where the air con pumps out the cool. Then the air con shut down, as apparently they do on that tram model when it gets hot. Funny thing that, really. We did little else but indoor activities for the rest of the day. I spoke to Sister and on the Bellarine, which is normally cooler, and it had reached 44 degrees in her town.

I went out onto the balcony and I could see a front coming across the bay. "Cool change coming in five minutes", I called out to R. It arrived in less than a minute and was very dramatic.

Dust blew around from a building site.

Below The Highrise the garden of a commercial property is  undergoing renovation.

Just before the front hit, the traffic lights went out and police were directing traffic. And then the dust arrived, blown in from western Victoria, but nothing like the dust storm of 1983 that I so vividly remember.

And then a big oops. The Spirit of Tasmania broke loose from its Station Pier mooring. It should be parallel to the pier but instead has swung around to be 90 degrees to the pier.

Slowly tugs pulled her back to her correct position.

This photo tweeted by reporter Tracee Hutchison who was about to board the Spirit shows us that some things are broke.

Fashion (co-incidence that Bowie had a song called Fashion)

What should I write about? If I had something ready for tomorrow, I would ask you, but I don't so here we go.

Should I write about, being dumped by a blogmate? It hurts. Should I write about the hot black guy at work who is so terribly vain? What about women's fashion? I know my market. Let's go for women's fashion.

I have noticed women, some young women, wearing full dresses, often with a floral printed fabric. I quite like the look and even on larger women a full dress pulled in at the waist, no matter how large the waist is, can still look quite good. Add some subtle makeup, no add more (my motto is if in doubt, add more), and nylons with sensible shoes slightly raised, and you have a classy chick of any age and almost any build.

A little more dangerous is the current fashion trend for tight skirts. Even as a gay male, I used to appreciate women in tight skirts in mid 20th century movies. I think Mother used to wear tight skirts. She has only very recently started wearing pants during the winter for warmth, but only at home. She said, I have a small bottom and pants don't suit me.

I think this lass looks quite good, with a nicely defined rear that is neat.

Who would have thunk it; astonishingly a Kardashian has an arse way to big for a tight skirt. Yes, I am gay, but even so, does an arse like that work for straight guys? Probably does but I mean like, what can you do with it? I not like.

The Kardashian exhibit really shows what I mean.

This looks nice and stylish, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goyder Line

The state of South Australia's Surveyor General rode 3200 kilometres on horse back over a period of two months in 1865 to survey a line where he judged that north of the line, agriculture and farming would not be sustainable, whereas south of the line, it would be. His line was based on vegetation and apparent rainfall. Subsequent good rains that same year attracted farmers to the north of the line against his advice. They planted crops and started farms. Map courtesy ABC SA.

While 'having the last laugh' may not be the appropriate expression, Goyder proved to be correct and if you travel about north of his line, you will find abandoned farms, remaining chimneys of fallen down houses and whole townships abandoned.

Jump forward to 2016 and Goyder's Line may be needed to be moved somewhat south. Nothing to do with climate change though, of course.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Dead David

Had you asked me a few hours ago the question, who is your favourite pop star of all time, I would have had to think about it for a bit. Eventually I would have concluded it was David Bowie. Now he is dead, the answer to the question came quickly to my mind. My favourite pop star is dead and I feel a bit sad. Oh well, it happens. Thanks for the great music, David.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Selections

Joining in with River and others with our Sunday Selections, this Sunday with just random photos of mine.

A rather expensive toy for children but quite amazing. I suppose you are really supposed to make it yourself. Read nothing into me hanging around the department store toy area. I found a Christmas present for Tradie Brother there.

Sometimes the display of artworks within the enclosed cases in Campbell Arcade (Degraves Street Subway) can be quite weird but I really like these.

This was my grandmother's PMWU cook book, that is Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union. It rarely sees the light of day, with Household Management now using his tablet propped up on the bench if a new recipe is made or the details of an old one a little hazy in his memory. We don't have Chow Mein very often, so a reminder was needed and out came the old recipe book. R's Chow Mein tastes exactly the same as my grandmother's and my mother's. It was the most exotic thing Mother ever cooked. Was Chop Suey the same thing?

I can't remember if I have shown you these moon photos before. I think not. I was quite pleased with them.

Can't have Elephant's Child  hogging all the pretty sky limelight. This was a nice sunset.

Stir Frydays may well be an evening food event at Victoria Market.

We bought this fruit bowl in Surfers Paradise earlier this year. It is damn heavy and the shop lass wrapped it really well for suitcase travel.

Myer was promoting Nutella, with your own name on the personalised label. R received for Christmas from Little Jo a decent sized jar of jelly beans, also personalised with his name.

We were waiting for a friend at Fed Square and I pondered how these bollards were being scraped. I did not wonder for long. A electric delivery cart came along and it just fitted between them. Then another appeared, it too just clearing the sides. Obviously that was on a good day. It's clear there is a high clearance failure rate.

A new person has moved into the third bedroom of the apartment next door. Our balcony is about one metre away from his window. He has rearranged the room with the bed under the window. I suppose he is an overseas Asian student as they always have been since the last family left.  A few days later, he swapped, with his head under the window. Surely this is very bad sheng fui.

This is a closer photo of the Christmas tree surround. I am not really a frilly person but I can see quite some work went into by one of R's sisters.

I am probably among thousands, if not tens of thousands who has pointed their lens skyward to take a photo of the Melbourne Central shot tower and the dome. A shot tower was where molten metal was dropped down its height to make bullets.

At times a picture does not tell a thousand words, so words are needed. I haven't got time to find out what actually but water runs down inside the plactic and then flows across the almost horizontal clear panels below. Cooling of some kind I suppose. It is in Little Collins Street and part of the ecologically sustainable Council House 2.