Saturday, December 03, 2016

A journey to Geelong

Mrs Worthington has allowed Little Jo to perform on stage in Geelong. We are going to see her perform tomorrow, Sunday. I thought of it but then dismissed it. Then R mentioned it so here we go, we will get the train to Geelong to see Little Jo perform.

We are to meet Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo for lunch at a cafe at 1pm.

We would catch the 10:34 tram 55 to the corner of William and Collins Street, arrive 10:44 and walk to So Cross Station and catch the 11:10 to Geelong, arriving about 12:10. We would look at the new Geelong library and either walk to the cafe, or catch a bus or a taxi or call Sister to pick us up for our 1:00pm cafe booking.

I am already annoyed because the train takes longer than it does to drive in the car to Geelong. Nevertheless we like travelling by train, even if it takes a bit longer.

I called it and killed it. We are taking the car.

Little Jo performs at 3:00pm and the show goes for 45 minutes, meaning it will finish at 3:45. We won't be able to make the 3:52 back to Melbourne and would have to wait for the 4:52., meaning arrival at So Cross at about 5:50, plus tram home, after 6:00pm.

By car, we will be home before or about 5:00pm.

Given our trains and trams are already overloaded, I don't think the private companies really want to encourage train and tram travel, and they are going the right way about it.

The clincher is that it will be 34 degrees tomorrow. While some trams and all trains are air conditioned, you have to get to them in the heat.

So if we leave at 11:30 in the car, it will give us time to look at the library and we will be home by 5:00, five and a half hours.

If we do it by train and see the Geelong library, we leave home at 10:30 arrive home at about 6:30, eight hours.

That is five and and a half hours against eight hours. Which would you choose if you had the option? The only qualification I can add is that maybe the traffic will be bad on the way home and it may take a little longer, especially as The Great Victorian Bike Ride finishes in Geelong tomorrow.


  1. In the heat? Definitely the car. Otherwise it could go either way.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. EC, we didn't get quite the heat that was expected, but it did make the day easier by having the car.

  2. Definitely the car Andrew. An extra two and a half hours would be the decider for me.. fingers crossed that the traffic on the way back doesn't hold you up. Good luck Little Jo, break a leg as they say in showbiz ☺

    1. Grace, I discovered she does not know the term 'break a leg' but she did know 'chookers darling'.

  3. The shorter travel times wins in my opinion. What is Little Jo doing on stage? Dancing? Singing? Playing a musical instrument?

    1. River, she was acting in a play. More on it later.