Sunday, June 12, 2016

Yarra River Walk Day 1 Part 1

After concluding my walk of the length of Merri Creek, I intended to continue the walk from the junction of Merri Creek along the Yarra River to the city. I seem to recall the distance was 14 kilometres along the lazy and winding Yarra. It might be three kilometres if you flew as a crow.

Instead I began the walk upstream from the city towards where Merri Creek met the Yarra and here are some photos from the start.

The southern bank below Princes Bridge has rowing sheds and an entertainment venue. Behind the rowing sheds are the Alexandra Gardens.

On the northern bank below Federation Square at Federation Wharf is the lovely venue, Riverland. It is a perfect place on a sunny day and quite a good nightime venue too, so I have heard. Riverland operates from old vaults once used to store bananas and other produce.

Those photos were taken from Princes Bridge and I am now walking through Alexandra Gardens.

Looking back up at Princes Bridge with the spire of St Pauls visible. the green dome of Flinders Street Station and the much higher dome of 333 Collins Street.

On the far side of the River are the buildings of Federation Square.

To the south, the spire of the Arts Centre and Australia's second tallest building, Eureka.

Boat sheds of Melbourne Rowing Club.

Mercantile Rowing Club, and I think St Catherine's and Brighton Grammar.

Melbourne Grammar.

Banks Rowing Club.

And Caulfield Grammar.

There are a lot of boat sheds. This time, Yarra Yarra Rowing Club.

And the delightful and quite American looking, Melbourne University Rowing Club.

Across the river in Birrarung Marr is Angel, a large sculpture by Deborah Halpern and it so does not look like River's Angel. Angel was installed in the moat around the National Gallery of Victoria in 1985 and moved to the new park in 2006.

I have no idea what this old structure if for. Maybe for measuring water levels?

Most of Melbourne's palm trees, and we have rather a lot of them, have metal bands around them to prevent our native possums climbing them and transferring disease.

A massive stormwater outlet with various sporting grounds in behind, including the 'fly swat' lights at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

This next bridge along the Yarra is the Swan Street Bridge, even though this part of Swan Street has been renamed Olympic Boulevard. It carries huge volumes of traffic and pedestrians and is to be expanded, I think with more traffic lanes using up the pedestrian space and a side addition for pedestrians and cyclists. It is quite a simple and elegant structure and quite a bit more modern than most of the bridges over the Yarra.

More sporting infrastructure and a pedestrian walkway.

The rear of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl In the Kings Domain is visible.

The sunlight reflecting off the water illuminated the underside of the Swan Street Bridge.

Sports crazy in Melbourne. There is a plethora of sporting venues and I have been to only one once, the MCG.

Looking into the greenery and trees of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

As you can see, the trees are still quite green and it was a good bit earlier this year when I began the walk and I have forgotten my rough barbeque number count, but there are many (maybe 30) and you just try to get one on a warm sunny day.

Did I mention sporting venues?

The Nylex Clock in the distance. More about that later when I get closer.


I should know what this structure is the Botanic Gardens but I forget.

This is perhaps the newest sporting structure. A prominent morning radio broadcaster refers to it as The Not Round Ground. I think that means it was built for rugby games.

There was a lot to see and photograph on the first day of my walk and we are only one third through Day 1. Day 2 and 3 will be shorter and I haven't walked the final leg yet, Day 4.


  1. Walking along the water is always a treat. Thank you.
    Despite my fondness for public art I think River's Angel is more attractive than Deborah Halpern's.

    1. EC, Angel, the sculpture is a queer beast, with only three legs, but because it has been around for so long, we are attached to it.

  2. It's nice to see photos with blue sky!!!

    1. Ad Rad, yeah, we haven't seen many of late.

  3. Lovely tour and photos on your walk.
    Have been to the tennis centre many times but not for the tennis.
    Good to see water that's not over the 'bank' :)

    1. Margaret, what else happens at the tennis centre? Concerts? I don't get out much.

  4. Nice set of photos, the rowing clubs reminded me of the Murray Bridge rowing clubhouse where many cabarets and other things were held. I met my first hubby there, he danced me around the floor and out the door under a tree where we sat and talked for almost an hour.

    1. Kind of romantic, River. Not speaking for you, but we get old and bitter and need to remember what is like to be young and without knowledge, experience or artifice and the magical moments of youthful attraction.