Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Awfulness in Orlando

What can I say about the awful crime committed in Florida? At my age I don't feel much of a connection now with mostly Latinos in gay nightclubs. People kill people? Guns kill people? It is moot point in a way, as people with guns kill people, so why not just make sure no one who does not need a gun does not have one? You can't remove people, so the obvious is to remove the guns.

Oops, I was watching this almost dispassionately like any other horrible mass shooting on the tv news but when I just saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up in the colours of the rainbow, it was the straw that broke the back of the camel. I shall attempt to compose myself and continue.

Donald Trumpet quickly attempted to use the the massacre to political advantage. Would you vote for this man? He looks like a criminal.

Ok, I will say this. I am not going to suggest that the numbers of deaths from guns in the US or people who have ready access to guns in the US is going to change much in my lifetime. What I do suggest is practical and surely doable. Unless a Moslem works on the land, farm, logger whatever, they can't legally buy a gun. Include all extreme religious types, if you want balance. It is racial discrimination but will appeal to Trumpet type voters and be politically popular. Any mental illness on record, no gun. A record of violence, no gun. Les than the age of 25, no gun. Guns are needed by hobby animal shooters, but amateur animal shooters are not needed and so they don't need guns either. Get these things into place and I will see in my lifetime a reduction of gun murders in the US.

 Of course the idiots in the US only have to look at laws across the border to Canada to find out how gun deaths and massacres can be of a very small number.

But then after a gunman shot twenty kids under the age of ten to death at a Sandy Hook school and nothing changed, is there really any hope that there will ever be change in this western world anathema that is the United States?

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  1. Andrew it definitely terrible and unacceptable situation

  2. The gun lobby is the stopping block very powerful, and makes a lot of money from guns but the people now think they need guns for protection and they could be right.

  3. Sigh. It is my understanding that (mass atrocities aside) most people in the US who are shot are shot in the home. By family members. By accident. With the guns they kept for protection.
    And I like your limitations on gun ownership. I would certainly extend them to all religions. And would ban automatic weapons from private ownership.

  4. Gay is gay .......latino or american or welsh......
    Your country has underlined that fact beautifully

    Stand together!

  5. I never thought I would visit a country where private citizens (as opposed to the army or police) could own a gun or a country where capital punishment is tolerated. Even celebrated.

    Yet we went to visit family in New York many times and had a wonderful time. People get on and live (semi) normal lives, despite the slaughters all around the country.

  6. There is no hope here. The gun fanatics don't care how many people die, they want their guns. For what reason? Because they think they're going to need to rebel against the government. Or something. I don't know. I hate guns.

  7. Like the religious nuts, the gun nuts interpret the Constitution to suit the way they want to live and shoot.
    I admire Hilary for standing up knowing that somewhere out there someone wants to shoot her for being a woman, for being a Democrat (leftie), for daring to think she could be President when that job should be for a gun toting big man.

  8. There are a lot of thoughts jumbled inside but not making a lot of sense. Like, why should *I* care about this outrageous loss of life when the people who live in the actual country do not care enough to do anything about this?

    People in America will tell you their country is the best in the world but I have to strongly disagree. A place where you could just be at the movies or at a nightclub and be gunned down because so many people are convinced something written back in 1789 when the world was a very different place means that people today should be able to buy guns capable of killing and injuring many, many people in a very short amount of time?

    I think if we could go back in the Delorean and pick those people up for a quick trip to the future, they would never have written that amendment. They would DESPISE what their amendment has done to a country they so loved.

    Even if they did manage to get some kind of gun control bill passed, the genie is out of the bottle. Those guns are out there for good, it ain't like the criminals are going to just hand them in during an amnesty or something.

    So, once again, I just sigh, and say I am so glad I am not an American. :)

  9. I know not everyone over there has a gun, I know not everyone sees shooting as a solution to problems, but America's love affair with guns is the number one reason why I will never, ever, go there.

  10. They the Americans most of them love their guns.
    Not everyone has a gun as River said.
    Such a tragedy what has happened, so many lives lost, partners, friends and their families grieve.
    The gunman was a regular visitor to the place so the news said..

  11. It's all crazy ! you can buy a gun, but not a beer, for that you have to be 18 or even 21 ! And then this clown Trump, how is it possible to take this dangerous fool serious ??

  12. What you're suggesting (apart from the Muslim bit) is pretty close to what Obama has been trying to get passed ever since Sandy Hook, and his frustration and disbelief that the country won't even accept these small restrictions are obvious. I personally can't believe Sandy Hook wouldn't have done it. It's flat out crazy.
    When I was a kid we lived in the states for a bit and there were always gun tragedies, like kids shooting themselves or a sibling by mistake, and the odd drive-by shooting, but not even then (70s, 80s) were there mass murders every other month like now. Madness.

  13. I'm a US citizen and I very much appreciate the opportunity to read your comments about the situation. I'm gay. I'm a Democrat. I'm a Franklin Roosevelt, New Deal, John Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson Great Society liberal. I suppose I should start looking over my shoulder, but I haven't, not yet. A couple years ago my husbear and I were walking through Montreal's Old City area. A car pulled up beside us with 4 men who appeared to be of middle eastern origins. The driver yelled out "Hey, are you guys Americans"? In that brief moment I envisioned them jumping out of their car with clubs and attacking us. I said we were. The guy said "I love America!". I shouted back something like "we're not all like Bush". He was the president at that time. Can you imagine this happening today?

    There are no guns in our house, there never have been. If people want to hunt furry woodland creatures I have no problem with it as long as it's legal. However, hunters do not need high powered rifles and handguns and high powered or hollow point bullets and semi automatic weapons to kill a squirrel. The National Rifle Association has a strangle hold on our representatives. They wrap themselves in the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. What's that saying that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel? It seems nothing can be done to control the accessibility of weapons. Steps have been taken to control who can buy a deadly weapon, but as in this case, the steps are not designed to know what is in a person's head. How can anyone know that? And there are so many weapons of this type already out there that a black market would pop up to provide them. I think we'll need some type of effort to seize and destroy them. Oh boy, that will not go over with the gun lobby.
    Where I live in northeast Pennsylvania, a group supporting the open carrying of weapons descended on a local buffet type restaurant. That would have scared the beejiggers out of me to see people walk in with pistols strapped to their waists. What is this, the old west? Restaurants have sneeze guards for the salad bar to protect us from germs but people can walk in wearing pistols? Yes, the US has some weird and conflicting ideas I agree.

    As long as acts of terrorism occur, gun supporters and the NRA and their puppet politicians will keep mixing terrorism with our constitutional right to bear arms. Americans aren't very good at sorting out details and it seems the Congress makes things too complicated to be clearly understood. Things can be reduced to simpler truths. Whether we Americans have the will to do so remains to be seen. I hope we do. Maybe Orlando will be lightning rod of change we need.

  14. I don't get it. I don't understand why so many people are opposed to gun control in our country. We don't need assault weapons on the street. I can live with people keeping their hand guns and rifles, but for goodness sake why do people think they need automatics, semi automatics, and gangsta guns? I was certain after Columbine things would change. And I was devastated, angry and disappointed when they didn't. It stuns me.

  15. Thanks for your comments everyone. It seems the world is divided into two camps; wise, sensible and caring people like yourselves and then those who can't see the wood for the trees.

  16. I agree with you about gun control, but I have to say I'm more struck that it now looks like the shooter was gay himself, and obviously couldn't come to terms with that fact. It's the old story of the gay basher who's secretly gay. Except this time the basher had an automatic weapon at his disposal. Just plain bad all around.

    Amen to John Gray's statement.

  17. I despair for the American people Andrew.. they venerate trash like the Kardashians, harsh but true.. Trump etc money is everything! As for guns, seriously they are their own worst enemy.