Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Selections

Check out River's Sunday Selections too.

Grace is busy with her A real mix of photos this week. Check out River's Sunday Selections too. granddaughter in Sydney and won't see this mural I came across. It is ok, but nothing special really. No large plane deaths in Australia, so I guess she survived the flight.

This is not intact Victorian era housing, but shops that are part of Victoria Market. Taken through the window of a bus.

I love the little mural at the main entrance to Victoria Market, even if no one ever uses the main entrance.

With a minimum of R's tuteledge, Little Jo made these boiled eggs into gifts for each person at Easter. Some were hand painted, some stenciled and some shrink wrapped in boiling water.

We went to Victoria Market for a reason. I just can't recall what it was. I left $100 poorer, but I did not buy a doughnut. I did buy a hat, one third of the $100. At the western end of the market you can buy a Spanish doughnut and the Spanish doughnut vendor has been there for a very long time and there was a long queue.

Isn't this great. I saw a book I wanted to read, but I did not take it as I had nothing to put back.

Fen is not inclined to get up early on a Sunday morning to capture the same sunrise from her flat that I too see from here, so  here is what you missed last Sunday, Fen. Fen probably would not have seen the dots.

Liquorice Man has a new friend, relocated from the kitchen wine shelf that is no more.

Bit of a downer to end with, but it must have been about six months ago I noticed a group of people assembled across the road. I idly wondered why, but then I had blog comments to deal with and posts to write and forgot about it. Upon a walk we came across what they probably did back in October, one year after a high achieving, part aboriginal and a bit drunk lad was murdered. Hard to read. Text below.

The love you gave to others is a gift so rare,
In our hearts you will always be there.

Joshua Hardy
Tragically Taken From Us
18th October 2014
Aged 21 years

Though your smile has gone forever
And your hand we cannot touch
Still we have so many memories
Of the one we loved so much

Your memory is our keepsake
With which we'll never part
God has you in his keeping
And we have you in our hearts

In memory of a life so beautifully lived
And a heart so deeply loved

Later edit: Well that is an interesting opening paragraph. I will leave it as is.


  1. I had wondered what had happened to your soldier with the addition of doors to your wine shelf. Love the murals and the eggs and the book box. A great Sunday Selection this week. Sad about the roadside memorial.

    1. Thanks Carol. I am wondering if the accused of murder has yet been convicted.

  2. That's a lovely tribute to Joshua Hardy.
    Sadly, I didn't get to Fisherman's Market to search for a Licorice Man, but I'll get there eventually.
    I remember Victoria Market very well, it's where we made the mistake of stopping at a pet stall and came home with a puppy instead of groceries.
    Love that sunrise :)
    Nice eggs Little Jo!
    Do you have to place a book to be able to take one? Couldn't you just take one and put another in its place the next time you go there?

    1. Dearest River, at the drop of a hat I would send Liquorice Man to you, if it wasn't a gift from a niece.

      I know exactly where you bought the pet from. The place is still there but it no longer sells live animals.

      I could have just taken the book, but I would feel too guilty and we only go there once in a blue moon.

  3. Another very mixed post. Beautiful, sad and greed inspiring.
    That is indeed a very nice tribute to Joshua. I hope he knew how much he was loved while he was stilll with us.

    1. EC, from what I read in the media, Joshua had a very loving family and knew he was loved.

  4. Joshua's death was very sad. I remember reading about it in the news...he had so much potential. Such a shame.

    1. Ad Rad, high achieving Aboriginal lads sadly don't come along too often. Such a waste of a life.

  5. A variety this Sunday for sure.
    Sad about that death but a plaque on the tree - let's hope it remains as a reminder of what happened there.

    1. Margaret, variety in Sunday Selections was my original intention, but it missed some beats in that regard along the way. Thanks.

  6. what a lovely market. What kind of hat did you buy?

    1. Strayer, just a hat with a decent sized brim. Looks like straw but I guess it is synthetic.

  7. Andrew your post includes nice but different photos. I love the muaral

    1. Gosia, the mural is quite good.

  8. I do see them from time to time, however whether I get up and photograph them is another story!