Saturday, November 21, 2015

Deny deny

Outrage one, breast cancer in women mostly working in the television and radio newsroom at ABC Queensland's headquarters in Toowong. Between 1994 and 2006 when the place was shut down, 16 women developed breast cancer and 12 more had non cancerous breast abnormalities. These were predominantly young and healthy women without any family history of breast cancer. An inquiry failed to find any scientific cause for the cluster. As soon as there seemed to more cases than a co-incidence, action should have been taken and women moved away from the site. As men can also develop breast cancer, I don't see why they should have stayed there either.

Outrage two, the Country Fire Authority Training College at Fiskville in Victoria. Another cancer cluster, men this time, in my opinion succumbing to the effects of all the chemicals that had been used over the years. The first government commissioned inquiry found that "...there's no good reason to conclude that they (I assume the chemicals) pose any significant risk to anyone on the site at present."

If there is any doubt when a cancer cluster appear, such locations should be shut down and then investigated. Inquiries that don't find a scientific reason doesn't mean that there isn't one. We may be smart creatures, but we don't know everything. In both cases in the early days, governments and their departments just denied in spite of the bleeding obvious.

No pictures in this post. You don't want to see a mastectomy photo or a removed testes photo.

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Working Class Tory departs

Sad to hear actor Warren Mitchell has died. I seem to have a recall that he visited Australia once or twice and he, the real person, seemed like quite a nice bloke. He was a terrific actor who played the terrible Tory voting, sponger off society, working class racist Alf Garnett. It is hard to pick a clip from what is available on You Tube. I had forgotten about his carer Marigold. I want a clip that has him making a political rant, some racism and homophobia, and including his wife and carer. This is a too bigger ask.

The show had various forms and different names. I remember it as 'Till Death do us Part'. This scene has a Spike Milligan as the van driver. The clip is 3.11

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A new pair of drawers

As I may have said, a couple of weeks ago we visited Gerry's big shop in Moorabbin to look at  a new computer. We ended up spending twice as much on some furniture and did not buy a computer.

Someone gave us these timber bedside drawers. We repainted them and added new handles but it was obvious they were quite old and did not really suit. One sat by R's bed and the other next to the bed in the spare room. The taller set of black drawers came from Ikea in about 1990. They are very dated and the drawers are wonky as they were overloaded years ago by video cassettes and photographs. It is useful as a rest for R's tv recorder and the video/dvd machine, only bought second hand to transfer tapes to dvds.

Just for once we saw some furniture we liked and after the salesman offering us a good deal, we bit the bullet. Two bedside drawers were delivered a week later along with the chest of drawers.

We are of the age that we can safely say, these will see us out.

Now we have to wait for a hard rubbish collection to get rid of these from the spare room.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nipple Phone

I am happy with my new phone but an odd thing happens at times. When a message or whatever arrives, the screen self activates and with a swipe you can read whatever is there. All very standard, but if I have my phone in my top pocket and I am moving, such as walking or driving, apparently the screen thinks my nipple is a finger and starts doing things.

I arrived at work one day and I was aware of heat on my chest. My phone was red hot and there were at least half a dozen apps doing things on the phone at once. As I use the phone as a watch, I like the screen facing inwards so that I can just lift it from my pocket to check the time. Now I have to keep the screen facing outward so that the phone does not get busy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Merri Creek walk 2

Normally on a day off I am not ready to go out until about 11 but today was the exception. I was to later meet R in town for lunch, so I thought I better make an effort. It was a good service on the Upfield line with trains four minutes apart. I had to travel to Batman Station but the 9.20 limited express did not stop there, but it did stop one station before. I decided to catch the express train because I thought it might go fast and I like going fast in trains. By golly it did go fast. I did not get my phone out to check but it must have been travelling at 80 km/h through the inner northern suburbs. If I was an excitable sort of person I might have jumped up and down on the spot in glee. Instead I sat pondering how much better train travel would be if trains went faster. By the time I arrived at Coburg Station, it was a 6 minute wait for the train on to Batman. I assisted a foreign type with directions, even though I did not have a clue about where I was.

I guess this is Coburg Station.

There was a large graffiti and tagged covered muriel (:-P)  and I decided to focus on these two characters within the muriel.

A retirement project for me is to visit and identify every chimbley like this in Melbourne. There are quite a number of them.

Now, where am I?Ah yes, the beginning of the second walk in Carr Street, North Coburg. There are some nice houses here.

I quite like this style of house from the 50s or early 60s. They were usually well built and spacious.

Another bridge.

A nice little observation platform.

Looking down here.

Swans mate for life, but have affairs behind each other's backs, according to genetic testing. Never mind, it still looks like a happy family unit.

Why wasn't I told about the lovely Coburg Lake, an ideal place for a picnic and look, large exotic trees, so seldom seen on this side of town.

A bit of an amphitheatre.

A tribute to Middle Eastern people in the area who do good works.

Oh look, the disused Pentridge Prison.

I had no idea I would come across this.

At the far end of the lake is a spillway down to the creek bed below.

A marvellous bluestone bridge with Newlands Road running along the bridge. The western part of Victoria has abundant hard basalt rock, formed from solidified volcanic lava flows, which we refer to as bluestone.

I could not read this but with a camera zoom, it partly says, Newlands Bridge, erected by Penal Department, August 1855.

Wasted land where so many apartments and houses could be built. Where is a developer when one is needed?

At times the creek widens and at times it narrows.

Another bluestone bridge. Not quite sure which road travels over this bridge.

I like the two eyed drain in this photo.

It could be an FB General Motors Holden but more likely an EK, made around 1962.

Rather good condition. Why don't cars have venetian blinds anymore?

This bridge was very unstable and the recently installed barriers are I guess to slow cyclists down. It is scheduled for replacement.

I am over googling to find out who Alan 'Flash' Flanders is.

Isn't that just the sweetest thing to come across.

I am being radiated by the electricical. The high voltage wires generally follow the path of the valley.

A vegetable garden. What a surprise.

That may well be Joe in the far left of the photo.

That is an impressive bridge. I crossed it.

I guess this is the rear of the Islamic Museum. Coffee might have been nice but I don't know that it was open.

The rear of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade workshops and store.

The weather was turning bleak after a warm start to the day. The very light rain was becoming heavier and once I reached Moreland Road, I trudged up the hill to catch the tram back to town.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Musical Monday

The number of songs Little Jo knows is extraordinary. How can her small brain contain so much information? I doubt I know the lyrics to one song but that wasn't always the case, so Mother informed me. Apparently the very young Andrew knew all the words to this song and used to sing it very often to the point of being annoying. Ok, yes, a pretty boring Musical Monday. Head over to River's blog to see if she has something better.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Selections

Almost at the bottom of the random photo barrel now. See what River and others have for their Sunday Selections.

A cruise ship arriving, heading to berth at Station Pier. Photographing ships in the bay as they arrive with the morning sun on them works much better than when they depart and they are immersed in a sea of grey.

How many Railway Hotels and Station Hotels must there have been in Australia? Hundreds, I should think.

Rather sweet building in Swanston Street.

Sweet indeed. Looking a little closer on the lower verandah facing, you can just make our Darrell Lea, a former well known confectionery company . The company is now owned by a family who own a pet food company. I am sure there is no cross over of products. All retail outlets were closed by 2012, with some other stores licensed to sell the products.

From Facebook, I think. The driver was prosecuted.

This clock was a wedding present to my maternal grandparents c1920. I have shown it before but a long time ago. After my grandmother died I asked Mother if I could have it and she said yes. It didn't work and its brand is Dunklings, so I took it to a Dunklings the Jewellers shop at Southland shopping centre. They were quite snooty and uninterested in repairing an old clock, until I pointed out their own brand on the face. For a reasonable price, they repaired the clock. That was in about 1975, and it has ticked away ever since. Good heavens, Dunklings are still at Southland. I wind it each Sunday, or often any other day if I forget on Sunday, but only the clock, not the chimes as they are too loud. It lasts about 11 days when fully wound and its time keeping is appalling. When fully wound, it gains a minute or more each day, and then as the spring unwinds, it starts to fall back and at some point will become late. It is a rough guide to the time but strangely it is the clock we glance at most. Nothing better than a nice big dial.

Like a cat stimulates its appetite by playing with a mouse before killing it, so I teased myself with this cheesecake by leaving it sitting around for a couple of hours. I can't believe what it cost, but it was delicious.

The dying light was particularly nice this evening. Rage!

Yeah, a motherhood statement and preaching to the mostly converted at Melbourne's busiest intersection. Maureen from Mantangatang has made the journey by train to the Big Smoke with her friend Iris from Irymple. They are loaded with shopping parcels as they head for their train home and will have tales to tell their local friends about the really black people they saw in Melbourne. Iris asks, "Maureen, have you ever thought about, you know, black men, and you know....what people say? Ian isn't up to much now. I just wonder......."

From a Tumblr, the now disused and derelict Chicken Church in Indonesia. The jungle will consume it soon enough, if it doesn't burn by fires for illegal land clearing for the rich to become richer by planting even more palm oil trees, with the burning smoking out Singapore and Malaysia and causing a terrible loss of wildlife habitat. You can't tell me that the police and army can't stop this illegal burning. Singapore and Malaysia should fire rockets at the Indonesian Parliament.