Saturday, November 14, 2015

Anti Moslem Rant

It pains me to say this, as when I was young I was such a tolerant person. I will not receive love by this post.

But I fucking well hate the Moslem religion. Yes there have been problems with all religions in the past but in the 21st century, most of that has passed.

I feel sorry for average and majority non nasty Moslems, but for fucks sake, how much of this can we take in the name of Allah. They fly planes into tall buildings in New York. They bomb the London Tube. They shoot an innocent bloke in Parramatta, Sydney. I never thought I would see a peaceful Beirut but for many years I have, not so anymore as the Moslems have bombed in Beirut. Now twice in one year Moslems attack Paris, a country that has taken them in and cared for them in huge numbers. 

Two days ago I sat on a train opposite two young Moslem lasses. One had her face covered. I hated her and what her face covering represented to me. Her eyebrows were perfectly plucked I noticed, as she scrolled through her Face Book on her phone, and her nails also perfectly shaped and painted, so don't talk to me about the modesty shit.

Rant over.

Now to be sensible. I see little good in the Moslem religion by the examples I have seen. We in Australia have people of many religions and none generally cause any bother except for Moslems. Is there a natural conclusion that can be drawn from that? For me, yes. Moslems, fuck off.

So, is that the reaction that the Moslem terrorists want? Perhaps they are not so stupid.

Bad Timing

R and I had breakfast in the courtyard of the Prahran Market this morning, having just learnt of the shocking situation in Paris. Fluttering French flags caught our eyes. I expect those in national French dress who staffed the stall promoting this event were quite unaware of what had happening. By the time we had finished shopping the horror was so much worse, with the media saying the death toll has reached 140. Poor, poor Paris and the people of France.

Here we go again

We were out for dinner in the salubrious suburb of South Caulfield with two friends and the Brother Friends. The formerly unwell Brother Friend has made a good recovery. Just as dinner was served, something happened in front of my eyes but I did not really see what happened, although I saw what happened. It was like two pieces of flint hitting each other with great force. R had words with the other Brother Friend, stood up and said he was leaving and was I coming? I said no, I am having my meal. He said, I will wait for you. I said no, take the car home.  I'll get the tram home. He left. The situation as we ate our meals was tense, with all being falsely jolly. After I finished my meal I checked my phone and R had texted that he was waiting for me in the carpark, having moved the car from the street. I apologised for my early departure from dinner and joined R in the car and on the way home said nothing but idle words.

I was in a bit of shock. The same has happened between them in the past, with R once before walking out of a restaurant, but this time it happened if front of my eyes and I am not sure what I saw except sparks flying and an explosion.

A week or so later, we had a catch up for a friend's birthday at another venue. R sat at one end of the table and the Brother Friends at the opposite end.

Sometimes I am envious of people who care enough to take offence and strongly react.  It's just not me.

Just to update, the Brother Friends have been kicked out of their accommodation. After selling their house they rented, paying about $550 per week in Canterbury. The owner wanted the place back. They are paying about the same for the new place they have moved into, in Mont Albert and they are now private renters in a retirement complex.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Almost late night ranting

What to buy someone for a gift? My friends and family all have adequate enough income to be able buy what they want for themselves, so it makes it hard to come up with something to buy. While Mother does not like it, we have embraced Kris Kringle gift giving for Christmas and this will be the third year and it works so much better.

Yes, as I was saying, no one in my family is wanting, except for Mother and I am sure long time readers will know that she is a shocker with money.

At times you have something of some small value, but what do you do with it when your have bought something newer and shinier? We have a decent sized plastic bag of ewaste ready to go to the council recycling centre, sitting on top of our old dvd player, also included.  In the case of my old camera, I have sent it to someone who I hope will appreciate it. Much of this person's income goes on doing good works and there is not much left for luxuries.

So, to the post office I went to post a parcel overseas. Even that was not so simple. I went to where the post office in town was and it was not there. It had moved a bit further up the street. I bought the post bag and picked up the customs declaration to fill in and attach.

Once home, I addressed the post bag and filled in the form but where is R? He went off to his volunteer work this morning before I arose and he has been home, but he is not now. I went to my bathroom and while I did what I had to do, I thought, I know. There will be a note on the computer keyboard, and sure enough there was. "Gone to doctor, 2.45". R does know where to leave me a note where I can see it. While I had my cold last week, R thought he caught it, but his has been so different. He is coughing badly and struggling to breath at times. I was about to text him as to what was happening at 3.45 when he had not returned but as I thought that, he returned. His doctor had diagnosed a bad chest infection. He had been given a spiro whatever test and his lung capacity was 47%. He was loaded up with drugs, a ventolin inhaler, antibiotics and steroids. While I travelled to have my chest xray on the tram, he said he could not cope and I must drive him. We rarely ask anything like that of each other, so when it is asked, we both jump as either of us know it is not an idle request. But I was going to take my almost packed parcel to the post office. Well, I did that in Balaclava while R had his chest xray.

There was a bit of queue in the post office and how annoying is it when you finally get to the counter, look behind you and there is no longer a queue. "Is there a battery in this package?" I lied and hope I don't bring down a trans Pacific flight with 400 passengers on board. This really is a nonsense about batteries. My latest camera I just plug into the computer to charge. Does it have a battery? I suppose it does, kind of. An internal battery. Is that different? What about musical cards? They have a battery.

Will our Border Control xray my parcel and see the battery within the camera? Will the US do that? Will the package ever get past our own airport? Remains to be seen and it seems I have put the lives of many people at risk, just like the 88 year old Mabel from Moroochydore is suspected of carrying an explosive device and so is 'randomly' selected for explosive  powder testing.

What's in a name #27

This is from an Australian tv show about advertising, The Gruen Transfer, 2.53. My Friday posts are supposed to contain an element of humour. Perhaps you will be a little amused.

I am reminded of a Queensland town where a friend briefly lived, Yorkeys Knob, no doubt a familiar place to at least one of my blogmates (fingers crossed she doesn't actually live there). Mentioning the name among us would always elicit a smutty remark, or perhaps just a tone in a voice. It is the 'eys' that makes it funny. Not much humour in York Knob or even York's Knob. But Yorkeys Knob, snigger.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I have known a few demented people in my time but none with dementia that I know of. Mother's best friend's husband has dementia. It is a bit hard to tell as he has always been vague. We recently attended his 70th birthday at the Cuckoo Restaurant in the Dandenong Ranges as his guests, rather than like Mother's 80th at the same venue where each person had to pay for their own food and drinks. The difference is they are rich. Our family gave him a $100 voucher for his favourite big tin shed store, Masters, and a writing pen which we had engraved, for around $80. His wife is very kind and generous to Mother, so it is a minor way to repay her. Given he has dementia, we were all a little surprised at the gift his wife gave him, a voucher for a trip on his own on the Spirit of Tasmania to see his sister. His wife doesn't like Tasmania and refuses to ever go there.

A little closer to home I had an odd conversation with a neighbour, who said, "I am taking N out shopping as his licence (driving) has been taken away from him". I did not ask why, but I recall this neighbour previously saying in passing something like N was going crazy. Now things were making sense. He must have dementia. The neighbour who told us is older than N and like some men of his age, is a shocking gossip.

N was a school principal and his wife a teacher . They were deemed superfluous to requirements during the Kennett state government era, and took voluntary (forced) departure packages. They own their apartment here and have recently sold their holiday house on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Usually they take an overseas holiday every year but that has come to end now as they are too old to undergo the rigours of travel, even at the pointy end of the plane. Their life has now been much reduced. Kind of sad, but part of the process of ageing.

Note: After I began this post some time ago, I have since chatted to N and he told me he has early onset dementia. He is not worried about not being able to drive and is quite enjoying using public transport. His wife still drives, but lordy, is she a shockingly cautious driver, quite a road hazard really. She has had her own serious health issues and nearly died from a blockage to her lungs and I really feel for her. While she is sharp as a tack, N in the 12 or so years we have known him has always been a smart mouthed grumpy old man and has never stood back from being critical of her. At some point, the positions will be reversed, where he can no longer try to bully her. Don't feel sorry for her though. She is financially independent and he is the one who will be dependant on her.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nowt written for today

In case you missed it in comments, the computer has fixed itself. As Margaret suggested and I already had my suspicions from what I had read, it seems it was a Windows 10 update that caused the problem and subsequently another Windows 10 update fixed the problem.

If this theory is correct, it is appalling work by Microsoft, causing me to waste hours and be stressed about the change. I have three weeks left to decide whether I switch back to Windows 7 and I am sorely tempted with my present frame of mind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Merri Creek walk 1

I set off on the Upfield train to Gowrie Station. As there was going to be significant walking, I needed to save my feet by catching the 530 bus to begin the walk. A planning fail, I had no idea where the bus stop was, but using my phone with maps and transport apps, I found it, and of course it then seemed so obvious. I was surprised how busy the 530 bus was, with people on and off at almost every stop. It is only a 30 minute service, but I think there may be a good argument to make it a 15 minute service. The photo is looking towards Sydney Road.

The bus ran along Jukes Road and then north to Anderson Street where I left the bus. This part I had planned, how to get to the beginning of the Merri Creek Trail, near Mahoneys Road. On one side of the road, a well maintained modest house.

On the other side, not such a well maintained house. Why do people north or west of the city hate trees? If this was my side of town, you might not be able to see the houses because of trees.

Just a vacant block of land among the houses was the pathway to the Merri Creek Trail.

The path led to a expanse of open grassland. A couple of people were there with their dogs. I began the walk and it wasn't long before I came across this, so disappointing and unnecessary.

At this point I did not understand the path. It is not one path or trail. There are high paths, low paths, and paths on the opposite side of the bank. I want to be down there, next to the creek, but how?

You can possibly ride a bike all the way along the trail by using the shared pedestrian and bicycle paved path.

Steps!!! Down to the creek. Some time into the walk, I really needed to see the creek. It was quite warm, about 25 degrees and the sun was beating down on me.

Stormwater drains pour into Merri Creek, so it can quickly flood.

No idea what this thing is about.

And there are more of them. They may well be called Moomba Rocks.

Water at last. It really is a modest creek at this point.

Some rocks. Fascinating, no?

A lonely picnic table. Not so easy to get to if you and are kind of normal and drive to a park for a picnic.


Why do people damage things like this? What pleasure do they get from it?

Burning and glass. I think a car may have been destroyed here.

Another area that looks like it was burnt when a car was set on fire.

At this northern end of the creek there has been so much planting of I assume native species. Planting here would be easy. Some of the planting along the the sides of the creek bed must have been very hard work.

One of many pedestrian and cycling bridges over the creek. I went under this one.

A little more vandalism.

It is a lazy little creek at this point, only being really motivated when it must travel over some stones or rocks.

Willow trees along side a creek look wonderful, but they are a pest species in Australia.

Lots of signs advising people of alternative routes if the paths are flooded. This was quite consistent and well done, I thought.

Another pest species, these cactus.

I believe this is St Basil's Homes for Aged Care in Victoria.

At times the creek disappeared among rushes, other times deep in a ravine, at times quite open and exposed.

The back of the Couburg drive in screen.

I think there was a bird in there somewhere.

Until the next walk, farewell little creek.

I left at Mathieson Street and walked to Merlynston Station for the train back to town. I would have walked further had it not been so hot. I think I am North Coburg here and the houses rather nice than those where I began the walk.

I have now completed the second stage of my walk after skipping a bit that I thought would be just more of what I had seen. The next post detailing the second stage will have me join the trail just north of Coburg lake to where I walked from Batman Station.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Computer Rage

Is is because I upgraded to Windows 10 a week ago? All had been well with the exception of the printer. It would print but I had to download a new driver for it to scan.

Sunday I came home from work to a lovely clean home. R had performed his domestic duties and the place was sparkling, including the desk and everything that sits on it, including the computer. I switched it on and what had happened? The icons on the desktop were huge and everything was fuzzy. Some things were out of proportion. I've now spent several hours trying to fix it and it has me beat. I've googled a lot too but nothing has been helpful. This had happened before but not for a long time and I can't remember how I fixed it. This time it seems unfixable.

I've tried every screen resolution possible. The graphics card and its driver seem to be ok. It is how I remember computers when they start up in safe mode, except clearly it isn't as everything is working perfectly. I've fiddled with the monitor settings, thinking maybe R knocked something when he was dusting. I've tried many other things too. I tried to go back to restore point, but it seems by default that is switched off when you download Windows 10. I could revert to Windows 7, which would not matter or reload Windows 10, but neither is guaranteed to fix the problem.

So some of you can sit back and say in reference to switching to Windows 10, I told you so. I have something ready to post tomorrow but I may be a little invisible for a bit.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday Selections

 Take a look at River's and others' Sunday Selections. My effort this week is a little meagre.

A rather attractive building I came across in town,  maybe A'Beckett Street.

Some work went into this wall in Fitzroy.

I suppose I've added this before to the old signs site.

The formerly popular bar One Twenty has closed down. Very interesting building.

I think this is the same blimp River saw, or at least it looks the same. I took this photo just days after she saw put up a photo of the same.

Note to self, the camera requires some fiddling with when taking a photo of a black person. He so focused on his music, maybe he hasn't realised his pants are falling down.

Buskers come in many forms and this one writes poetry for you.

See Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in matching ourfits. I was a bit slow with the camera.

This bloke has been dancing and writhing around in the streets for years, at times wearing a dress. Surprisingly he does pull a crowd at times.