Friday, July 03, 2015


I have a few spare moments in our hectic travel schedule. When we travelled in Europe last year, we quickly learnt ABC, Another Bloody Church/Cathedral/Castle.

What do you imagine these might stand for as we travel Canada? Another Bloody is a given.
No rush.

Later edit:

Blue or beautiful lake
Snow capped mountain
Picture post card town
Fast flowing river

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Post Card from Banff, Canada

As I expected Canadians are a bit like us.  We began in Vancouver for two days, journeyed by train for an overnight stay at the slightly odd town of Kamloops, on by train to Jasper, then by coach to Lake Louise and now after a quite a full on journey so far, a relaxing time for a couple of days in the terrific tourist town of Banff.  The scenery has been of a constant picture postcard standard and beyond. Yes, I will have a whinge once I am home but from what I have seen and experienced in Canada, it is a great country.  I packed some long sleeved shirts and a jacket but only on a glacier in short sleeves did I feel chilly. Here in Banff today it was around 36 degrees, but also here in Banff it can drop to minus 35.

Missing you all heaps (that's a lie. I've kept a close eye on you).