Saturday, June 06, 2015

I am almost dying

I tried to blame the lowly paid 711 worker who sneezed into his hand just before he served me, but the incubation period is too long. We both have a common cold, with R a day behind behind me in symptoms. I guess I gave it to him. Is it stretching it to call it man flu?

Thank goodness we will be over it before we set off for holidays in a couple of weeks.

Facts, cold does not cause a cold. Getting wet does not cause a cold. Going outside with damp hair does not cause a cold. Going from a warmed room to the cold does not cause it. It is a virus you catch from someone who may have sneezed or coughed on you, or on something you have touched. The virus does not last very long once out of the body though.

It was nearly going to post  a one liner, Mr Andrew Highriser is unwell today, but hey, I have got something together. Now where is that medicinal brandy? Fact, brandy does not cure a cold but does make you feel better for a short time and if enough is drunk, it will dehydrate you and stop what pours from your nose for a while.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Historic LA Angels Flight

Los Angles has something historic? The city of modernity with no public transport and huge and innumerable congested freeways? Foreigners' perception, of course. Seems it does though have something historic. It is bragged that it is the shortest railway in the world, but I have travelled on some very short funiculars and I am not sure if that is a fact. Nevertheless, how wonderful that the City of Angels has kept this historic contrivance and it meets the true definition of a funicular. The one going up balances out the one going down. You don't have to watch the whole video. I didn't, with all due respect to the uploader . A brief watch gives you the idea.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Forgotten post

Although I loaded these photos, I have just discovered it is an unfinished post from a while ago. The weather was a good bit warmer than it is at the moment with a string of 13 degree maximums for this first week of our winter.

Could colours ever be better selected and just look at the flow of lines? I would so like to changer her gears.

I can't remember where this was taken, but somewhere in Collins Street I guess. Nice building, hey.

Russell Street I think. I am fairly sure the mural will not now be visible because of construction.

Little Bourke Street is the location of our Chinatown. It runs for a couple of blocks westwards and is often crowded, chaotic and has a terrific atmosphere. This is near to the entrance of the Chinese Museum, Chinese having been in Australia since the early 19th century. Never show surprise when a Chinese looking person speaks to you in perfect Australian.

Victorian architecture with a Chinese re-invention?

Goodness knows where. Maybe Russell Street.

The entrance to Little Bourke Street and China Town from Swanston Street.

Suspended sculpture at the Emporium shopping centre.

Queen Victoria Gardens. The works on the pond seems to have ended.

Used to be lovely annual flower plantings. Now, boring green stuff.

The Pavillion at The Serpentine in London has a good reputation. Trying to emulate it here in Melbourne did not seem so successful to me.

Some public art?

Queen Victoria maybe a little chipped, but she happily glowers towards the centre of town

The Eureka building and the Arts Centre spire. I think the box at the top of Eureka is protruding, with payees for the privilege looking down on Melbourne through a clear glass floor.

Still in Queen Victoria Gardens, some peaceful scenes.

This is an important memorial to women, I think. But I can't remember now.

A lift in the David Jones department store perhaps?

Appears to be a bearded hipster on the billboard promoting Vodafone. The yellow vanes atop Council House 2 can generate electricity, but not cost effectively and so have been switched off. Look Jackie in Toronto, one of the pole sculptures you captured when you were here is in the photo.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Men and the lavvy

We have a friend who occasionally visits and invariably needs to use the toilet. His personal habits leave a lot to be desired, such as once borrowing R's glasses and using the arm of the said glasses to clean out his ears. Another time we observed him scratching his head and dandruff falling into food we were about to eat. No thanks, I am not hungry.  Yet another time is was quite clear that he had had done a number 2 in the toilet bowl. The single flush was insufficient to clear the evidence on the side of the bowl.

His two last visits have left the toilet floor very wet. After his last visit, R stormed out of his toilet and said, "He 'expletive deleted' pissed all over the floor again. Was he not aware of what he had done and so did not attempt to clean it up with toilet paper? After a drink or two, the male aim can become very poor, but he does not drink at all.  He can't see well? Maybe.

Meanwhile our Brother Friends have decided that sitting down to urinate in their advanced years is a better way to go. They are a bit precious and fastidious at times. Invariably things will go wrong at times for men when they stand and urinate, but they really need to take responsibility. Some really just don't seem to care. I would like to think that gay men are more careful but the aforesaid person is gay.

This photo is not an Australian style toilet but close enough. Again our friend has one of these toilet mats at home. Mats like this are disgusting, as you can imagine what might be absorbed by them. I would never countenance having one, but if you do, I hope you wash it every second day at least.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Another one bites the dust

I am very saddened to learn that former State Premier Joan Kirner AC has died. Twitter failed me, only finding out once home this evening and R telling me. In my view she was the most principled person in politics one would ever come across. She was handed the poisoned chalice of the Premiership in the dying days of a discredited Labor government and yet earned the respect of everyone in politics. It was impossible for the Labor government to be re-elected but Joan went about her premiership diligently. She is Victoria's only female Premier and ruled from 1990 until 1992. The worst thing she ever did was drive up Williamstown property prices by the fact that she lived there and loved the town. If Joan reckons it is a good place, it must be.

While I don't want it to be seen as belittling the memories of her significant life time achievements, she also had a sense of humour and fun, as you can see in this clip from a television comedy show. Vale Joan. You were a good scout and a decent person.

We see him here, we see him there

I suppose it was a couple of years ago when I posted photos of this rather nice busker in town. Here they are again, taken January 2014. I should have pushed to the front to snap away.

Well, the lad does get around. Here he is in Perth, steaming up Grace's lens and contacts :-P and well captured by her good self.

And here he is in Montemarte, Paris. It seems his name is Will or William Street. How very French. I will think of him as Guillaume.

He isn't exactly what you would describe as skinny but what muscles and stamina he must have to perform like that. Stamina, gulp!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Selections

Sunday selections. See River's and Elephant's Child's respectively here and here. My photos are very random this week.

Why are there containers in the City Square?

It seems to be an architecture exhibition. This is a school in the outer suburb of Dallas. I wonder if kids like it?

Sooner or later this construction opposite the Highrise must stop going up. It is higher still now and they are running out of crane height.

The beginning of the pea and ham soup a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to take any more photos. It was delicious. Half is in the freezer for another meal.

R has nagged me about buying new bedding for a while and I have resisted. He has three sets for his bed. I only have one, so when it washed, it is back on the bed the same day. As soon as I saw it, I liked this and it was incredibly cheap at a 'seconds' type place. It is my third set with Chinese writing. There is a slight Asian theme in my bedroom. Instead of showing it all nicely made, this is what it looked like after I arose in the morning. The not quite black fitted sheet is going to be replaced soon.Not sure which photo to use, so here are both.

Ah, here is why it was so cheap, as I noticed a day or two later. It has pulled thread.

New apartment building near our local shops in Chatham Street, Prahran.

Odd yellow bit at the end.

This car turned heads in Chapel Street, mainly because it was so noisy. I was hoping for an explosive backfire, but I was left disappointed.

Little Jo chose these flowers. Obviously they are dyed or something. Two weeks later, they are still going.

An HT or HK Holden Kingswod, made by General Motors Holden in around 1968. Good and quite original condition.

Weird. The plastic container came out of the dishwasher in a normal manner, but what happened to the lid? It had completely distorted and the plastic became transparent. Never happened before.

The PVR remote on your right started to fail with buttons starting to require multiple pressings for anything to happen and the on/off stopped working ages ago. We looked at buying a universal remote, but decided to buy the branded replacement. It is a much better remote to use. $66 including postage from Topfield.

Earlier in the morning a Currawong stopped by on our balcony but I was too slow with the camera. I had never seen one close up before. Later an Australian magpie stopped by too and I took this through the tinted glass. The are alert birds, so had I have opened the door, it would have been off. They are very different to European magpies and their lovely burbling call is always welcome to hear after returning home from overseas travel.

I could see some gunk down the drain of the smaller sink bowl. I unscrewed the cover thingy and it was easily cleaned away. I thought to have a look at the main bowl drain too and oh, what a sludge of disgusting fat and other matter was underneath. Whenever something nasty like this is discovered, one of us will call the other 'a dirty housewife'. All sparkling now.

The old framed by the new in Bridge Road, Richmond.

Richmond City Hall. Why are Richmond's and St Kilda's town halls called City Halls. We don't say City Hall. They are always Town Halls.

Still in Bridge Road, to your left of centre, look what has been done to two of the windows! It looks like aluminium. Ghastly.

A train seat with many of our railway stations listed on the seat. Nice.