Saturday, May 02, 2015


Using the word teaser makes it sound like the eventual post will be really interesting. Probably not. One thing for sure, Dorothy was not in Kansas but in rather alien territory just half an hour or so from the city. Any local person care to have a stab at where we were? A train journey was involved.

In spite of the opportunity to try borek, gozleme, kuru pastalar and ve kekler, we ate a couple of meat pies from a bakery and skedaddled back to town. Gosia, maybe you are familiar with these foods after your recent holiday.

A tangled web is weaved

Remember the days before Google became a verb? Yes, we made an internet search using a search engine. I used to use one called Copernicus, which was made up of multiple search engines. Almost as fast as a blink, people switched over to googling for information after Google arrived., and what a hydra Google has become.

I lose track of who owns what now, so let us take a look.

Microsoft of course has the Windows operating system in many computers. What else? It owns Hotmail, the web based email, now apparently called Outlook. I wasn't aware of that. I have a Hotmail account. I wonder if it still works. Had, it doesn't but I think because I have forgotten my login and password.

Microsoft own the Windows operating system, Outlook and Internet Explorer

Google owns Gmail, Blogger/Blogspot, Picasa, You Tube, Chrome and while not technically, but effectively Firefox through an extremely close connection

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

Yahoo owns Yahoo Mail of course, Tumblr and Flickr.

On their own, so far, are Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter and Shazam.

I use or have used them all except Outlook.

Google and the companies under it I use a lot and it is the one that annoys me the most because of the way it ties up your identity. I have two You Tube accounts and I have to sign out of Google to use the alternative one and somehow Facebook has become mixed up in this too. Yes, I have two Facebook accounts too, plus another I operate for Mother. So annoying and all the time Google nags at me about Google Plus which I don't really want to use.

Checking four Yahoo email accounts was tedious until I downloaded the Yahoo Mail app. You don't have to log out of one account to check another. You just change by selecting whichever identity you have set up. Four accounts is not excessive, is it?

Friday, May 01, 2015

They are dead

No turning back the clock for the two who organised drug smuggling from Indonesia. They are dead, shot by employees of the Indonesian government, just like so many years ago employees of the Indonesian government shot dead four Australian news reporters in Balibo in now what is the independent country of Timor Leste. I felt a terrible hollowness in my stomach and my brain when I arose to hear the 5.30 radio news, confirming what I thought would happen, but also a sense of relief that the wait and their mental torture had ended.

How badly did the President Widodo of Indonesia behave? He virtually cut off diplomatic contact, refusing to take a call from our Prime Minister. The offenders death schedule was announced on ANZAC Day. Just hours before the guilty Australians were shot dead, their families were put through a media melee. This from a drug ridden and extremely corrupt country, corrupt from the top to the bottom. God help you if you don't have money and are Indonesian without the wherewithal to pay bribes.

It is pointless to stop aid or stop visiting Indonesia. The poor will suffer the most from this. The rich and powerful may not get to cream off the top of such aid, but they will be fine.

Meanwhile those who kill their wife in a crime of passion in Indonesia receive only a short gaol sentence, if they are unlucky. It really is a shite country, yet our army plays war games with their army so often.

Of course we should lobby against the death penalty world wide. Where better to start than the land of liberty and freedom, the United States. Err, it is mostly black people who are sentenced to death there, so it is not so important. Ah, our big trading partner. Yes, you Chinese, stop judicial killing.

Not you, not I, not any government ever has the right to take another person's life unless it is an accident of self defence.

Here is a photo I prepared earlier of someone killed in an Indonesian judicial killing, someone shot dead. Probably a bad person, so lose no sleep. I won't.

Friday Funnies

Facebook has to be useful for something, if only to amuse at times. Oh how the mind conjures up scenarios of how this could have progressed.

This one found on Facebook too. My personal note, traffic wardens and parking officers to a valuable job for society. You take your chance at times, and if you get caught, don't blame them.

A Tumblr find now. This is an animated gif, so it will need time to load. I think I would get a fright if I was visiting a strange house and this happened. What a horrid creature. Such breeding just ain't right, but under the absurdity of its appearance, there is a dog who does not know what it looks like.

For some reason I had only seen half of this video before. It made me laugh when I saw it after someone sent the full version of it to R. If I was there in a car, steam would erupting from my ears as I started thinking very seriously about compulsory euthanasia of the elderly and infirm. Pity about the title giving the game away.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Privacy is Important to Us

I really did not have anything ready to publish this morning, but here is curiosity I discovered this week. We are no longer able to look up the electoral roll to find out someone's address. This must have happened under the conservative Bailleu/Napthine state government. Privacy reasons, I expect.

Births, deaths and marriage records are now only available to the general public once they are 'historical'. Privacy reasons, I expect.

I cannot discuss my mother's medical issues with her doctor. Privacy reasons, I expect.

Some of our Highrise utilities are in R's name, some in mine. I can't deal with the ones in his name and he can't deal with the ones in mine. Privacy reasons, I expect. (I pretend I am him. I know his birth date and his mother's maiden name.)

R has his own mobile in his own name, but for some reason, perhaps bundling, I have almost full control of his mobile phone, including records. Yet, there are certain things I cannot do with his mobile phone. Privacy reasons I expect, gone wrong I expect. 

Have we been clamouring our governments with pleas for privacy? I don't think so. I smell the strong arms of conservative governments at work here, protecting the rich and powerful.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lovely to have visitors...

Little Jo visited us just after Easter. I may have a couple of readers who remember when I wrote about Sister's Christmas gift to Mother, a scan showing the foetus of Little Jo. Little Jo is almost eight years old now and will spend her birthday in Europe, with a trip to Paris Disneyland as her birthday present.

She brought with her the fossil, which Jah Teh gave me the info to find out what it was. How good is it to be surrounded by smart women.  Note, Little Jo sitting on my seat. I don't give it up easily and I make sure she knows how privileged she is to be in my seat. I always make sure I am in the computer seat when she arrives, and she kind of hovers, not saying she wants to use the the computer. Her Mother will roar at her, talk and chat to the gay uncles, but at the Highrise, she has google, which her internet connected home does not have!  It is always a battle to get her to bathe, but as you can see, she did and had her hair washed by R. She wants to grow her hair long. Sister and Bone Doctor want her to shave it as they will their own as a cancer research fundraiser. R made his opinion very firmly known about her being turned into the school oddity.

I had bought a couple of cheap calendars and she cut them up and made a door calendar. Sister said when they were leaving, you can keep that up until we next visit. Of course we said. 'Poor quality' adhesive was used and 'the wind' blew it all off next day.

ANZAC Day saw Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo attended the Queenscliff Dawn Service and then caught the ferry across the bay to Sorrento and then cycle to South Gippsland. I am not sure if Little Jo cycled or not.

In  other family news Hippie Niece and her partner (she is back with the Islander) stayed last Friday night and rose early on Saturday morning to attend the Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remembrance. They forgot to take a key and when I woke at about 6.45 I sent her a text that I had unlocked the door and they should wait until someone enters or leaves the building to get in. I had no intention of getting out of bed. The both went back to bed and arose to smell of bacon, sausages and eggs being cooked by R. They left before noon and I went off to work.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oh Mrs Worthington, what have you done

Some of you may remember we and our two travelling companions met the delightful Jane and Lance Hattat in Budapest last year and they gave us a day of their time to show us some sights. You can read about the time we spent with them here

When recently I heard that Lance was going to be performing in something called Love in Budapest, I assumed it was an amateur stage production, but no, it is a movie. Ok, a local Hungarian movie?

No, Jane and Lance will be in a movie with a world wide release. The lead actor is Australian born George Lazenby, who once played James Bond.

My god, they will be famous and we know them. Quite a few years ago I started calling them JayLa, a combo of their names and a play on Jaylo, Jennifer Lopez. Little did I imagine that they would find themselves in an big time movie and may become the Brangelina of 2016.

I don't know what Jane's role will be, apart from being called Miss Dottie, a radio presenter. Lance's role as Robert is of a manager of of decaying dance bar where he indulges people with artistic and musical talent. How close to his real life is that!

The movie was launched at the British Embassy in Budapest and Jane on your right can be seen entertaining fellow guests with her no doubt witty repartee.

Lance is in this photo, with the hair. It seems someone has just told a naughty joke!

Here is poster for the movie. There are a couple of rather nice English lads in the movie, especially the quite delectable Jamie Finch.

There is already an entry at International Movie Data Base, IMDB. Isn't this so exciting but we will have to wait until 2016 to see the movie. Expect to hear more about the movie from me when the time comes for its release.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The delicate sex, with the delicate organs

The headline in a respectable newspaper says, Girls at Islamic school banned from running.

Australia is a country of immigrants. Why are the latest African and Middle Eastern Moslem immigrants so unwilling to embrace Australia. If not that they hate the country they have come to live in, they certainly don't seem to want to be a part of it, so different to our previous immigrants, of which I am one, albeit a long time one.

This principal, Omar Hallak, is the head of a partly funded by government Moslem school and he told students that Islamic State was a only plot by Western countries.

As my female teenage friend who attended a private Catholics girls' school recounted to me, the nuns told her not to talk to boys through the Cyclone wire fence as she might become pregnant. The mental image of that happening is kind of interesting really, but I don't think the nun meant her words to be taken literally.

Forget my fantasies and memories. Let's get back to the Moslem school principal. He has banned the female students from running in sports events as such running may break their hymen and so the betrothed would no longer be 'a virgin'. I don't know if running breaks a hymen, but it sounds awfully like what the nun said about getting pregnant through a fence to me.

From some reading I understand having your virginity taken during the first intercourse can be painful. It sounds to me like first intercourse will not be terribly good for woman. But apparently the hymen must be intact to prove the woman is a virgin. Ah, you are marrying this woman and on your wedding night you already don't trust her when she says she is a virgin and physical proof is required?

Another memory. Step Mother was not allowed to ride a horse when she was young, as that could break her hymen. Unknown to her parents, she was already having sex by the age of fourteen and her hymen had been well and truly broken.

That the Australian taxpayer, like me, funds these crank religious school that preach such rubbish and are determined to have Moslem women live like they would back in the countries they were so eager to leave is intolerable.

One last word from Omar Hallak? The girls may fall over when running and break a leg, and so render them infertile.

Lordy, women with broken hymens, broken legs, infertile woman. I am prepared to tolerate religious and cultural beliefs, but not tossers like Hallak talking such nonsense. If his church school is typical of what we fund from our taxes, then maybe our taxes could be better spent on schools that provide some education in the sciences and human rights.

Related, while some Moslem women might like wearing a veil, not all do, 

There is also a Facebook group of women removing their veils in front of a sign saying, Sisters, observe your hijab. Good on 'em.

The hijab may not be so bad but I find the niqab and the burqa vile. While some woman say they it is their preference, surely it is mostly societal conditioning and clearly many who don't want to wear either are forced to.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The sleep

Oh dear, nothing written for tomorrow, it is late, and I have to be up early. It has been a busy weekend. Here is something unfinished.

It is probably because I am getting on a bit, I don't sleep very well. My preference would be in bed by 11pm and up at 7am. Work makes this impossible. Regardless, I sleep six to seven hours and I am then awake. The thought of going to bed at say 10pm and sleeping until 9am is delicious, but impossible for me. Bed by 10 will mean I am awake at about 5, and that is often right for work. R can do exactly what I can't do and then have a nap in the afternoon as well.

In Asian countries people don't seem to get a lot of unbroken sleep, but nap often. Maybe it is the same in Spain, Italy and South American countries where siesta is a tradition. But really, dining later than 8pm is beyond the pale. Speaking of dining, some people in England still do the tea, main meal, at 5pm and then have a supper of sandwiches at say 9 or 10pm.

In Malaysia we witnessed what would be almost classed as child abuse here, with children, including toddlers, wide awake at 11pm on a week night at the Genting Highlands casino complex.

East is east and west is west and never the twain will meet. Well, so far as sleeping goes, probably not.

Please tell me about your sleeping habits. I know EC gets up early, but what time does she go to bed and is it a sound sleep? River often has disturbed sleep caused by her Angel? A tweet can come from Fen very late at night or very early in the morning. Fen, do you get good sleep?