Monday, November 23, 2015

The wise ones

Marcellous has been loving his Tawny Frogmouth encounters. They are owls of a sort. I am reminded of our visit to Moonlit Sanctuary on the Mornington Peninsula quite a few years ago, but fortunately within the blog era. Let me check. Well, maybe it was BB, before blog. I have hunted through photos and my blog and I can not find any photos or reference, yet I clearly recall taking photos. Maybe it was with a film camera.

I have one last search term, Pademelon, (that failed to bring up anything too) which is not a fruit or a vegetable but a very cute small kangaroo like creature, that is a macropod. They were wandering around the sanctuary, often at and walking over our feet. So cute.

Ah, Pademelon and the title of Marcellous' blog is Stumbling on Melons.

I suppose I better get to the point. There were also birds at Moonlit Sanctuary, night birds, owls and Tawny Frogmouths. Were they trained to do so? I don't know, but they swooped us. Never making contact but we felt the rush of air from their wings and they were so close to our heads. We were caught between screaming and laughing. In the dim light we saw them flying and slowly flapping their large wings. It was really a best moment in my life and like most best moments, if I revisited, my memories would be spoiled.

You've heard of wallabies and kangaroos but not heard of a pademelon? Let me show you. Hmm, seems they are actually a small wallaby but that does not make them directly connected to kangaroos.

It also seems Tawny Frogmouths are not owls but of the Nightjar family. I like them even if the might carry away your newborn kitten on pup to devour at leisure.


  1. Loved the Pademelons playfighting.
    all this time, I've thought it was spelled Paddymelon and was a fruit of some sort.
    The owl wasn't so interesting, just blinking ever so slowly.

    1. River, it it was long time ago when I discovered pademelons were not a fruit, as I thought. However, I have mentioned them in a blog post before and spelt the name as you thought.

  2. We have lots of those Pademelons in Tasmania. Tasmanian Pademelons. They are cute.
    A pain in the neck when you can't find photos, then remember they were the old type.

    1. Margaret, I do associated them with Tasmania. My filing system for digital photos is probably not great, but far superior to printed photos from the past.

  3. Haha! Love the Tawney Frogmouth , it almost has an apologetic expression with those eyebrows, like 'I'm sorry I pinched your kitten but it was delicious" :)