Sunday, November 22, 2015

A sensible man?

It is over a week since that horrible Friday night in Paris yet still the repercussions go on, as does the terrorism. If French and Belgium authorities were sitting back on their laurels before the night of terror, they certainly are not now.

To lose a loved one in any circumstance is horrible, and worse I think when they are young. This man and his baby son lost their wife and mother to the terrorists in Paris. Take a look at his dignified but heartbreaking response in this video at Jacqueline's web site.

I avoided watching Australia's own Waleed Ali put things into perspective until I felt able to absorb what he said without becoming angry. I highly recommend you watch this clip from, shall I be kind, a current affairs show aimed at younger commercial tv viewers.

All too much? Need some cheering? Then hop to the blog of John Gray of Wales and watch the brilliant all dancing clip he posted.


  1. Andrew great video and tribute to mother and wife

  2. It's great that I'm now able to watch clips like this, I loved the dancing at John Gray's blog too. I've seen the man talking about his wife and son too, over at Jacqueline's.

  3. The video by Waleed Ali is absolutely spot-on, thank you for including it Andrew... and isn't John's dance clip just the thing for when it all gets to be too much!

  4. Physiology of it all.

  5. Thank you ladies. Thank you ball boys.

  6. Both are good Andrew. Gosh we live in troubled times, I wonder what the next generation will think.. but then again it's always been this way and probably always will be. The problem with the wold is people! I loved John's video so much I shared it :)

  7. Divide and weaken always the way, I trust and love only people I know the rest of the world I'm a bit unsure of but will give everyone the benefit
    of the doubt., religion is not a binding force it does not bring people together very often tears them apart so I think it should be private a lot of bad things have been done in it's name.


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