Friday, October 09, 2015

Back soon

I am away for a few days and I know you will most horribly miss my posts, so therefore I have prepared a couple to be published in my absence. There will be a Sunday Selections, the one that did not get posted last week.

A friend is thinking of visiting Budapest and I can only most highly recommend the city to her. We just adored the city during our ever so brief sojourn on the banks of the Danube in Budapest last year. So therefore, I will republish posts detailing our two days in Hungary before we set off on our wonderful river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.



  1. so have a great time.,. It is a great idea you have prepared posts because weekend is comming much more time to read..

  2. I hope you and R have a wonderful few days away.

  3. Enjoy your says away...

  4. AWAY! what do you mean away Andrew... who's going to make me laugh at midnight now!! :)

  5. I just back from a few days off we all need a break some times enjoy.

  6. Have a wonderful break, but take notes and photos, so you'll have something to post when you get back.

    Or not, your choice :)


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