Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's not that I don't love you

I am struggling to begin the tales and photos of our holidays, but I'll get there.

I've thought about this for some time, that is how to reduce my blogging time. I don't want to ditch reading any blog I subscribe to but something has to give. While I love the interaction that comes with replying to comments, I have decided to not automatically reply to every first comment. In my opinion, and I am not being critical of anyone, it is just basic politeness to reply to a comment that someone has made the effort to make a comment, but it is the only way I think I can continue a replying to comments takes quite some time.

So, kind of against my instinct I will reply to questions where I can, but other replies will be random, possibly depending on how much time I think I have. Sometimes things have to have be done that one does not feel right about doing.


  1. No worries here Andrew; I had to make the same decision a good while back. Despite all the time I have on my hands, it was taking time away from other important areas in my life.
    Oh, who am I kidding? I'm pouting up a storm, waaaaaaah! ;-)

  2. I don't answer all comments neither. Only when I am asked a question or if I have something to say about the comment and often people don't even have an email. What will you answer if somebody writes "Beautiful pictures"?? And I never return to a Blog to see if there is an answer, then I would spend 24h at my computer !

  3. Whatever works for you. Blogging does consume a lot of time and energy...

  4. Blogging consumes a lot of time but I love it snce I have started blogging I give up reading books

  5. Welcome back.
    Totally understand your thinking, I think like you, I like to answer comments on my blog, but I too will have to make a decision and do as you will do.....looking forward to you showing your photos and telling about your holiday.......Regards, Margaret in Darwin..

  6. Are you using a feed reader, Andrew? If not, that might help you speed up the reading a little. :)

    Maybe if you wait 24 hours or so on a post and then write a group reply eg thanks everyone for your comments and then if people left questions to answer you could do that there? :)

    I often think replying takes a lot of time and then I discovered it took actually a lot less time than I thought, so I'm sticking with it for now. :)

  7. Gosia, I don't read many books now. Blog is my education.

    Snoskred, indeed I do use a feed reader, which is overwhelming at times.

  8. No one will think any the less of you for cutting back on the replies.

  9. Your blog, your rules. Do whatever you feel is necessary, we'll adjust. I'm thinking of cutting back my posts, my prepaid is getting used up too soon too often. I like to reply to all comments, so I'll drop another day, probably Monday (soon) as the music clips are costing me dearly.


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