Monday, October 06, 2014

Balaclava Station works

Unlike the new station being built at Southland, work did eventually proceed at Balaclava Railway Station. It is not complete yet, obviously.

A steep ramp used to lead up to the station. Now there are stairs and a gentler sloping ramp with returns. A few times we have collected the nearly eighty year old Brighton Antique Dealer from the station. She remarked there was nothing wrong with the old ramp. It just occurred to me she had only ever walked down the ramp, not up it.

It was certainly an unattractive station before, with the platform depth being quite narrow.

A bit of old bridge footing, I guess. Does it serve a purpose other than for the youf to stand on while spraying the paint?

Now this will be a good development.

Looks like another Balaclava car park is lost, for what I am not sure.

She just stood there while I patiently waited for her to move on so that I could take the snap, but she would not move, so I took it anyway.

Far from complete, but probably much closer now than when I took these photos. I noted there is no raised area of platform for wheel chairs to enter the train behind the driving compartment.  Perhaps the platform is the correct height.

The outbound platform. I am pretty pleased with what I saw.


  1. Looks good. Hope it works well when completed.

  2. I think it will WA, I hate to think of the cost though.

  3. It looks neat and streamlined. We had most of our stations upgraded a few years ago. They have lifts to get to the platforms.

    1. Diane, don't quote me, but I think there is a provision to install a lift in the future. Why not now?


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