Thursday, September 11, 2014

A South Yarra Stroll #3

Park Street South Yarra has long been one of our favourite places to walk, at times interrupted halfway around our walking circuit by a fine cup of coffee or a cooling drink at the corner of Park Street and Domain Road. We had not walked together there for quite some time, so there had been some changes.

This apartment building in Arnold Street is clearly visible from the Highrise, but we don't think for long as what was called the Albert Park Manor is having something taller built behind it, no doubt breaching the 'suggested' height limit.

A very nice and original lamp on the wall of the synagogue. I had never noticed it before. No breaking of things Jewish in Australia......well not a lot. Bit of an accumulations of dead insects though.

This is a magnificent magnolia soulangeana. It flowers weeks after most of the same breed. I have showed it in full bloom in the past. Anyone care to have a black servant bring out a mint julep while I sit under it?

Back in Toorak Road, or Toorak Road West as it is sometimes called, this hotel is called The Albany.

We don't know what is happening, but it is clear this more modern rear of the hotel running up Millswyn Street will be demolished.

This apartment block in Park Street underwent a renovation. When we had the Highrise windows tinted some years ago now, they were also tinting the windows in this building. It was a very long and drawn out renovation, but the end result is very nice.

Work happening to this Park Street house.

Some ghastly high rise building in the distance viewed down Little Park Street. Hang on, that is my home.

A little art deco. Note how the bands across the lamp shades match the bands on the building. That's special.

Old three storey houses are unusual in Melbourne but there are a few in Park Street, with a level below ground level. I recall there are some in St Kilda.

Some lead light work windows on the stairwell of this apartment block.

And on this one next door.

We are now around into Domain Road. This apartment block was described in architectural circles as Moderne. It had a spiral staircase behind the curved glass at the corner. Note the past tense.

It was an ok looking block of flats but was demolished to be replaced by this. It is just so ghastly, it is very hard to imagine what the evil VCAT was thinking, and VCAT is who approved it.

Lynch's was a well known up market restaurant. The owner, Paul Lynch banned babies from the premises and the publicity that ensued was more than money could buy. Paul became too old for the restaurant game and sold the business. It was not so successful anymore. It was re-invented and became even less successful and soon closed.

These plastic objects at a newish apartment building in Hope Street are to store rain water roof run off most likely for use in gardens, installed no doubt in the panic of the 2000s drought. The older building faces Domain Road. R and I disagreed. I said that the house would never have had such a upper verandah at the back. He thought it would have.

It may not be the best example, but you can mix old and new styles.

Who knows where it may be in the mists of time, but I did take a photo of the site here before the modern house was built and there was a builder's toilet on site, with a significant lean.

Looking back to where we walked, we took this little lane from Hope Street. I believe these tennis courts belong to Melbourne Grammar, a posh religious private school subsidised by taxpayers. Since the last time we walked along here, the courts have been exposed by a new fence.

Then we go along this left hand turn.

And this right hand turn, back to Domain Street. You just know you are in a posh area when there is no grafitti, no syringes, no alcohol bottles and not even any rubbish.

Now we are in Bromby Street. There was a perfectly good two storey house on this block, built in the perhaps the 1950s. I was amazed to see it demolished, but I must say, I rather like what has replaced it. There was no expense spared.

A suspended television and cooling fan on the terrace.

The fence is imaginative.

The gas lights may still be operational in Collins Street in the city, but as far as I know this is the only gas light outside of the city. It usually burns day and night but was not this time. It has four mantles and they appeared to be in excellent condition. I wonder if it has been working at all.


  1. What a delightful wander. Thank you. Some good, some bad, some beautiful and the opposite as well.
    My tastes lean towards the older buildings but there are some modern beauties too.

    1. Mine do too, EC, but I try to keep an open mind.

  2. Andrew, it was a long walk and you have taken a lot of nice photos. And my favourite is the building covered with vine.

    1. Gosia, less than two kilometres. The vine covered building is not very nice without the vine.

  3. Melbourne has some wonderful old buildings, the new ones i'm not so keen on.
    All builders toilets have interesting leans, of the ones I seen have, a good stiff wind and over they go.

    1. Merle, hopefully not with someone inside them at the time.

  4. Why does your mint julep servant have to be black? Wouldn't any colour do as long as you get your drink?
    Is that very nice art deco closeup from the same building as your first photo? Certainly looks like it to me.
    This has been a lovely walk, not too long, with pretty areas.

    1. How about a robot servant? And it can be of any color? I need to find out what a Mint Julep is.

    2. But I do think Andrew was trying to be satirical.

      Though that thing about the Jewish light killing bugs.... I think that's very anti-semitic. They blame the Jews on everything! Even dead bugs.

    3. River, I am affected by old movies. The plantation owners in the deep south of America, sitting under blooming magnolias and being served mint juleps by their black servants.

      No, the first building is at one end of Park Street and the other at the other end.

      Dina, I planted the bugs in the lamp to make it look bad!

    4. Andrew; I had my tongue firmly in my cheek, I straight away thought of plantations with black servants serving mint juleps to the white folks on the verandahs too.

    5. River, sometimes it is hard to tell. I think now Mitchell thinks I approve of slavery in some way. Dina understands me well now.

  5. I'll get my own mint juleps (although I had one once and really don't want another) and will share them with my multi-hued neighbors. Nothing pretty about slavery.

    What a fun neighborhood and a great mix of styles.

    1. Mitchell, yes some drinks are better in the imagination. A couple of hundred years on, there is still slavery around the world.

  6. Having grown up in Africa I feel any reply I make to the mint julep question could be construed as politically incorrect Andrew so will refrain :) love the art deco and I feel those 'posh' laneways could do with a wee bit of street art to liven them up :)

    1. Grace, street art? South Yarra? I don't think so.


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