Monday, July 21, 2014

Thirty two questions

Dina posed one of those question posts where you can participate or not. I thought I would have a crack at it. Here is Dina's original post. I sure she would be happy if you had a go. I must say, it did make me think about a few things. I've fixed the formatting twice but it reverts to a mess. Sorry about that.

1. What makes you proud to be Australian in a deep and profound way?
The first questions are the hardest but then it came to me. I am very proud of the way workers fought against the rich and powerful in Australia in the 1800s and perhaps more in the 1900s. The battles of labour against capital made Australia what it is today, for its good and bad, but sadly things are slipping backwards.  Also community support against landlords and for the evicted who had lost jobs during the 1930s depression. I am talking of the poorest of poor who lived in slums.
2. What makes you proud to be Australian in a corny/cheesy way?
A film camera pan around Sydney Harbour.
3. What is your favorite Cold Chisel Song?
Cold Chisel? I think I have heard of them.
4. Are you slightly annoyed, deeply annoyed, or not annoyed by American Cultural Imperialism?  Whatever answer you choose...what American thing infiltrating Australia annoys you the most? What annoys you the least?
Language probably. But while I might write and rant about it, the Australian accent and expression just keep going on. For every 'hey dude', that we might hear from America, we are just as likely to hear, 'cheers mate', from the UK. Hearing American basic nouns used in Australia really annoys me. Our cars do not have fenders, but mudguards. Water comes from a tap, not a faucet.   A toilet is not a bathroom, although the toilet may be in the bathroom. 

What annoys me the least? America has given us Hollywood, movies, tv and music galore. How poor the world would be without American culture.
5. Do you like, love, dislike, or hate Vegemite?  How often do you eat it?  Do you ever use it in recipes?
It is mother's milk to me. I almost eat it daily. I have been known to stir it into a soup and put it on a hot cross bun. It's saltiness goes well with many things, including sweet things.
6. Who is your favorite Australian author?
Probably the author of a book on the book shelf that is falling apart because it has been read so many times, Norman Lindsay.
7. Who is your favorite Australian science hero? (Note: I am asking for one favorite of things, but I won't yell at you if you list more than one favorite)
Robyn Williams, presenter of The Science Show on ABC Radio National. Honourable mention to Dr Norman Swan, also an RN presenter, of The Health Report.

8. What is your opinion of Ned Kelly?
He was a murdering thief, but in the context of the times, rebelling against the English ruling class by the Irish born poor was de rigueur.
9. What is your favorite topping for Pavlova?
Kiwi fruit, passionfruit with some strawberries.
10. What Australian TV shows do you watch? Or which ones did you watch in the past?
This one is too hard. I watch many different shows, but ok, I will indicate my preference is for Australian news and current affairs and English tv shows. But how can I watch tv when I have to answer blog quiz questions.
11. Australian TV has some pretty tragic (fictional) deaths.  Is there anyone in particular that devastated you?
I didn't see Molly die, but my mother told me about it in great detail. That was A Country Practice, I think.  I was going to say when the deli was blown up in Number 96, but no, when the hot musician bloke fed whats her name to a crocodile. Right, I have looked it up. James Reyne was the actor in Return to Eden and the victim was played by Rebecca Gilling.
12. Which of these things about Prime Ministers would you know without consulting Google (or other websites...or books....or the person sitting in the room with you)
a) the first Prime Minister of Australia
b) the second Prime Minister of Australia
c) The Prime Minister that disappeared at sea
d) The Prime Minister that was in office for only 8 days
e) The Prime Minister that was dismissed from office by the Governor-General
Yes, I know all of them, but I expect most younger Australians might get only 1 out of five, if that. The question in my mind is does it really matter if people don't know the answers?

13. What is your Australian music "guilty pleasure"? (I think that's a silly term, but I'm using it anyway).
The Pushbike Song.
14. What is your favorite Australian movie?
Muriels Wedding, among quite a few.
15. Have you ever traveled around Australia in a caravan?  Care to share any stories about that?
A caravan? Really? Like a gypsy? How ghastly.
16. What is your favorite Australian candy/lolly?
I am not sure if they are Australian, but Minties.
17. What is your favorite flavor of Tim Tam?
The original.
18. What is your favorite Arnott's biscuit that is not a Tim Tam?
Iced Vo Vos. Or maybe Butternut Snaps.........or maybe Ginger Nuts.
19. Who is your favorite Australian sports star?
I am impressed by Steve Hooker at the moment, although I don't think he competes any more.
20. Which do you prefer...Peter Garrett the singer or Peter Garrett the politician?
No answer. I don't like screaming music nor people taking on jobs that are way over their heads. Garrett the politician was thrown into very deep water, and to hear his responses in the forthcoming Royal Commission will be interesting.
21. Do you have an adorable Australian accent?
I don't really hear myself, so I am not sure. The way I speak is a bit different, and has been since childhood.
22. Do you have a Hills Hoist in your backyard?  Do you use it often?
No, God invented electricity to power clothes dryers. Truthfully, most of our clothes drying is on a clothes horse in the spare room. Many people who have a backyard have a variation of Hills Hoist.
23. Would you rather spend a day with Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer, Bob Katter, or Katie Richie?
Gina. I reckon I could teach her to have a kinder attitude to those who don't have what she has.
24. Would you rather go a year without eating Vegemite or have a week where you can eat nothing but meat pies (or veggie pies if you're vegetarian)?
A slim waistline does not come from regularly eating pies but I would eat them for a week if I can keep my Vegemite.
25. Where is your favorite place in Australia?
Difficult. Maybe New South Wales' Blue Mountains.
26. What place do you love more, Sydney or Melbourne?
Brisbane or Adelaide?
Perth or Cairns?
Coober Pedy or Broken Hill?
Home of course, Melbourne.
27. What Australian stereotype do you think is the most ridiculous? Are there any you feel that are kind of true?  (Like maybe you DO ride a kangaroo to work, but no one takes you seriously when you try to tell them this).
That we are so easy going and friendly. Some Australians are, some are not, which is probably the same as the rest of the world.
28. What dangerous Australian animal (not including humans) scares you the most?  
I am pleased you excluded humans. Snakes. I hate them, as do many people who grew up in the bush. We know about them.
29. Would you rather eat fish and chips or fairy bread?
Who you callin' a fairy? Fish and chips, of course.
30. Would you rather eat fish without the chips or chips without the fish?
As is said in the US, hold the chips.
31. If you went to the the Sydney Royal Easter Show (or similar event) would the show bags be the highlight for you, or would you care more about something? Regardless of your answer, if you were to get a show bag, which would you want? 
Showbags used to be free, full of wonders for children. I can't get past that. $20 for a showbag full of rubbish.
And...if you could invent your own Show bag, what would the theme be? And what would you put in it?
A packet of sugar coated jube lollies, some liquorice and something that promotes the company whose bag it is, but has a value in itself. Say a bank show bag would have a decent money box. The charge should be a token amount, not a profit maker for all concerned.
32. What question did I forget to ask you?  Please ask it and then answer it.
How do you feel about being Australian and living in a country that was taken over by your ancestors not so many generations ago and they oppressed and murdered the local native people?
Not great but there is no going back now. That is not to say they we should not make the strongest effort to address the issues of those who we took the land from.


  1. Australia is certainly not alone in having murdered the local natives. Here in the U.S. a lot of people seem to think the original people were European, not realizing they were the original immigrants.
    So do you say "going to the toilet" rather than "going to the bathroom"? :)

    1. Amazing Rubye. Didn't the original Europeans arrive on the Mayflower, or something like that. Don't worry, Australian knowledge is not much better. Yes, go to the toilet or loo. At times I might say lav, short for lavatory. "Where's the lavvie lovey?"

  2. Anonymous7:20 am

    Amy Carson, when shot by accident on Christmas Day in Carson's Law (her politician brother Tommy was the intended victim - he later commits suicide). In Return to Eden Stephanie Harper (Rebecca Gilling) survived the crocodile attack, had plastic surgery and came back as model Tara Wells to gain revenge.

    1. Scott, I saw some of Carson's Law in its early days, but I don't have a strong memory of it. Return to Eden is a show I would not mind seeing again, but I worry how well it would hold up today. I think I will leave it as a memory.

  3. I certainly go to the toilet or the loo. The bathroom is reserved for ablutions.
    At the moment I feel shame about being an Australian rather more often than pride. Hopefully this will pass.
    Vegemite? Not for me. I am a first generation Ozzie and my English mama and German father didn't serve it - and I have never aquired the habit.
    Of the listed cities I have a weakness for Adelaide. But would rather live in Hobart. And might yet...
    A fascinating post Andrew. Thank you - and Dina.

    1. EC, do you like the evil pretender Marmite? Move to Hobart for the weather! Tasmania is nice, but I am not sure if I prefer Launceston or Hobart. Adelaide is good too, but oh, the summer heat.

    2. I loathe Marmite. And haven't (and won't) tried Ozemite.
      You are very right about Adelaide's summer temperatures.

    3. I've tried Ozemite. Tastes different to Vegemite. I am not keen.

  4. Andrew, I could not agree with you more about the first question. I too am very proud of the way workers fought against the rich, powerful and oppressive in Australia. The battles of labour against capital gave every worker union protection and fair wages. We opened up our work sites to refugees from Europe from 1948-1960 and ensured those families had a decent, safe life.

    And I agree that sadly things are now racing backwards.

    1. Hels, Australia without the post war immigration is hard to imagine, and how different the country would be without them, and how much poorer in many senses.

  5. I misread question 26. The answers would be Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Broken Hill, but I haven't been to Perth of Coober Pedy

  6. 26 question is nice almost weverybody the best loves his home. But all are very interesting. I like them. Maybe I should create some about my place.

    1. Gosia, I think that would be interesting if you did that.

  7. I gave up reading at question 11, I'll get back to it some other time. Angel is demanding I play, which means I get to toss the ping pong balls and he watches where they fall, then I pick them up and start over. I might just wring his little neck instead.... :)

    1. River, so Angel takes precedence over me! Fair enough. As I said, I am not keen on these things, but this one did appeal to me.

  8. Interesting reading. :)

  9. Thank you so much for answering! I loved your answers. My favorite was probably the answer to the question you made up yourself. I agree. I think you have to face the past. You can't change it. But you can try to make things better.

    1. Thanks Dina. We don't seem to be doing a very good job of making things better.

  10. That's because Australia is run by humans. And humans are great at making life miserable...for themselves and for others.

  11. I'd have to look up the second Prime Minister. Knew the rest.

  12. Victor, and as soon as you hear the name Alfred Deakin you would say, of course.