Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eurocruise 23/05 Cologne and monkey business

Not really sure what this is or its purpose. It was somewhere along the way.

A fish ladder at one of the locks along the way.

A monkey in our room. It was in a better spot, right in front of us as we opened the door, but the camera couldn't cope with the light from the window behind.

We have arrived in Cologne. It looks quite industrial.

A modern arts performance space. I am sure someone likes it.

Ho hum, another church.

The riverside walk was very nice.

These were explained to us in great detail, but I forget now, except one is an honest farm worker and the other a sly businessman.

Carousing in Cologne.

I vaguely recall the owner of this building had issues with the local authorities, hence the the sculpture on the wall.

Roman ruins being excavated.

Oh, rather an ornate church really.

Wow, this is Cologne Cathedral. It is massive and very ornate pile.

A beautifully preserved Roman floor.

I was photographing the trio in sliver suits. Where did she come from?

There were more obvious gay men in Cologne than any where else during our whole four plus weeks away.

Why are these people queued? It was a line up at a soup kitchen right in the main square. They seemed rather better dressed and older than the people you normally see at such places in Australia.

Is the entrance designed to intimidate you into fear of your powerful god?

What a fine place for lunch, so we did. Given almost all of our meals had been supplied on the board the boat, we did not bother at the prices, which weren't so bad really. I think it was called Cafe Reichard, on the edge of the cathedral square.

A street full of shops as you would find in Australia. There were Clarkes Shoes, H&M and many other stores familiar to us.

Gosh it was busy. There were people everywhere.

We took refuge in a side street and slowly began to make our way down to and then along the river back to the boat.

Yes, trams in Cologne. Big long trams, as the 4/6 Budapest.

This town is crazily busy. People are sitting out eating, drinking, smoking and chatting everywhere.

I was a little alarmed at this place, until I worked out it is probably a black beef steak restaurant.

Is anyone in their home in this city?

The guy standing at the back looked like a rent boi. I would not not have minded, but then I have forgotten what one might do.

I counted at least four trains passing over this bridge at the same time. I would not be surprised to hear there are seven train lines across the bridge.

A lass with her gay boyfriend. No doubt at all. I could hear his voice, even if I couldn't understand what he was saying.

I bought four things while we were on holiday. A fridge magnet of a really ugly diesel train, but hey, it was a fund raiser for the Children's Railway in Budapest. A scarf in Wursberg. A map of the rivers travelled on the boat, and for some reason, I felt compelled to buy some 4711 cologne. I could smell it. It smelt of my grandmother. But what to do with it once I was home? I ended up giving it to Mother, and she loved it. Pure Design contained a cat brooch that R's sister gave us to give to Mother.

Cologne was a most amazing city, full of life and diversity. I expect there is a very large university in Cologne.


  1. Andrew, I was in Cologne two years ago it's definitely busy but beautiful city. And I remember the Cathedral in Cologne so impressive next to the railway station. Everything works perfect in this noisy places but people are everywhere all long day it was tiring.It is well- known city in Europe an so positive.

    1. Gosia, we didn't see the station, but I can see it a map now. Yes, crowds do get tiring. Always nice to return to the refuge of the boat.

  2. Hello Andrew:

    It is so many years now since we were in Cologne but we do have clear memories of the large train station, the very impressive Cathedral and of walking along the river.

    Your near to last image of the train on the bridge is really spectacular, especially when blown up. We think that the gay boy, last to one picture, is in fact not talking to his girlfriend but simply telling a close friend how he has fallen in love. How about that? We should like to think so.

    We note that your 'lovely' souvenir fridge magnet from Budapest is now described as depicting "a really ugly diesel train"!!!! Now that is no help to our tourist trade!!!

    1. P.S. By 'blown up' we actually meant 'enlarged'.

    2. JayLa, you are quite correct. Young gay men talk to their girfriends about either the girl's boyfriend or their own.

      It is fortunate that I wrote about the Children's Railway in such glowing terms then, is it not?

      I am not sure if it is a recently invented word or not, but I like the blowing up of photos described as embiggened. Embiggen the photo.

  3. I like cities where people are out and about and enjoying their city, I found that in Paris, everyone wants to chat and I was amazed at the amount of dogs in cafes.
    But there sure are a lot of churchs, they were well built many years ago and never fell down down like other buildings maybe they had more money to look after the upkeep.
    I like your towel monkey.

    1. Merle, I had a very limited time in Paris years ago, so I can't really recall, but yes, people on the streets make a great city.

  4. Photobombed by a nun! Has to be a first.

    1. EC, that is what she did. I really did not see her until after the photo was taken.

  5. Oooh! Archaeology! I do like unearthing the past, but I wouldn't have thought there would be Roman ruins in Cologne. Those Romans really got around. Probably why they were called "roamin'" ha ha.
    I really like that eagle statue.
    The glass pyramid thing in the first photo might be a controlled temperature botanical glasshouse similar to the one we have here in Adelaide.

    1. Romans seemed to be right through Austria and Germany. I guess they were part of the Empire. I wish I knew more European history, but things like that no longer sink into my head.

      I think you are quite correct about the pyramid. It makes sense.

  6. I like the look of Cologne. There seems to be a lot happening. I had completely forgotten about 4711 Cologne. My mother would have loved some of that. I don't think you can buy it here anymore.

    1. Budapest and Cologne was the liveliest cities we visited and while medieval is nice to visit, lively cities are where you imagine living.

      Ok, I did have to google it, but it is widely available here and in your Boots. Maybe take her some for your next visit.

  7. I've checked my atlas, is Dusseldorf your next stop?

    1. Nope. Next stop was the end point, Amsterdam. So we missed Dusseldorf then. Btw, I put up our dinner menu at the castle of the princess.

  8. Maybe it's just funny because I don't speak german, but at first glance it looked to me like the statue of a lion is captioned "black elephant".
    Although some people have a bit of an abc attitude when travelling [you could hear TO groaning a mile away because the only thing I love more is spending a few hours in a bookshop]... I digress. As you seemed impressed by the size of the cathedral I just had to look - at 157.4 m the largest "roamin" cathedral in the world.
    But yes, it does look like a very "busy" city.

    1. I will take your word for the translation FC. Could you do much bookshop browsing when the books are in another language? I may have missed our guide telling us it was the largest in the world. I don't doubt it.

    2. Yes, black elephant. I went to the site, because I was curious, and it is a store that sells ornaments such as bronze statues among many other things. Quite lovely things. A mixed bag of things, like a white elephant stall at a fete.

    3. River, it was an intriguing shop. But most of the stock looked too big for a suitcase.