Friday, February 14, 2014

A Murder Most 'Orrible

A truly awful murder was committed not too far from where Older Niece lives. A father, who's ex wife said that she could never imagine him hurting their son and who loved him deeply, beat his son to death, possibly with a cricket bat after the 12 year old boy had been playing a local game of cricket. After the father murdered his son, he threatened police to the point where they were in danger and they shot him dead. Two deaths, one a gorgeous young boy and someone who should not have been given any opportunity to be in such a position and state.

The father was mentally ill and had a long history of contact with police.  He should have been in gaol as there were warrants out for his arrest and he had already served time in gaol. Apparently, our police force's IT system is very old and that as why he had not been arrested earlier, as he should have been.

Can we conclude that Vic Pol, the Victorian Police are saying that that the murder was all just the result of their antiquated computer system. Sorry, not my mistake. A computer problem.

There will be statements, opinions such as mine, investigations, recriminations but at the end of the day a kid is dead, killed by someone who should have been in gaol or in care.

Vale Luke Batty.


  1. This sentence tells it all: "A father, who's ex wife said that she could never imagine him hurting their son and who loved him deeply, beat his son to death".

    Hmmmm if he was depressed, he should kill himself. If he hated his ex-wife, go after her. But even a psychotic father would not kill the child he is supposed to love deeply. I think the mother is telling herself fairy tales to make her ex-husband seem lest monstrous.

    1. I beg to differ Hels, psychosis is a powerful and terrifying thing.

  2. I only regret that the police didn't try the cricket bat a little on him before they shot him ! What a terrible crime !

  3. A real tragedy Andrew, even more astounding was the fact that way too many children die at the hands of a parent or family member.. What the heck is going on!

  4. I saw this and it made my heart and head hurt. Incomprehensible pain for the mother, those of his friends who saw it and for the police is they know they failed.

  5. I'm still unable to find the words to make even the slightest sense of this tragedy.

    I read Hels' comment and maybe she is correct about the mother nevertheless I'm amazed by her dignity and composure in interviews since the murders.

  6. Anonymous8:41 am

    Whatever reasons they come up with Andrew it's not going to take away from the fact the deed was done in front of others and nobody wonders why none of the 'crowd' tried to intervene.

  7. This is a very sad story and the father should have been locked away, I know he had mental problems but he was a danger to all around him and I wondered why no one tried to stop him.

  8. One of the interviews with the mother that I saw reported throws some light on the question raised by both cranethie and Merlesworld and that I also wondered; that is, why no-one intervened.

    Apparently the incident occurred right at the end of cricket practice when many of the other participants had already left and those who were still present had drifted somewhat from the cricket nets. In addition the boy was apparently felled by the first unseen blow and initially it appeared to the mother from a distance that he had been struck accidentally she presumed by a ball bowled by the father. It was only when she ran in to check on her son that she realised the seriousness of what had happened. Anyway, that's my understanding from the mother's reported comments.

  9. Sign of the times?
    I have no words for this kind of stuff except that it is so terribly sad all around.

  10. Thanks for the comments and thoughts all.

  11. The story is all over our newspapers her, there was an AVO against the man, but his mother wanted him to have a relationship with his dad, so visits were allowed. I think if the visits had been supervised, with a social worker or police officer in attendance, not just meetings, things might have turned out better.

  12. I have a lot of thoughts on this but for the time being I shall keep them to myself. RIP young man x