Saturday, August 24, 2013

The footy, a local post for local people

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear about James Hird and the Essendon fooball club? Or are you like me, enthralled by it, even though I have no interest in the sport.  Bone Doctor is a supporter of the club and has done some work for them, but thankfully not in the doctoring area.

So what is really happening? I dunno, but when I really want an answer about things, I go to a girl. This is not a girl, but James Hird.

This is a link to Caroline Wilson's writing at The Age.

This is a link to a salient piece that gave me clarity of thought about Hird and The Bombers. I don't base my opinion on just what Caroline wrote, but Hird is a self centred selfish pig.

Appalled, of St Kilda Road

I simply won't have it that this is an acceptable punishment. If you assault someone to the point that they nearly die, you deserve a very long stretch if not life in gaol. It goes without saying that if the victim does die, you get the same punishment.

And what about this man, Liam Danial Sweeney, with influential parents who could afford the best barrister. He glassed someone in the face and did not even receive a gaol term.

I would welcome any attempt to tell me why such assaults should not result in life imprisonment. These are not crimes of passion, or domestic arguments, which should also be viewed seriously. They are not petty crimes. They are violent and often random and unprovoked assault and just should not be tolerated by society. The police put in the hard work to get a conviction against someone who commits a violent crime, and the perpetrator gets the proverbial slap on the wrist.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Trying not to notice an election

I've really never forgiven Kev 07 for the home insulation debacle. He gave his Minister in charge no power to do anything except spend the money. He hung Minister Garret out do dry over the matter. Suffer Sister Garret, this is what politics is about.

I can't recall if was a Kev 07 policy or a Julia policy, but cash for clunkers, an Obama initiative in the US failed to proceed here. I think we should we very grateful.

Now the Abbott, our forthcoming PM, has come up with cash for maritime clunkers. That is Australia buys decrepit boats in Indonesia to stop them being used for people smuggling to Australia.   Thankfully the budget is only $20 million, what?

Does this Abbott person live in the real world? Within two weeks enough prospective leaky boats will be found in Indonesia to fully expend the $20 million. If they weren't badly leaky, you can be assured they will be at presentation. If for some reason Indonesia cannot supply enough leaky boats to fully expend the $20 mill, they will come from elsewhere in Asia.

The theory of Kev 07's insulation plans was good. Its execution was poor. Buying up boats of people smugglers might sound good to some, but really it is quite absurd.

I am crying with pain as there is no one for me to vote for with any sort of passion.

Father re-decorating

I have heard it said then when you repost, your blog is on a downhill slide to oblivion. I will explain it like this. It was so good, I enjoyed rehearing it just now and there will be a good number of more recent readers who did not see it the first time. Truthfully, I am struggling to find an interesting You Tube vid.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's he doing here?

Mayor of London, Boris Johnston, is here in Melbourne for a literary event. It seems no one told him it is compulsory to wear a helmet when cycling in Victoria. Photo from News Ltd. I didn't know, but he taught here at Geelong Grammar.

OCD and the ex

I recently heard on the wireless that if you have your coat hangers all hanging in the same direction, you are possibly an Obsessive Compulsive. I am exhibit 1.

I also heard that if you arrange your bookcase in order of height of books, you are also OCD. Exhibit 2.

Oh dear, R is exhibit 3 with his hangers all facing the same way.

I just call it balance. I like balance and symmetry.

I did briefly have another partner before R. We silently battled over the toaster. I thought it made the bench look cluttered and used to put it away in the cupboard. He would not only leave it out after toasting, he would deliberately get it out to put it on the bench. Just another OCD person, I guess.

Funny, this has brought back memories. He rejected me but was still possessive of me and not ready to let me go. One night he followed me after I left work and forced me into a side street and punched me. I had a swollen lip and a sore jaw. I am so embarrassed to remember now but I sought help at my step mother's nephew's house in Warrigal Road.

G was so angry because I hooked up with his ex, that is R.

G was an incredibly hot guy though. He could charm the pants off a straight guy and frequently did. He was probably an alcoholic and had delusions of grandeur. He was from a huge family, with some of his brothers having served time in gaol for theft. He came from Port Melbourne wharf worker stock, but he could mix it with polite society too by sheer charm.

I was ever so prim and proper back then. I was so shocked when he said to a very normal straight guy in a pub who he had just introduced me to and I had shaken hands with, along with my butchest howyagoinmate greeting, G said, this bloke won't let me do him because my dick is too small. I said I would do it twice to make up for it.

I am getting this down on the record before dementia sets in. The details are already hazy. G's mother lived in a cloud of Ardath cigarette smoke in a rented flat in Carlisle Street near the corner of Barkly Street. The block was later renovated in the eighties and sold off as own your owns. Before that she lived in a very nice rented Spanish Mission block in Elwood. G introduced me to his mother thus; This is Sue, the St Kilda do.

His mother, with a wharfie as a husband, was pretty rough around the edges, yet she was nice and good fun. I took her once to bingo in Wright Street in Middle Park. Another time I took her to her daughter's place in Station Street, Fairfield in my Valiant. Back then Punt Road had five lanes, with the one in the middle being for turns and peak directional. It was horribly congested. Nothing has changed.

I came across G once after he punched me. His sarcastic barb washed over me as I had met the man I was to spend the rest of my life with. G moved to the Dandenong Ranges and is amazingly still alive. He must be pushing seventy now.

How do I know this? He worked at a garage in St Kilda, almost the same place with the same owner where I still take my car to be serviced and G keeps in touch with owner. A couple of years ago he tried to work for the same bloke, delivering spare parts, but he only lasted one day. He found it all too hard.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More on the lass down the rubbish chute

I am very suspicious about the police investigation.

Ms Handsjuk's family pushed for an inquest to be held because they were critical of the homicide squad's investigation and believed there was sufficient evidence to suggest she was murdered.

What's in the box?

Remember I showed you the box that sits on my bookshelf? In is a collection of bits and pieces, mostly jewellery from younger clubbing days that I no longer wear. Non Dreaded Nephew went through it once and took some bits and pieces he liked. There was nothing of real value in it with the exception of what is below.

I received this watch from my father and step mother for my 18th birthday. The brand is Citizen and it is a self winding watch. It self winds when it moves. Some ahem years later, if I pick it up, it starts to work, with the second hand moving.  That is pretty damn good! It is engraved on the back and I don't think the camera has picked up that the face is green.

When Crown Casino (they would prefer I called it Crown Entertainment Complex) opened there was a shop within selling Boy London products. This is a belt buckle I bought. It probably came on a belt, but I can't recall now.

To go with the belt buckle, I just had to have a Boy London watch too. It no longer works. I suppose it needs a new battery.

Another belt buckle that appealed to me. I think it may have come from Dangerfield, but I am really not sure. How did I go from being a young person who wore Boy London and shopped in Dangerfield to an old man? Fortunately my looks were never great, so I didn't have much to lose there.

This was a cheapie watch. I can't imagine buying it, so it must have been a giveaway or something like that. Due to Russia's anti gay legislation, we are boycotting Stolichinaya, aren't we?

This final watch was given to be by R when I was about 25, I think. Luckily my allergy to any metal touching my skin for a decent period of time co-incided with me getting my first mobile phone so I no longer needed to wear a watch.

There is more in the box. Maybe another day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Melbourne Open House Sunday

I had to work on Open House Sunday, but R took a stroll across the road to the synagogue which was open to the public for the first time, I think, as part of Open House.


I can't say much about the photos as I wasn't there to hear the tour. His guide was a very talkative chap with a good sense of humour. Temporary head coverings were supplied to men who did not have there own.

The dome looks glorious.

While it is known as the Melbourne Synagogue, it isn't in the city of course. I believe there is a smaller one in town.

Have a look at the beautiful stained glass, which is really not evident from the outside.

I was very surprised to learn that women don't sit down with the men but in the galleries.

The succah is at what I would call the back of the synagogue. They normally have roofs of plant material, such as palm fronds, but not to the point of weatherproofing them. This one has or had a retractable roof,  I would guess for protection when it wasn't being used. Its purpose is a little hard to describe for me, but perhaps think of it as somewhere to eat and relax.

And so ends Open House for another year. Our count was low this year, but no doubt Open House will be back bigger and better next year.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Solving spam and word verification in one fell swoop

A new device has appeared in the Highrise. I have no time to write a post. Here is one I prepared earlier.

I dislike word verification which as I recently noted Pants said, they are not words, just a jumble of letters and numbers, and I dislike receiving spam comments to my blog. In a time past I spent a lot of time dealing with spam, but I did not want to turn on word verification and make it difficult for people to comment. I may have lost a couple of commenters by doing what I suggest below, which is unfortunate, but it has made life so much easier.

What you do is select 'registered users only' for who is allowed to comment on your blog. Most people have an internet id and few would not be google registered. Go to the page where there is a list of your posts, drafts, published etc and on the left side of the page are all the setting options. Go to 'Settings' at the bottom, then 'Posts and Comments' and you will see where the option is to select 'Registered Users Only' next to 'Who Can Comment'.

It was with some trepidation that I changed the setting to this a good while ago, but no kittens died and the sky did not fall down. Best of all, I still get comments.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shocking wind

Maybe the shocking wind was caused by the Point Lonsdale Sunday Market fruit and apricot sour dough bread we bought. No, last Monday I saw the squall coming across Port Phillip Bay when I looked out the window across the bay.

No biggies. I have seen many. The rain fell in gusting sheets and then fifteen minutes later, it was clear and sunny.

I did not realise that the front had knocked out five tram lines and one train line by fallen trees and branches. Just an hour or so later in sunshine, I snapped these photos of trees that had just fallen in the park area below the Shrine. In my mind I have been critical of those who look after that park area for overplanting of trees, but after these two very old cypress trees fell, maybe the park people are on the money with replacement trees for the very old trees.