Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday News

Saturday began with shopping, $200 worth. Meat costs. We had a christmas dinner at the Malvern Vale Hotel last night. It was lovely evening among friends. Our dyke friend organised a Kris Kringle gift giving, nothing over $10. I have a large box of small chocolates. I have had two, but the box is now only half full? The Brighton Antique Dealer left her building and crossed the road to North Brighton Station and caught the 6 o'clock train and we picked her up at the South Yarra Station at 6.15. When our trains run to time, they work very well.

This morning we worked hard with cleaning and prep for christmas day. R was relieved to know the figure for dinner is 13, not 14. That's a big difference! I polished the silver cutlery.

Our dining table seats 6. We have a large trestle table that we will add for the day. But what about seats? We each have a chair in our bedrooms, 8, there are two fold up chairs under my bed, 10, two chairs from the balcony, 12, computer chair 13. Made it.

Sister was on the phone to R. Roast pork? Who wants that? Well, I do actually, and I should think many others. No turkey? said Sister. Ok, we relented, instead of three chickens, there is one chicken and a turkey. Sister is bringing a ham and plum pudding. In a serious slip up, we bought plain custard, brandy custard, cream and ice cream. Sister texted, I shall get the soy custard for Mother then? I didn't even know you could get such a thing.

Sunday afternoon into town to buy R's christmas present, a stick blender. I checked the cheap table and there was a Kenwood with only one attachment for half price at $100. Across the way was a boxed Kenwood stick blender with many attachments for $100. I bought the latter of course.

Yes, ham steak and pineapple is very old fashioned, but I like it and we had it for dinner. But dinner was not so relaxed. Non Dreaded Nephew called to ask if he could call in and drop off some presents. Of course laddie.  We had just finished cleaning up after dinner. He drew his Nan, Mother to me, in the Christmas draw. He saw a timber paling planter box at a nursery we know well in Brunswick Street. $35, he exclaimed. I can make one, and so he did from left over paling fence timber and planted three marigolds. Mother will love it. He and his Jewish girlfriend have moved from the garret in North Carlton to Flemington.They will stay there until March when they go to Brazil for three months next year, following the soccer. Then, he says, they will settle down, haha. Speaking of Flemington, is Kath dead?

Then ABI Brother called. He is going the Boxing Day cricket test with a mate and then Sister bought herself and him a ticket for the next day. Can I stay at yours Boxing Night, Brother? Of course Brother. We will give you a key and remote on Christmas Day as we will be out on Boxing Night at the Brother Friends for a second Christmas dinner.

The phone has just rung. It is Mother. I can't do it. R said, give me the phone. Bless him.


  1. Kath is alive and well, I've had an email from her just a couple of days ago.
    Did you know there is also Butterscotch custard? I saw it in a catalogue, but can't remember if if was Coles or Woolies, I meant to get some and let you all know how it is, but forgot....
    I hope your Christmas dinner goes well, there's a lot of food planned, I suppose thirteen people will make short work of it.

    1. Good to hear about Kath, River. Yes, I saw butterscotch custard in Coles. Not sure that I would like it or not.

      Just hope there is enough food. Little Jo won't eat much. Chainsaw Niece's Maori partner will eat double everyone else.

  2. I am glad to hear from River that Kath is alive and well. I have often wondered how she and her family are doing.
    Your Christmas dinner sounds like a heap of work. I hope that there are sufficient left-overs for you to have a relaxed, do nothing, Boxing Day.

    1. EC, I have to work Boxing Day, so no rest for me until the evening. May not be a bad thing to not be home for the big tidy up afterwards, although knowing us, we will have it done an hour after everyone leaves.

  3. Ha Ha, I clean up as soon as people leave too, I find I sleep better knowing I don't have a mess to face in the morning.

    1. River, maybe once or twice we have not cleaned up the night of a party. I didn't mind doing it the next morning. It was a mindless thing to when not feeling too great.