Friday, November 15, 2013

Head and blow

I had the most brilliant post worked out in my head. The heading would include head and blow in a suggestive manner. Alas, I can't recall what I was going to write about that would have such a headline.

There is nowt written and ready for publication today.


  1. That has also happened to me before today :(

    So as we age, we have to prepare for memory loss in advance. Never ever EVER go anywhere without a small piece of paper and a small biro. The very second a blogpost-thought flashes into your brain, a few words go onto the paper. Even in the toilet. Even on the tram.

    I have a note in front of me now that says:
    "what links 3 previous posts?
    Boer War Sth Africa
    Dame Daisy Bates
    Bulletin magazine Aus poetry"

    I can't remember what I was thinking at the time, but at least the core thought is there, in writing, to pursue.

    1. Hels, I give up.
      What does link them?

      Andrew, there have been many novels and stories written which do not match the standard set by the name/ heading. You are a contender for a literature prize. I'm jealous.

    2. Hels, that is what I should do. I have tried by sometimes when at home dashing to the computer and writing a line or two. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I can't work out what I was going to write about even with the first sentence or key words written. Note paper would be best. I too am intrigued by the connection of Daisy, Boer and Bulletin.

    3. FC, that is a compliment then?

  2. Oh dear; titillation but no relief. What a tease!

    1. No relief for me either Victor. It was just a line written many months ago, and I recall I was in Kew at the time when the thought came to me.