Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who stole my 4G?

Lakes Entrance, 2 nights, tick. With a Telstra tower almost looming over us, good 4G.

Swan Reach, Bruthen, Buchan Caves and Orbost today, tick.

Mallacoota this evening, tick.  No 4G and 3G not crash hot either.

The local supermarket checkout chick called me mate. I drew myself up to my full height and put on my poshest voice, and she called me mate again. Have it your way then moight.

A man in a car waved to me. Then another and another. I didn't know them. How hot am I!

Settling down to an evening of watching commercial tv ads for sheep dip and corrugated iron water tanks.

With trepidation I will click publish and see what happens.

The countryside, bless.


  1. MC, the time of when people might have wondered, so what do you and that bloke do in bed has passed. I suppose it is ok to be a mate in the local IGA.

  2. This is one of your most unique posts. I like it mate!

    1. Andrew
      Can you explain the first couple of sentences
      I didn't understand them

  3. Neil Young 1972 Harvest album: "Are you ready for the country ... because it's time to go?"

    After the sheepdip ads there are the flystrike ones and the tick ones. We don't get David Jones ads on regional TV. I hope you saw the mighty Snowy River.
    and as for 4 effing G, the Telstra fineprint says it does not work 12 kms out of town and my 4G dongle confirms that fact.
    We saw a huge GOANNA standing by the road near Orbost.
    Wishing you Happy trails and good weather.

    1. 4G? 3G? No, please don't try to explain. So much just goes straight over the head of short people.
      Why has the word dongle not yet been incorporated into a jingle?
      Where are the Buchan caves, mate? - Oh wait, that should be ears, shouldn't it...

      Have fun, keep safe, and make note to self: [always take dvd player and discs when venturing into unmapped territory.]

  4. Any lamingtons for sale in old style cake shops?

  5. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures into the the black whole of the countryside.

  6. No 4G eh? Typical Telstra. Advertise the newest of the new, but don't mention it isn't available once away from the city. Just put it in the fine print that nobody reads except Ann O'Dyne, then we can point it out later and tell the complaining masses, "it's right there in black and white".

  7. Ahhh, you'll have to make do like all other people more than 12 kms from the CBD and stick 2 cans on a piece of string.

  8. I do love this blog so very much : )

  9. I do love this blog so very much : )