Saturday, September 21, 2013

We needed beef

I am no longer moight, mate, as I was in far eastern Victoria but darls in southern New South Wales. I am not sure if it is NSW wide, but staff in southern NSW are very friendly and quite familiar, maybe a little too so, darls.

Foreigner, I kept pointing out to R, until he corrected me that our car number plate indicated we were foreigners in a strange land. I restrained myself from yelling at the tv when sports news came on and it was mostly about rugby, "We don't care". Their state, their sports, I suppose.

New South Wales is somewhat different to my home state of Victoria. They paint funny little arrows on the road in two rows and I have no idea what they mean.

Last night we dined at a Thai restaurant and they did not have wine for sale. I was dispatched to the local bottle shop to buy a bottle of wine. The food was good and the service excellent. One  lass served the whole restaurant amazingly well. It would not happen at home.

Tonight we both had a hungering for steak. Surely the local Returned Servicemens League Club will serve a good steak.

We each put $5 into the pokie machines. I lost mine. R broke even. We went for dinner and since we had arrived, a queue had formed. We were given a beeper to alert us when our table would be ready. I steered into the direction of lounge chairs but R steered me back to to pokie machines. R nudged me, that woman in a track suit who stood beside you for five seconds shoved a $50 note into the machine. I looked  across at the machine and she had left credits on it, three cents to be precise. Between us, we turned her three cents into twenty dollars, took the money and ran. Later when we were out in the beer garden and catching a breath of fresh air, there were pokie machines out there too and the same track suit woman was there shoving more $50 notes into a machine. 

I thought the lad had made a mistake when he charged me $6.10 for my glass of wine of R's low alcohol beer. These two drinks would cost between $9 plus anywhere in Melbourne. NSW clubs used to subsidise meals from poker machine profits. Now they seem to subsidise drinks. The food was full price. How odd to put a delicious steak on a bed of mashed potato. How odd for your steak and salad to come with both mashed potato and chips. One version of spud is what we normally have at home.

"R, why are we road tripping when it is school holidays in Victoria and New South Wales?" Neither of us can recall the reason for the chosen dates, but there must have been one. We are in the company of many children.

I nudged R at dinner, Sisters sitting nearby. Indeed two older gay guys were there, but they were unidentifiable as gay unless you knew to look at where they were looking, kind of like of R and myself.


  1. *nod* Food and drink are more specifically local than language, architecture, music or any other thing. Perhaps interstate differences are not as great as international differences, but my biggest cultural cock ups have all been food and drink-related.

  2. The road arrows indicate a pedestrian crossing ahead.

  3. Ahh, food and drink and the great nosh up at the RSL!
    Yes, I remember the NSW RSL food being cheaper cos of the pokies, pity it's the grog they're subsidising now.

    Should give a bowling club a try - their grog is always at 1970 prices and meals would be good.

  4. I don't eat at strange RSL clubs since the one down the road gave me a tummy bug and believe you me it was a very strange RSL.

  5. $50 at a time into pokie machines??
    No wonder the country is going broke with people losing money like that.

    Sounds like your having a great holiday. I'm wondering about the steak on top of the mashed potato too, now. I would put it on the side.
    Perhaps to some people mash and chips are two separate vegetables, they look very different, not everyone knows that chips are actually potatoes. I know a few children who don't know.

  6. Ooops! "you're" not your...

  7. You can get sick of RSL /club food when on a road trip. Everything is more expensive here compared to the States.

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