Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unfit for Office

It is our fault. Australia has chosen some right loons this election. But some existing loons have been re-elected, such as Bob Katter.

Go here and have a listen to the attempt by Cameron Wilson to interview Katter. I would hardly call Cameron of Bush Telegraph a conductor of aggressive interviews. The man is not fit for office and surely is slightly unhinged with his preposterous statements of 'facts'. Katter begins his nonsense at about 12 minutes.



  1. Oh crap... and he's using the same idiotic arguments as his American compatriots (the ignorant ones). Ignorance is universal.

  2. Does an ugly, constantly scowling face count against him or should we rise above petty concerns like that?

  3. all hat and no cattle is the saying in Texas, not that this vegetarian loves a state with laws against criticising meat (I know you have all forgotten Oprah nearly being jailed for saying eating burgers was suicidal). Katter represents people who torture dumb creatures so they can be eaten by the foolhardy who like the taste of adrenalin infused tissue. that is all.

  4. Yum - I love the taste of adrenalin infused tissue.

    All hat and no cattle - LOL. The crown of his hat has to be big - it acts as a giant codpiece.

  5. dickhead sized indeed. a cock-up on the ballot papers.
    but please no on the meat. You know that ice-cold rush you get when you see the red/blue light flashing in your rearview? the poor beasties have that coursing through them at the slaughterhouse and I insist that eating it is dangerous.
    Eggs are OK as a protein source.

    George Brandis (LIB) looks like an egg that is not OK. Plibersek ate him alive on Q&A last night.
    Did Q&A promise us Katter or Palmer as a panellist? will that be entertainment or masochism?

  6. Well you know that their is nothing needed to run for office anyone can do it and often does, so you will always get offbeat people trying and the amazing thing is they often get in.

  7. Yes Mitchell, statistics and lies work well together.

    Hels, we should rise above it but in his case no.

    VG Ann. Well, some Queenslanders are certainly a bit different.

    Good work on the codpiece FC.

    A question Ann, do you think Plibersek is too smart to ever run for PM? I do like her measured and considered manner of speaking and arguing.

    Merle, and this election has certainly shown what tosspots can get elected.

  8. Plibersek was giving a measured and considered reply last night on Q&A when Brandis interrupted her. She let him have 3 long sentences and resumed - he snapped "don't interrupt me" and it was gorgeous when Tony pointed out that Brandis (LIB) had interrupted her in the first place. She stayed cool through that and more. Labor have done another dumb thing with their new leader when it should be her.

  9. uh oh now I have a hankering for a wagyu steak.

  10. "Unfit for Office"
    yes, I certainly am. Aren't you all glad I didn't run?
    Ha Ha.

  11. Ann, well done her then. But that is what I mean. She is too smart for the ultimate office.

    Fen, stop trying to upset Ann.

    River, you would be harsh but fair dictator. I could live under your rule.