Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rear Window

Rear Window would be a good name for a movie, I think. This is the second window in my bedroom. The building behind us blocks the view, but when our place was built, the building was much shorter. By the time we moved here when our building was three years old, the view had already gone. Owners' of rear apartments lost tens of thousands of dollars as their view disappeared.

But, if I move in close to the window and look to the side there is a very good view. I pulled out my binoculars and I am sure I saw a person known to me as Mr Hitchcock walking his dog around the lake.

And if I look straight down, I can see if anyone is in the spa or using the tennis court, but with little detail from our height. In a moment of confusion I once dropped not only my towel but bathers too before getting into the spa. R quickly pointed out the error of my way. There is a notice that PROHIBITS nude bathing.

The ever changing lift notices also inform residents of what is VERBOTEN. What a sad looking bird. A cat will have it before the day is out. Pigeons are the problem birds. One older woman who used to feed them became quite distressed when the pigeons she started to feed decided her balcony was a  good place to nest. Much mess, tears and some healthy squab later, the pigeons were removed.


  1. Andrew
    Sometimes I love urban views
    Especially when high up
    Reminds me of all of our holidays in New York
    ( we always ask for a high floor room)

  2. Indian Mynah birds have started to cause nuisance to the Eastern wing of my building but thankfully, so far, not to the centre wing in which I live.

    They boldly fly into apartments and leave a little token of their visit.

  3. one word needs adding to their sign about 'removing bird stuff' - gloves.
    Psittacosis is the vile disease that is a risk.

    One the other wing, birds have to rest somewhere after a hard day flying.
    *flaps off*

  4. Trees grow and so our bay view has become a glimpse. Like you Andrew, this almost requires the ability to see round corners.

  5. New York John! How the other half live.

    Victor, they are very cheeky like that. The seem to have to 'go' quite frequently.

    Ann, yes, you are correct. But I certainly wouldn't touch bird material with my bare hands regardless. I don't consider pigeons to be proper birds.

    FC, chop 'em down. So many do, and I few get caught too.

  6. Have a look at the 2011 exhibition called "Rooms with a View: The Open Window in the C19th" which was held in the Special Exhibition Galleries, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. Open windows and views have always been significant in peoples' lives. Even uninteresting views.

  7. Pigeons. Mess. Ugh. Keep it in the gardens, birds, not on my porch.
    Did that foolish woman not realise what feeding them would do?

  8. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Hels- I saw that exhibition!!! I'm very excited because I don't think I've ever been able to say that about an overseas exhibition before!

    I was recently staying in a high-rise hotel in Sydney that looked out onto the stairwell of the building next door. The window of my room was virtually nothing more than a lightwell. (There's obviously a reason why cheap rooms are cheap!) It saddened me that no matter what time of day or year, the sun would never get into that room. When I see more and more high-rise buildings go up, I wonder how it will be when the buildings are all adjacent to each other. I know that there are cities in the world with areas like that but I'd hate to think of Melbourne like that.

  9. Looking to or rather into other apartments can be very interesting ! Maybe you will see some murders ? It's movie time life !

  10. We looked at a place here that claimed "a view of the sea." If you walked to the corner of the terrace and peered carefully, from a specific point, you could see about an inch of blue between two buildings. Your view is so much better.

  11. Will do Hels. You always steer me right.

    River, they are just such a pest. Never feed them and encourage them to breed.

    RJ, not as bad as our window view from our Hanoi hotel, a few centimetres away was a brick wall. At least our front view can't be built out, but we have lost a bit of side view since we have lived here. While I live in a highrise, I consider there are too many of them already. Too many people spoiling our city.

    Gattina, someone in our building thought they saw a body on a couch after the figure did not move for two days and they called the police. It was a mannequin.

    Mitchell, it is our front view that is most interesting, as in my header. There was an old Sydney joke, there are harbour views, if you stand on the toilet and peer through the gap in louvre window.

  12. There actually is a movie called "Rear Window". It's an Alfred Hitchcock movie - classic. You should watch it!

  13. This post might have even made Mr Hitchcock smile...
    wHAT! No nude bathing , how banal :)))))

  14. Andrew and residentjudge,

    the analysis for the collections in the four separate galleries can be found at:

    I posted some lovely images in:

    The window is our first link to the outside world every morning. Hopefully it does not look out onto someone else's brick wall.

  15. Keith, yes I am aware of the movie, hence my reference to Mr Hitchcock walking his dog.

    Grace, in my case, just as well there isn't nude bathing.

    Hels, thanks for the links. I think it might be quite difficult to paint a view outside a window and get the depth correct.