Friday, September 20, 2013

Man hunting and other stuff on the NSW South Coast

I think I may be hormonal. We dined in a Thai restaurant this evening on the south coast of New South Wales and I kept scouring the restaurant for a hot guy. It was slim pickings.

There were a lot of older people there. They are interesting to observe. They are old and have old people's ways. You know, between fifty and sixty five, and some a bit older even. Um, that is us and we are with these older people. How the fuck did that happen? How was I sitting there dispassionately and objectively observing older people when I am one of them?

"R, there is a lad facing the wall. Have you observed him?"


"He has great hair. What does he look like?"

He had quite long curly slightly bleached surfer hair.

"I can't see his face."

"So is his companion attractive? Does she look hot."

"Not really."

"Oh! Tell me when he gets up to leave."

"He is standing right behind you and waiting to pay."

Omg, while he would not be described as skinny, he had knockout looks. When R predeceases me, I will hunt him out and stalk him. As I said, I must be hormonal. I hope it isn't the change. Is it true everyone has their price? If I pay him enough, will he love me long time?

Meanwhile back at our accommodation we are watching Miss Phryne Fisher solve a crime in Queenscliff, near where Sister lives on the Bellarine. I was going to send Sister a text message to alert her but then I recalled she is staying at the Highrise and seeing a football match tonight.

I sent her a text yesterday to tell her to bring her own teabags as we are down to one bag left in the canister and that there is a bag of vegetables in the crisper for her to take home that were going to give to our friend in Lakes Entrance. The bag of vegetables that we forgot will be added to a post of what we forgot to take on holidays. The list is long.


  1. I imagine R is delighted to know he will pre-decease you. No messy funeral arrangements and the like for him.

  2. I am sure it's just a case of checking out what is on the other'll be fine.

  3. The grass is always greener...etc.
    you're probably hormonal, here, have some chocolate.

  4. Yes, you're hormonal but never fear, the urge will pass faster than you can blink.
    It's our age, sweetie :P

  5. maybe you're ovulating, dear