Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I don't know if you have ever noticed it, but in my side bar is link called Banned. Banned comes from the Australian National Archives and so far has been about banned books.

I have always thought it a curious thing that some people are allowed to read a book in order to judge it to be unfit for other people to read, likewise with movies. The censors watch the a movie and say, no it is too extreme. You can't watch that. 

"But Sir/Mme, you read the book and watched the movie."

"I am morally superior to you."

I reckon heavier censorship should brought back. I would have never been guided to read Lady Chatterly's Lover, Portnoy's Complaint or Another Country if they had not been banned.

Do have a quick peek at the last post from Banned, about a Another Country. Welcome to Australia of the 50s and 60s.


  1. The average Australian reader is not as sex-conditioned as readers in most other countries...
    Good grief. A very interesting site, Andrew.

    Something similar to the Catholic Church's Index of prohibited books which I couldn't wait to read.
    I even remember saying something about the Book of Revelations to a nun who told me I should not take it upon myself to read the Bible without guidance as I might misinterpret it.

  2. FC, Americans are supposed to be the puritans, yet our censorship of sexual matters was more stringent.

    Doesn't everyone interpret the bible to suit their purpose?

  3. "I am morally superior to you."
    Pigs ars....oops

  4. Peyton Place is on that banned list??
    I read that when I was 12. Or maybe 15. I forget exactly when. And when I found the sequel I read that too.

  5. River, Peyton Place was only a naughty tv show to me. There was a book?