Sunday, September 15, 2013

A vist from Little Jo

Little Jo's grandmother, aka Mother, had curly blonde hair when she was three. It went dark.

Little Jo's mother, aka Sister, had curly blonde hair when she was three. It went dark.

Little Jo's had curly blonde hair when she was three. At the age of six, it has gone dark.

The trio from The Bellarine arrived last night and while they went off to the football, we minded Little Jo. We won't be around next week so they will stay here again in our absence whenever the next major football match happens. Bone Doctor's father is an Melbourne Cricket Club member and apparently Bone Doctor received a ticket in a ballot. How posh!

After a leisurely breakfast of cereal and crumpets, Sister and Bone Doctor went off to their flat in Murrumbeena that is between tenants at the moment. They have had it painted and were to check out carpet. They have been given a per metre price by someone local to them on The Bellarine, went to Carpet Call (where we bought our new carpet mid year), who said he could meet them next weekend and measure up and quote. They went on to Carpet Court or something like that, quite nearby and the chap realised there was an easy sale. I think the place was previously known as Maceys. We have bought carpet from there in the past. He said he could measure up today and did and gave them a price that was ok, so the carpet will be fitted next week; the layers will collect the key for the flat from the renting agent.

Bone Doctor had to do some doctor monitoring of a sporting event in Port Melbourne in the afternoon, so Sister occupied her time by exploring Port Melbourne on foot.

We were left with Little Jo. We took her to see her nanny, Mother. Mother had not seen her for ages, pre Sister's surgery. Little Jo rarely goes to McDonalds, but she knows she can push her Nanny's buttons by suggesting it as a place for lunch, and so that is where we lunched. It was very busy, but there is an older woman who has worked there for well over ten years and she organises people in queues, and separates people who want to order from those staring at the menu form those waiting for their order to be filled. Employers, do you business a favour by employing older workers.

Mother had wrecked her lounge room blind and a couple of people had tried to fix it. Her friend said, don't worry, Andrew and R will fix it, and we did. I cannot imagine how Mother managed to wreck it as the mechanism is quite well designed.

Little Jo watered some of her Nanny's plants, hosed R, hosed off his car and picked some flowers in Nanny's garden and put them into a basket and took them inside and arranged them without help and she didn't do a bad job. It was a quite pretty little vase of flowers.

"What have you been learning at school, Little Jo?"

"Compound words, Auntie Andrew".

What on earth are compound words, I thought to myself and then asked.

"They are where two words are joined to make up one word, like mailbox and..." She recited several and I have now forgotten what they were.

"Like cardboard, Little Jo?"


On the way to from Mother's, we played eye spy and sang some songs. I got through There's a Hole in the Bucket Dear Liza and I remembered most of Gilligan's Island theme tune. Between the three of us, we got through Puff, the Magic Dragon and Morning Town Ride. At one point Little Jo sang the alphabet and I exploded in anger when she got to h and pronounced it haitch. What has Sister been doing to let that happen? Once I hit publish here, I am going to send Sister a very terse text message to advise her to correct her child's error.

I won't even mention the argument R and had over the pronunciation of kilometre by the sat nav device. His argument of common usage possibly won over mine of, Gough told me. 

After returning home, Little Jo sat at the desktop computer doing something for kids at our ABC. I sat with the laptop and R sat with tablet. Sister returned at 4.30 and collected Little Jo, then went to pick up Bone Doctor and head off to Geelong to a friend's place for roast lamb. Little Jo was hungry before she left so R made us all a cheese and tomato sandwich. Consequently, I wasn't hungry at evening meal time and we had baked beans on toast.

What fun.


  1. Little Jo knows how to push Nanny's buttons, all grandkids learn that pretty quickly don't they?
    "Haitch" is probably what the kids heard when learning the song, the teacher probably says "aitch", but if many of the kids are saying Haitch that is what Jo will hear in class. The teacher should be correcting them.
    I had blonde curls as a child, darkened at maybe 9, but still sun bleached to blonde every summer until I was about 30.

    1. River, I am sure you are right about button pushing. It did amuse that Little Jo was convinced she was correct and prepared to argue with me.

  2. Every time I see a new photo of Little Jo I think "gosh, she's grown". This almost seems ridiculous considering the brief time I've been reading your blog.
    Perhaps she will be "Little Jo" for the next 50 years or so.
    So, the way to push your buttons, Andrew, is to mispronounciate words? Carefully stored for future reference.

    1. FC, amazingly when I started my blog, I had no idea Sister would have a child. I don't correct peoples' pronunciation generally, except Little Jo's and at times R's.

  3. That list of activity is a logistical triumph, bravo. Did 6 years fly past us all like Concorde or what?
    Click publish, mix a drink, feet up. x x

    1. It is hard to believe Ann. Thanks for your company along the way.

  4. Lovely post.
    My sister and I were also born blonde but went brown by aged 12 or so. My two little girls are both still blonde but darker than they used to be, and I believe both will end up with light brown hair.
    My kids also learned 'haitch' at school, to their grandmother's horror! It doesn't bother me, though I'm not keen on it.
    One of my girls has always said "can't" with a short a, which I assume she picked up from American movies - she's nearly 8 and it hasn't left her. Might be there forever.

    1. Thanks Jackie. My hair was blonde when I was born and I guess you would now say light brown. This haitch thing is the most basic stuff to get right. Little Jo has a very neutral accent as she has watched as much if not more English and dubbed English than kids shows than American. I expect that will change in the future.

  5. First: Beans on toast. Blech!
    Second: I also had blond hair (straight blond hair) when I was 3 that went dark when I was 6 (and mostly went away "several" years later).

    Little Jo is adorable.

    1. Mitchell, baked beans aren't my favourite but so quick and easy when you don't feel like a full meal. Lol about hair going away.

  6. Crumpets to start, McDonalds ..followed by beans on toast, nice :)) Little Jo is adorable with her curly hair..I bet she makes her Nanna's day when she visits oui!

    1. Just as well we don't eat like that every day Grace. Nanny is always pleased to her, for a while until Nanny tires.