Friday, July 05, 2013

Would you like fries with that?

I wish I had kept a list of the evil things VCAT had done in our State of Victoria. VCAT is the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. It deals with many different matters for a small fee in preference to going to the Magistrates Court where there will be solicitors and barristers and while you may win your case, you will be  out of pocket. If you lose, you will be very out of pocket.There can still be legal representation for the parties in dispute, but VCAT is far less formal than a court.

The theory of VCAT and its ideals are marvellous. Its judgements, often not so good.

Aside from much of what it does, it also judges planning disputes, like when neighbours fight each other, or a house owner fights council, or when residents fight against a development.

One such battle is going on now and sometimes local residents win when trying to stop a McDonalds restaurant opening near them and sometimes they lose.

I have been a McDonalds hater for a long time, ever since they dragged those bolshie English kids through the courts. My dislike has increased over time, reinforced by them opening in a children's hospital here and realising just how bad their food is when the film Super Size Me came out.

They are going to open an outlet in Tecoma in our Dandenong Ranges, just an hour's drive from the centre of Melbourne. The Dandenongs are when many Melburnians like to go for a Sunday drive, to see the sights, have lunch or afternoon tea. Think of many Miss Marple teas rooms spread over the Dandenongs. It is not quite like that and there are many nice cafes and restaurants. Within the building that is to be demolished for a new McDonalds was a successful tea room of sorts, now gone.

On various grounds the local council denied permission to McDonalds to open a restaurant on the Tecoma site. McDonalds went against the council and appealed to VCAT, which approved the development. Without fail, VCAT goes along with developers and against local wishes.

The council voted unanimously against the development. A door knock poll  of local residents, ok conducted by those who did not want the development, came up with a result of  92% against.

I don't doubt the McDonalds will be successful. They will have done their research, especially about passing trade on a major road, but does the company really want to be so hated?

The worst thing about it is that it sets precedent. One fast food restaurant at Tecoma approved could and perhaps will see a spread of the others over the Dandenong Ranges. Subway in Sassafras? Hungry Jacks in Hoddles Creek?

The local Tecoma residents are very passionate about stopping the restaurant. As I type, 50 year old women who have never protested against anything in their life are sitting on the roof of the building that is to be demolished to make way for McDonalds. People are trying to chain themselves to demolition vehicles. The building union has called members off the site. Private guards are plentiful on site, but the police are keeping away.

C'mon McDonalds, for all you smart language and words you use, piss orf from where you aren't wanted.

I'm sure there is a Facebook group...........Ah, more than one. This is the largest,


  1. oh don't even get me started! Disgusting.
    The spokeswoman (on the radio) kept referring to the development as a restaurant. This made me snort in derision. How can they call it a frigging restaurant. I hope they lose, somehow. I really really do. Whomever made that decision at VCAT should be lined up and shot.

    1. Fen, VCAT members would already have been shot if I had anything to do with it.

  2. I have a friend who lives near there so have followed the story closely. I'm LOVING the protests etc. It's great that finally people are standing up to big corps like McD.

    Like you I wonder if they really want to be so hated? They probably don't give a shit though. I guess they are so bloody huge that it doesn't matter if MILLIONS of people hate them - they still make a profit. Life is fun when you are filthy rich I guess.

    1. Thanks for the comment M. I think McDonalds do care very much about their reputation and they want rid of the view that they only sell bad food to less privileged in society. The longer the protesters can drag this out and get media coverage, the worse Mc. looks. I am not kidding myself that me writing about them here is going to change anything, but cumulative bad publicity helps.

  3. In their later years my parents spent almost every morning in their local McDonalds. Using their seniors card they could purchase an ice cream and endless cups of coffee for the grand sum of 30 cents and read the free newspapers. There was a group of people of many ages and backgrounds who similarly gathered there daily keeping my parents active and social.

    1. Victor, while I have seen that in some places, I have never seen such a gathering in McDonalds. It is the equivalent of old people gathering in the village square to chat and gossip. Interesting that it was a diverse group of people.

  4. You'll have to keep me up to date Andrew..somehow methinks the fight against McDonalds is tres futile, can you believe I even saw a McDonald emblem on the sail of a Felucca sailing down the Nile, incroyable!

  5. That is tres terrible, Grace. To my knowledge, two McDonald stores here have been stopped, one by public protest and one by planning laws.

  6. This is another case of the judiciary sold-out and corrupted by organised crime in the form of the Food Syndicate.
    Similar illegal judgements are often made to favour the Building Syndicate, Alcohol Syndicate, War Syndicate and of course the Gambling Syndicate.
    Let's face it : It's a News' World (Order) with the NWO Syndicate headquartered in New York City, the "safe haven" for the World's most wealthy and influential HUMAN CRIMINALS.

  7. Sagfin, I can't disagree with anything you have said. I do like your cleverness with News' World order.


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