Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just another Sunday #29

I think I prefer to work on Sunday. A family lunch last weekend for Oldest Nieces' birthday, this weekend jobs for Mother, next weekend Little Jo's birthday, this time not being celebrated at the Highrise but at Healesville Sanctuary, weather permitting.

Sister is now on the Gold Coast, after being on a camp with Aborigines on Northern Territory's Daley River. She was in the company of another teacher and a dozen 17 year old lads from her school.  One posh lad asked, "Toilet Miss?" "Go and dig a hole" was the reply, and that is what they had to do. Sister can kick a footy well enough and the connection between herself, her posh school boys and the local aboriginal lads was made.

Little Jo was parted from her mother for a week, left in the company of her other mummy, Bone Doctor. A friend transported her and her own children and Little Jo to reunite with her mother on the Gold Coast. I spoke to Sister minutes ago and while everything has gone well, she is very tired and not in the mood for extended social chat.

ABI Brother had left a message on the telephone answer machine, wanting to know something about emailing. I also know when his free AVG virus checker needed to be updated, he went for the free 24 day trial, and of course now they want him to pay and he doesn't have a working virus checker.

It is not really the way I wanted to spend my Sunday, but I do have tomorrow off work, so I can do it. I gingerly asked R if he was up to it, and he was.

Mother's list:

Clean hall mirrors.
Empty vacuum cleaner.
Prune roses.
Clean air con filters.
Doona covers to laundry.
Sweep up lillipilly berries.
Kill the cats.

Amazingly there are only eight cats. They keep breeding with their fine diet and formulated cat milk, but the numbers are not increasing at Mother's.  No, she did not ask us to kill the cats. I malevolently added that to her list. She loves watching them, nourishes them but takes no responsibility for them and watches them die at times and gets terribly upset.

ABI Brother arrived, we went to the laundry to wash Mother's bedding (my poor old washing can't cope with anything big, woe is me) and then went for lunch while the bedding washed. ABI walked from lunch to the laundry to put it all into a dryer.

But wait. I did not realised that the laundry in one of Melbourne's extremely outer south eastern suburbs would be a hotbed of homosexuals at weekends. A muscle mary in a singlet with his gorgeous looking boyfriend and a Maori lad with his Anglo boyfriend were cluttering up the place. Well, it was us cluttering up the place really. I should have switched on Grindr on my phone. But it was a bit of a stressful situation, so no time for phone stalking fun.

Lunch at a bakery, cheap at least, and how good is it to be able to sit outside in the sun in our coldest month of June. Mother staged a performance mid pie eating, oh my neck. I think it is my goitre pressing on my carotid artery,  which is pressing on a nerve. Yes Mother, as we resumed our conversation.

ABI Brother walked back to the laundry to transfer the washing to the dryer and returned to the bakery, just as Mother was finally finishing eating.

We left R in charge of the washing and took Mother home. I emptied the vacuum cleaner and got stuck into pruning the roses. "Margaret says it is too early to prune roses Andrew?" "It is Mother, but you suggested it and I don't know when I will have the time in the in the future".

Prune away I did and I have a Bandaid on my wrist covering a particularly nasty thorn stab to prove the point, and oh, my aching back.

R can get very crabby in such situations, especially if Mother drags the day out as long as she can. I pre-empted this with asking him what time he wanted to be home. He said leave by 4. Mother made us coffee after we had completed the jobs, and we were then off to ABI Brother's. Showed him how to print out a doctor pdf report. Wow, his printer is amazingly fast. Hmmm, ours is quite old actually, but so long as it works.

I knew there was a problem with his virus checker. He had gone for the AVG default trial of 24 days, instead of just updating. I fixed that and then we were off home and we were home before five.

Mother is going to write a book, My Life, My Dogs. She has seen a few, right from when she was a kid. She gave us a brief extended recited outline.

Ah, there were steam train shuttles between Darling and Glen Waverley stations today. I've never seen that and today would have been the perfect opportunity.......bloody mothers.


  1. I don't think it is too early to prune the roses Andrew, at least I hope not, all mine were pruned two weeks ago, and I have a very green thumb :) Don't be horrid about your Mum, you'll miss her when she's gone ! Btw Where are your Sunday pictures, surely you could have managed a couple between the laundry, the pruning and the vacuuming..multi tasking Andrew haha!

    1. Grace, pruning can make them inclined to shoot, and there is still a prospect of frosts here. No pictures yesterday, but I have a bit of backlog of photos. Some will done for tomorrow's post.

  2. I'm frankly exhausted.
    I have similar lists at my Mum's although they are usually spread out over a month as we see each other so often.
    GRINDR! I was so depressed at usually being the oldest person on there that I deleted it. But not before a married pilot 100M away made is presence felt. A little too close for comfort as I see his wife walking their dog.
    No good can come of it...

    1. Craig, as Mother lives a good distance away, we at times don't see her for a month or so.

      Try Scruff. I had Grindr on a tram and I was looking at someone's profile and I suddenly realised they were sitting opposite me. I too deleted those sort of apps. Over them.

    2. I've looked at them all Andrew, including Scruff. Better bios as they aren't all pretty boys, but like you, they are apps I don't need.

  3. "Mother's List"
    The only thing on the list that I can't do for myself is clean aircon filters, and I hope to be able to do for myself for many more years. I laughed at "kill the cats", but did wonder if she really meant it until I read a little further down.
    My washing machine is huge, the only thing that doesn't fit in is the actual quilt. I probably should get that to a laundromat soon, it's over 20 years old and only ever had one wash.

    1. Mother's is 20 years old too and large and has a slipping belt, so she thinks anything more the one petticoat at a time will overload it. In some ways I wish she would get home help, but doing things herself, with some help from us, keeps her going and active.

  4. I have a neighbour who is ill and unsteady on her feet, she refuses to get home help because it would make her feel like an elderly invalid. She has family and friends that help.

    1. River, I guess the providers of home help have limited funds. It is good for the family to help. We can't forget that in days past, parents were the responsibility of their children when they became old.