Friday, June 14, 2013

Carpet laying - the aftermath

A good part of today was spent on my hands and knees. Oh for the good old days when it was a pleasurable experience.

Nine lamps in the lounge dining area need electricity, with numerous cords, extension leads, power boards and double adaptors.

A lamp and a clock in each bedroom need electric wires to be plugged in.

In the lounge is the digital tv, two digital recorders and a dvd player all had to be connected and once done, so did the combined radio/cassette/cd player. That is a lot of wiring, but reduced from what it was as there were a couple of superfluous connections, I think. Time will tell.

R's bedroom digital tv, digital recorder, cordless headphones and combined dvd recorder/player and /vhs recorder/player means another heap of wires, and again a superfluous cable removed.

But nothing is quite like the computer wiring. R asked me if I will be able to get it all back together before it was pulled apart and I have except I want to cover some of the wires from the desk that go down the wall to the computer tower with flexible corrugated tubing.

The computer system consists of the tower, a lcd monitor, two speakers, a cordless mouse and keyboard with a transmitter to send the signal, a cable modem, a wireless router, an external hard drive, a printer and lastly a desk lamp that only gets used when I have to ferret about behind the tower when changing something. That means a rat's maze of wires worse the Sybil's hair.

We thought we could improve the very visible through a glass top desk rat's nest of wires if we moved the tower to the right of the desk instead of under it. This was precipitated by the carpet layers putting the filing cabinet in a slightly different position and it is too heavy for us to move. But the cable from the monitor to the tower, the VAG VGA cable, was too short.

We bused to Prahran and bought a longer one, along with a delicious pastie and coffee. Of course I had to check four $2 type shops to see if they had one because I knew it would be expensive at Dick Smiths, and it was. I did find a cheap tv cable splitter though, at $3.50 and then in another shop saw it for $2.50. We also found a skirting board co-axial socket, necessary to takes the tv signal to R's bedroom to replace the one broken yesterday. Plugged it in once home the VGA cable seemed most unsatisfactory, with a greenish yellow hue to the picture on the monitor. I fiddled with settings on the monitor itself and on the computer desktop. Tried the old one which took things back to normal, tried the new one again. R decided to help and got in the way and he was getting cranky as he had done his fair share at getting the shelving unit back to normal and many other things. Go and have your arvo nap, I urged him, and he did.

Google is my friend. Right, three rows of pins on the plug, each row transmitting different colours to the monitor. If one colour is not being transmitted, then the two colours that remain will be mixed. Sounds like our greenish yellow hue. I put my strongest spectacles on and stepped out onto the balcony. Yes, I can see there is a bent pin. I don't know if I did it, or it came from the shop like that. I straightened it with a steak knife. It would not longer plug in at all. I compared the old plug to the new and I could see its alignment wasn't quite correct. More steak knife work. Finally it worked and the rats nest is now a little more hidden.

As well today I reloaded the spare room bookcase and mine, the spare room one took over an hour and mine less than an hour. A few books were left over and so went to our building's library. Boxes from the cardboard recycling bin were returned to the cardboard recycling room, along with pictures in frames that had been sitting under beds and no longer wanted.

Tomorrow, breakfast out in Prahran, household shopping, connecting up the second lounge room digital recorder to the tv, tidying up the computer wires, return Jack to his returning home mummy and dinner out at Humble House in Brighton to celebrate our Brother Friends' 64th birthday. Sunday will be a me day. I think we will visit the Leaving Ireland exhibition at the Immigration Museum and look for shoes for Little Jo for her sixth birthday. We want ones that light up as she steps. I am about to google them but does anyone have any knowledge of them?


  1. Nine lamps in the lounge/dining area?
    You must love lamps.
    I'd probably have more if I had the space....I have two, rarely used.
    I've seen those light up shoes for kids, they're cute and that's all I know about them. any good shoe store should have them.

  2. I hate this cable "salad" behind the computers, TVs and other "devices", lol !

  3. Nine lamps!
    Can we see a photo?

  4. How much do you charge for a home visit to tidy up my cabling?

  5. Overhead lights bad,
    nine lamps sound 'bout right!

  6. Yes River. We rarely use overhead lights and some are just decorative. I'm hoping Target or Big W have the shoes, at a cheap price.

    Gattina, all the clever things our "devices" can do, yet we have to put up with a mess of wires.

    Ok John, I will take photos. I did years ago but most have been changed since.

    Victor, if I charged by effectiveness of my efforts, very little.

    Ian, only gay men understand certain things.

  7. I love lamp too. My overhead downlights are far too bright and expensive to run, all being on the one switch.

  8. Fen, the light from overheads is rarely flattering, worse if the are halogen downlights.

  9. Those light-up shoes sound AWESOME! I wonder do they come in adult sizes??!!

  10. Yup I'm a lamp lover also Andrew, sooooooo much more flattering :) one of my young nieces has 'twinkling' shoes, would you like me to investigate?

  11. Lamps are kinder lights Grace. Do investigate, but we are off hunting for them tomorrow, Sunday.

  12. I think I may be too late then Andrew, did you find them ?

  13. Grace, we did and they were not cheap, so I hope she adores them.