Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday Selections

River nearly always does a Sunday Selection and Kath does at times, as do I. I see it as getting rid of photos that would take a long time to publish individually and are probably not worth a single post.

If you are a Melburnian of my age, you possibly remember Fannys in Lonsdale Street, an upmarket dining venue for the well heeled. One evening when passing by in a tram, I saw smoke pouring out from one of the windows. Fannys on fire! It is quite derelict now but at the rear on the roof is a bar, one of Melbourne's many rooftop bars.

 What is this thing called, love? It is in the Greek precinct of Lonsdale Steet and I could see flashes of light coming from it. I must check it out one dark evening when we are in town.

Is Melbourne a place for an opera singing busker? Apparently not. I thought she was good, but she did not attract a crowd. 

This kind of busker always attracts a crowd.

Queued to vote for Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the Malaysian elections at the Malaysian Consulate General.  What you say? He is no longer involved in politics? You could have fooled me.

Why is R's car so dirty? Ah, that is not his. His is the far one. Exactly the same car and colour except R's car has iridescent paintwork.

I was trying to get a photo of the police on horseback, but cars kept getting in the way. Who is that lad peeking around the corner at me.

He seems rather interested in what I am doing.

I was unaware of him as I snapped away. Maybe he is overcome with lust for my body and has been stalking me.  I am not overcome with lust for his, but he does have nice lips.

He did not hang around but crossed the road smartly. Forget the peeper. I do like a gay lad in apricot. Police horses are forgotten, but they are there somewhere.


 I had to get the binoculars out to be sure, and I was correct. A flock of pelicans was circling Albert Park Lake.


  1. That's an interesting concept for photos in this post, I have lots of them too.

    1. It is a good way to get rid of them Bill.

  2. Roof top bars! There's an idea Adelaide could copy.

    We'd be happy to have you join our Sunday Selections Wilbo.

    1. River, I expect Adelaide might be one step ahead of you. Naturally they are to be found in the naughty road, Hindley Street.

      Yeah, c'mon Wilbo, join in Sunday Selections.


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