Thursday, March 21, 2013

Premier Dennis

While I know the London Underground has had periods of stagnation, in the last few years or longer, it has been a work in progress. Construction of new lines and improvements to the service have not ceased, although those inconvenienced by frequent line closures must find it frustrating.

Apart from the construction of Victoria's regional rail link, a former project by the previous Labor Government, what is our Liberal Party (Tory/Republican) Victorian State Government doing?

It has commissioned studies into a rail like to Avalon Airport, when I seem to recall building it was an election promise. Never mind. It is hardly needed.

Building a badly needed rail line to Doncaster?  The study made sure it would be never built by making it too complicated and expensive.

Building a badly needed rail line to Roweville? Exactly the same as the above.

A train to the airport? The study came up with a plan for a train that would take longer than the trip presently does on a bus!

The Metro underground rail line?  I also recall forecast completion dates of 2016, now 2022. Jesus, I will  be dead by then and never receive the benefit of it.

Port of Hastings development and a railway line to service it? In your dreams.

Relieving the inner western suburbs of truck traffic that has to be seen to be believed, nothing.

Replacement of Balaclava Railway Station and building a new station at Southland? Te he. Suckers.

New trams? 50 instead of 100 and not delivered until the end of 2014. People will still be travelling in non air conditioned sweat box trams into the twenty twenties at this rate. We need about 300 new trams or air con fitted to the existing ones.

Increased road congestion to the point of it being a misery to drive? Nothing is done either way, by improving roads or public transport. But the government is quite happy to increase the population by many fold.

I don't actually disapprove of the east west road tunnel, depending how the entrances and exits are configured. It will be ever so useful to Lindsay Fox and his trucking empire. Does anyone smell a rat?

After a very carefully written and considered report on our taxis was published, do you think anything will actually come of it? Do you think the state government will put the few rich controllers of taxis offside? Not on your Nellie.

The Liberal party promised that Victoria's teachers will be the best paid in Australia. What was left out were the qualifications to the statement. Meanwhile decent and keen teachers can't get proper full time employment and have contracts which terminate at the end of each year.

I am not here to praise our previous Labor government or offer their policies as an alternative, but after nearly three years the Liberal government has done, to put it bluntly, fuck all.

What you can be sure of in the last year of the state government, promises will flow and plans will be made. Sorry, I have heard it all before and most recently from our present government just three or so years ago.

Oh, I thought I had finished, but I forgot about the Premier in Waiting, Matthew Guy. He was in office for five minutes before be blotted his copybook with the Phillip Island development, proposed by his rich mates. Matthew Guy, building a bigger and taller Melbourne. He may be able to talk the talk, but be very wary of him.


  1. Well you certainly have been busy since we last caught up Andrew. Sounds like fun times with your visitors. (laughed at the 'accidental shot') What you describe above is almost exactly the same situation here in Perth. Blimey the government sure is in a bit of a state right now, neither option is appealing, we need fresh new blood, preferably a wee bit younger, tall and extremely good looking, if they're going to talk a lot of crap then let him at least be nice to look at haha! You know I'm not being serious right!

    1. Grace, I'd like to think that if someone with a vision and a plan for the future stepped forward, then all would vote for him/her. But I am not so sure.

  2. Very, very depressing reading....

    1. Kath, it is when you actually make a list. The achievement one for this state government is very short.

  3. Very depressing indeed as Kath says.
    When will governments learn that we'd rather see action than hear promises? It appears they're all deaf and blind when it comes to their constituents. The only thing they're good at is raising taxes or adding yet another levy, all of which benefit no-one but themselves.
    2022 is only 9 years away Andrew, you'll be 60, not dead.

    1. River, I wish I will only be 60 in 2022. The pollies only listen to those who will change their vote in marginal electorates.

  4. It's not that I wouldn't know where to start supporting your comments, it's that once started I wouldn't be able to stop.
    Would "hear, hear" suffice?

    1. FC, so go and write your own post then. Ah, you have. Well worth reading.

  5. *sigh*
    *grumbles to self*

    1. Fen, I admire people who can just totally ignore the daily politics. I wish I could.