Sunday, March 17, 2013

Diary 13 March Pt 1

Wednesday Mar 13

We woke to a cool breeze outside. What bliss after umpteen days of it being over thirty degrees, with yesterday reaching 38 at Marcus Hill. Even though everything is airconditioned, the heat saps your energy, so much to Sister's disgust, we did not see very much. R & K delivered Little Jo to school, and she bid goodbye to Snow Auntie K (it was mentioned that it was snowing when they left England) We packed up and checked out at ten and took a drive to Point Lonsdale light house and then to Queenscliff to look at the shops and we had a cup of coffee. Back to Sister's for lunch to eat what we had not eaten the day before.

Then back to Queenscliff with plans to show K&J around the Harbour and catch the 2pm ferry to Sorrento. We parked at the Harbour and R realised he had left his phone and wallet at Sister's. Back there and then back to Queenscliff and not really enough time to look around.

Odd name for a shop.

Little Jo had watched a turtle movie while staying inside and out of the heat at school. 

Another shop with an odd name, Tinnpott, Quagfire and Hagg.

Little Jo got hold of my camera and went on a snapping frenzy.

Point Lonsdale lighthouse. 


'There will be no Bentley & Hope under a government I lead', Julia Gillard.
'I did not have intimate relations with that shop...Bentley & Hope', Bill Clinton.
'I have a dream that some day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will shop together at Bentley & Hope', Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jnr.
'Ich bin ein Bentley and Hoper,' John F Kennedy.
'Oppa Bentley style,' Psy.

I hope this one is readable.



  1. A young photographer in the making. She will be insisting on her own blog site soon. An obvious artistic bent with those fantastic turtle pictures.

    1. Fun60, we are convinced she is going to do something artistic, which would be a first for our family.

  2. dear HR you do always give visitors a good time.
    dogs in utes: the other day I saw a huge dog standing up looking over the cabin and it did look hilarious coming up the road.
    The real reason is to discourage pilfering of stuff in the tray, while the driver is elsewhere.

    1. Ann, there are now quite restrictive rules about dogs on the back of utes, which is a good thing. But there is nothing like seeing a dog getting a good breeze as the ute travels along.

  3. A good Aussie sign.

  4. I can read the Closed sign quite well. Doesn't matter what the other sign says if the store is closed.

    I like the lighthouse, it's really pretty.
    And little Jo is very pretty too.

    1. River, it is a nicer shop than what was there before, a $2 kind of shop.

  5. Love the last two photos and little Jo's self portrait.

    Bentley and Hope - *we'll* help you pick the next pope!

  6. ha ha love that sign! I'd think it was more the coldapocalypse this weekend! Brrrr.

    1. Fen, so nice to have the rain though.