Monday, February 11, 2013

What's in a train name?

Train line names. I am not liking some very much. There should be a good reason for changing what is very familiar to people.

Alamein - ok

Belgrave - ok

Craigieburn - not ok. Checking. Broadmeadows line. I would not have a clue where Cragieburn is, but I could drive to Broadmeadows easily enough. Cragieburn is three stations further on. Broadmeadows is much better.

Cranbourne - ok. A newish extension and sensibly named.

Show Grounds/Flemington Racecourse - ok, but better to use one name, Show Grounds.

Frankston - ok

Glen Waverley -ok

Hurstbridge -ok

Lilydale - ok

Pakenham - ok, but I still think of it as the Dandenong line from when Dandenong was the suburban terminus. But that is just me because I am old.

Sandringham - ok

South Morang - not ok. It is the old Epping line. Neither name is notable or significant but people were used to the name Epping.

Stony Point - ok

Sunbury - An extension to the suburban system onwards from St Albans. The first extension went to Watergardens, which I thought was an absurd name to use. I actually approve of this name change to Sunbury. Every Melburnian will have an idea of where Sunbury is.

Upfield - ok, but it one I suggest could be changed to better reflect where it goes. Do you know anyone who lives in Upfield? People would have a good idea where Campbellfield is located, so perhaps that could be used, but I like Fawkner, familiar to many because of the cemetery.

Werribee - ok

Williamstown - ok

We step away from the suburbs for a moment.

Marshall. I now know the Geelong train sometimes continues on to South Geelong and then Marshall. But please, describing the train to Geelong as being a train to Marshall is ridiculous.


  1. Ha ha ha holler for a Marshall?

    It's confusing if you're not sure of the end stop, Watergardens was baffling, I just used to call it the ugly line!

    1. Fen, while I would never say it in a post, Broady = ugly feral.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    How bizarre all this is for we can recognise so many names but, of course, they are 'down under' and so we have, in reality, not a clue about where they run.

    What we love about being in Budapest are the announcements of trains running to Moscow, Vladivostok, Istanbul, romantic!!!!

    1. JayLa, you really are living the dream, and well done you for making the effort to be in Budapest.

  3. It's nice that you say "Frankston - ok".

    If someone asked "what'll it be today, Frankston or Moscow?" I would probably choose Moscow.

    South Morang? Watergarden? Meaningless. About as useful [without a GPS] as many of our roadsigns which say things like "Portsea" when a visitor is looking for Mt Martha. Thankfully route numbers are becoming more common, and some freeway exits are acquiring numbers.

    1. FC, I don't need route exit numbers but I can see how useful they are. One trip to Sydney, I was totally lost. Next trip, followed the route numbers. So good. Vic Roads get it wrong often enough, but usually correct in time.


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