Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pride March Pt 3

Even I am amazed at the diversity of the groups in the Pride March. I suppose the day will come when gays and lesbians no longer feel the need to form their own groups and are accepted into the mainstream. Without casting nasturtiums, I think it might be quite a while. It can be rather nice to be among your own.

Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus, a choir.

Front Runners, a gay running group, with the name taken from a very famous gay novel called The Front Runner.

Melbourne High School.

The Rovers, a gay soccer club followed by The Nomads, a gay walking group.

We have had Eltham College and now Eltham High School. There must be something in the water in the north east.

The Performing Older Women's Circus, followed by P Flag, a support group for families of gays and lesbians.

Gay and lesbian sci-fi fans are catered to by Spaced Out.

Australian Nurses Federation.

City of Wyndham.

Aleph, a group for Jewish lesbians and gays (quite a vocal lobby group they are too) followed by Greek and Gay.

Yellow Kitties, for Asian lesbians.

Jewish Lesbian Group.

And the March came to an end. I do love a boi in heels.

I took a snap of our Hairdresser Friend's feet, with lovely pink nail polish on her toenails. The colour washed out in the photo, but her gay neighbour suggested this might make an artistic shot. You be the judge, but I think not.

We walked down to the after party in the Catani Gardens, but we did not stay long. We walked back to St Kilda Junction and caught the tram home.

People coming and going.


  1. I love the idea of Aleph, a group for Jewish lesbians and gays, and the Greek and Gay group.

    Of course specifically formed sports groups etc will be the backbone of the parade, but there is nothing like regular communities sending representatives. It makes the event more mainstream and fun :)

    1. Hels, Aleph is certainly a fly in the ear of Jewish organisations.. I think quite a number of the police were straight.

  2. Funny how no one questions the formation of mainstream special interest groups!! Bring on equality, but PLEASE don't lose the group's identities in the process!

    1. Red, it is very important for especially the sporting groups to not have hassles when they are competing.

  3. I won't be published but the people I admire the most marching next to Jason Ball were the people next to Jason Ball.

    1. It would be hardly surprising after your last effort. I too admire the two as they risked being found guilty by association.

  4. Love those fuschia pink shirts. Must have been hot under the sun today, still pretty warm now.

    1. Blossom, the shirts really did stand out. We were cool, under the shade of an awning, but the marchers out in the sun would not have been hot. Mind, the day was not so hot, with a cool breeze and 23 degrees from memory.

  5. since you mentioned the cops being straight I would like to remind that topcop Christine Nixon was very fabulous marching years ago.
    I love Yellow Kitty group for the name.

    A group could march dressed in peignoirs as Cary Grant was in Bringing Up Baby when he said in reply to "why are you wearing that?" - "I don't know, I just felt a bit GAY"

    Great photos HR thanks for sharing. I hope you had shady hats on. x x

    1. Christine received many cheers when she marched. Yellow Kitties is taking ownership of yellow.

      I remember the movie line, but I only saw the version with Tom Sellick.

      I avoid the sun like the plague. Any skin damage I have comes from the electric beach, not a proper one.