Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pride March Pt 2

There were of us for lunch, R and Myself, Fijian Indian friend, former NT politician, our dyke friend and a friend of hers who in the morning gave CPR on a roadside to someone who had been hit by a car. She is a nurse and was passing by and stopped to help. The man died regardless of her efforts. Our hairdresser friend and her gay neighbour, who was quite nice. The late Dame M's boarder turned up late.

Spikers, the gay volley ball team.

The 69ers, gay and lesbian bowling followed by a sex workers group.

These girls do roller derby. I don't know the name of the group.

Wayward Women Walkers, a lesbian bush walking group.

Peninsula Pride, from the Mornington Peninsula.

Hard to read but I think it is Gay Asian Pride.

Australian Lesbian Medical Association. Bone Doctor usually marches twice when she attends, once with Rainbow Families with Sister and Little Jo, then sprints back to join in with the ALMA group.

Gay Archives, yay.

MotaFrenz, a group of gay guys interested in cars.

MotaFrenz always have a car or two.

Also de rigueur to have drag on the back of a open car.

Melbourne's very successful gay and lesbian radio station, Joy.

Eltham College.

A GLBTI disability support group.

Les Rock, a lesbian rock climbing group.

Gippsland Pride, an large area to the east of Melbourne.

And a gay rugby group. Luckily Victor is swanning around South America and not here to ask if it is posh rugby or League.
The last photos in the next post.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    What strikes us, compared with the Brighton Gay Pride where anything goes, is the way in which from your pictures everyone looks to be fairly conventionally dressed and, generally speaking, few Rainbow flags.

    1. JayLa, we leave the showiness to Sydney's Mardi Gras. It has been a deliberate focus to keep our Pride March a community organisation focused march.

  2. I think it's a good idea Andrew, as you say more focus on the issues, and the mardi gras is the place to let it all hang out so to speak !!

    1. Grace, speaking of Mardi Gras, poof christmas must be about to start in Sydney.

  3. LOVE the names of some of the groups - Wayward Women Walkers wins the prize from me!!!

    1. It is good, isn't it Red. Les Rock is not bad either.